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Welcome to the (new) Neverwinter Connections!
The new Neverwinter Connections (NWC) multiplayer community site for Neverwinter Nights launched in February 2019. Although it is found at, it has the old banner at the top, for nostalgia's sake.

Anyone can use the site to schedule group events (whether open or closed), organize play using the linked forums and Discord, and join available games advertising for players. See the new NWC Quickstart Guide for further details on how the site can support your Neverwinter Nights activities. Click here to read the site disclaimer.

The default calendar time zone is GMT -5, but it is highly recommended to select your own time zone in your account settings, to let the site perform an automatic time conversion of the events schedule.

Game types displayed on the main events calendar can include Application (Blue), Invite Only (Red), and Open (Gray). See the Quickstart Guide for additional information on creating and joining games. Events scheduled on Persistent Worlds (PWs) have a "PW:" prefix.

The NWN:EE Multiplayer Resource Page has community site links, module lists, and the following guides:
The NWC Discord can be used by anyone for chatting before or after a scheduled session, for real-time communication while in-game, and for connecting with others across the Neverwinter Nights community. Many thanks to Ranan for setting it up and welcoming integration with the new Neverwinter Connections site.

** Click this link for a Discord channel invite **

The NWC Forums welcome all from the multiplayer community as a place for shared resources and discussions.Thanks go to forums host/admin Venture for having maintained the NWN Campaigns site for so long, to the benefit of many Neverwinter Nights DMs and players, and hosting the original NWC (2002-2012, RIP) backup forums.

There is a Neverwinter Connections Facebook group that longtime NWC member and news editor Urk maintained after the previous site shut, and has now updated with the new site info.

NWC exists (again) in no small part due to the success of Neverwinter Nights: Enhanced Edition (NWN:EE) by Beamdog, along with their continued development and support of the multiplayer experience.

Carlo / May 22, 2019 / Site news
The revised DM-Friendly Initiative (DMFI) guide to DMing in a Persistent World Environment is now available for download on Neverwinter Vault. It includes sections on the unique challenges and opportunities involved in DMing on PWs, along with offering some proven techniques for things like increasing player engagement and avoiding DM burnout. The guide also highlights how PWs can promote their content on the NWC Persistent World Announcements forum.

Download link:
Carlo / Apr 17, 2019
A new feature of the site is Dungeon Master (DM) certification and ranks. It is intended to provide recognition for people who choose to DM using the site as a platform for scheduling their games, as well as help reward new DMs for taking the plunge into DMing.

Three "ranks" will now be visible for DMs on their member profiles:
  • Certified DM (one campaign session/module successfully completed)
  • Experienced DM (5 sessions/modules completed)
  • Veteran DM (10+ sessions/modules completed)
Both persistent world (PW)-hosted DM'd sessions and individual DM's campaigns/modules are eligible. That means DMs on PWs who schedule their regular campaign-type sessions on the NWC events calendar can receive credit, as well as individual DMs who are running their own campaigns or DM'ing a "one-shot" module.

For a scheduled session/module to be recognized, the DM and player roster should be listed on the Neverwinter Connections events calendar. Players who attend should then post in the comments section after they complete the session, to validate that it in fact occurred. A link to the event(s) should then be sent to site admin by the DM.

Co-DMing a session can count for certification, as long as each DM actually did significant DMing in the game.

Grandfathering certifications for DMs who were active on the former NWC site (2002-2012) will be done on request. If necessary, proof of previously running DM'd games on the old NWC site can be provided via a Wayback Machine profile link. (For example: Carlo One's old NWC profile.)

Additional details and background are on the NWC DM forum: