Multiplayer Module list

All of the below Neverwinter Nights modules have been proven to work in multiplayer mode, with no Dungeon Master (DM) required. There are multiple Hall of Fame modules and campaigns included. The list has been alphabetized by title for quicker reference. If you are looking for mods to DM, click here for the DM-Friendly mod list at Neverwinter Vault.

To make comments on the listed mods or provide suggestions on others that should be added to the list, please visit the NWC Discord.

A Tangled Web by Bruce Laplante

Aielund Saga (link is to the first module) by Savant

Amee Pass by Carlo

An Ancient Heart by Andrew Ellis

CC1: Gates of Myth Drannor by Abaddon

CC2: Sorrow of Faerun by Abaddon

Citadel of Blood campaign (link is to Chapter One) by Trinity

Curse of the Azure Bonds (sequel to Pool of Radiance) by Sarion the Wise

DL-16 Dargaard Keep by Baron of Gateford

Gates of Firestorm Peak by Ghool

Good vs. Evil III by John “Gestalt” Bye

Harvest of Souls – NWN:EE edition by Deva Bryson Winblood

Hythum by Enoa4

Hythum II – The Halls of Kilgirn by Enoa4

IAT1: Time Becomes a Loop by Andrea and Wes Landaker

Pool of Radiance – Special Edition by Torham Zed

Prophet series (link is to the first module) by Baldecaran

S1: Tomb of Horrors by Ghool

S2: White Plume Mountain by Valas

Shadowlords and Dreamcatcher Campaigns by Adam Miller

SKS01 Ruins of Tcheou Cherng v2 for NWN1 EE by vendalus

The Cave of Songs by Baldecaran

The Cup of Akbar (Act I) by Chuck Crawford

The Defence of Fort Tremagne by Guthlac

The Forge of Fury (3rd Edition Adventure Series) by Jeff ‘Dueeliz’ Weaver

The Light Reborn – PvP Quest (Rescue) by Bruce Nielsen

The Hunted by Carlo

The Lord of Terror by Tolitz Rosel

The Pharoah by Switch

The Pillaging of Waycrest by Matthew Fisher

The Quick and the Dead (d20 modern) by Von Django

The Sunless Citadel (3rd Edition Adventure Series) by Jeff ‘Dueeliz’ Weaver

The Vethboro Dragon by Jason Robinson

The Wanderer by B G P Hughes

WG4 – The Forgotten Temple of Tharizdun by udasu