MP module update: “The Defence of Fort Tremagne”

This relatively recent addition to NWC’s multiplayer module list just had a major update/revision. Download the module by Guthlac at Neverwinter Vault:

New MP features are below, the full list of changes/updates can be found here:

Multiplayer XP Tweaks – Formerly some actions generated individual XP while others generated party XP with no consistent rationale. XP rewards are now classified as party, individual, or “hybrid” (in which 100% is granted to the player performing the action and 50% to the rest of the party).

Party: quests, exploration, roleplaying (but RP XP is scaled to each character’s level)

Individual: Adventurers’ manuals

Hybrid: locks, traps, smithing, arcanaria, fighter training, pub songs, holy object deconsecrations Note: If a henchman performs a hybrid XP action their master will receive 50% of the usual amount (along with the rest of the party, if multiplayer).

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