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Welcome to the (new) Neverwinter Connections!
The new Neverwinter Connections (NWC) multiplayer community site for Neverwinter Nights launched in February 2019. Although it is found at, it has the old banner at the top, for nostalgia's sake.

Everyone is welcome to peruse the site, register as users, and join or schedule Neverwinter Nights games listed on the events calendar. New users should change the home time zone in their profile, if necessary, after registering. Then the calendar will automatically display all scheduled events at the correct local time.

Game types displayed on the main events calendar can include Invite Only (Red), Application (Blue) and Open (Gray). See the Quickstart Guide to the new NWC for additional information on creating and joining games, as well as the site disclaimer.

The NWN:EE Multiplayer Resource Page has everything needed to enter and thrive in the world of Neverwinter Nights: Enhanced Edition multiplayer. Community site links are included, along with these NWC guides:
The NWC Discord is fully functional - many thanks to Ranan for setting it up and welcoming integration with the new Neverwinter Connections site. Anyone can use the channel for real-time communications in game, for chatting before or after a scheduled session, and for connecting with others across the Neverwinter Nights community.
** Click this link for a Discord channel invite **

The NWC Forums are again open for business, having originally been created in 2008 as a backup for the first Neverwinter Connections site (2002-2012, RIP). Thanks go to forums host/admin Venture for having maintained the NWN Campaigns site for so long, to the benefit of many Neverwinter Nights DMs and players.There is a Neverwinter Connections Facebook group that longtime NWC member and news editor Urk maintained after the previous site shut, and has now updated with the new site info.

NWC exists (again) in no small part due to the success of Neverwinter Nights: Enhanced Edition (NWN:EE) by Beamdog, along with their continued development and support of the multiplayer experience.

Carlo / Feb 12, 2019 / Site news
The NWC Multiplayer Connection and Hosting Guide is a step-by-step explanation of how to use NWN:EE in multiplayer mode. It walks through the process of both joining internet games and how to host one on your own computer.

The new NWC Quick and Dirty Multiplayer Roleplay Reference is now available as a player aid. It should be helpful for those new to the MP experience, as well as serving as an (optional) reference point for common in-game behavior standards.

The site is also pleased to host two legendary Old School NWC guides, which still hold up very well for today's NWN:EE experience. The original authors gave their blessings for them to be hosted here.

-- Gruush's The Role Player's Guide to Multiplayer Neverwinter Nights

-- Lazybones' The Neverwinter Connections Community Guide to Dungeon Mastering.

All of the above, plus additional community resource links, can be found on the NWN:EE Multiplayer Resource Page.