DM-Friendly module list updated – SKS01: The Ruins of Tcheou Cherng by vendalus

The DM-Friendly module list at Neverwinter Vault has been officially updated with:

SKS01 Ruins of Tcheou Cherng v2 for NWN:EE by vendalus –

This is an Asian themed module intended for one to six new 1st level characters of any race or alignment. The DMFI tools and a detailed DM guide are included; DM involvement is encouraged, but not necessary. This module uses the Personal Reputation and Reaction system (PRR) and allows characters to choose their path. The game should last about 8 to 12 hours and get PCs to around level 10.

Will you be an honorable warrior protecting the innocent, a terrible force of destruction looking to bring a new dawn, a feared assassin striking from the shadows to save the world from chaos, or a destructive force of nature seeking to tear down the corrupt systems of mankind? Will you try to play all sides against each other, or will you avoid them all and seek your fate on your own terms?

Seek allies and make enemies in this free-form module that will take you deep into the Ruins of Tcheou Cherng and out to the edge of reality in search of an ancient artifact known as the Kade Stone.


74 areas
72 quests
107 named NPCs
236 allies and/or enemies

MP module update: “The Defence of Fort Tremagne”

This relatively recent addition to NWC’s multiplayer module list just had a major update/revision. Download the module by Guthlac at Neverwinter Vault:

New MP features are below, the full list of changes/updates can be found here:

Multiplayer XP Tweaks – Formerly some actions generated individual XP while others generated party XP with no consistent rationale. XP rewards are now classified as party, individual, or “hybrid” (in which 100% is granted to the player performing the action and 50% to the rest of the party).

Party: quests, exploration, roleplaying (but RP XP is scaled to each character’s level)

Individual: Adventurers’ manuals

Hybrid: locks, traps, smithing, arcanaria, fighter training, pub songs, holy object deconsecrations Note: If a henchman performs a hybrid XP action their master will receive 50% of the usual amount (along with the rest of the party, if multiplayer).