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    Carlo the DM


      1) Download CEP and install the files to your user data (“Neverwinter Nights”) folder. (DO NOT use the Steam Workshop to subscribe to CEP, this is not officially supported by the CEP team and can cause hak compatbility problems.) What is actually necessary is to place all of the .hak files from the download (7-zip format) in your NWN:EE user data “hak” subfolder, then paste the “tlk” folder into the base “Neverwinter Nights” folder (which by default may not have a “tlk” subfolder). The other files included with the CEP download are builder tools and are not necessary for play.

      2) Download the Lord of Worms’ Fantasy Interiors tileset (wrm_FantasyInt.7z) and unzip the hak file into your install’s hak folder, similar to the above.


      3) Please provide me the NWN:EE player name you are using, so I can create a folder with that name in the server vault

      4) BIC file creation: download the PGC3 character creation mod (either the CEP or vanilla version, take your pick) and place it in your user data “modules” subfolder. This is what you’ll use to generate your PC. Feel free to play around with the customization features as much as you like; remember that new PCs are level 9 and will receive the module’s default starting gold for that level, although additional customization of possessions is possible based on negotiation with the DM.

      After you have saved the the final version of your PC, send me the “.bic” file with the PC’s name on it from your “localvault” data folder, for review and placement in the server vault.

      Please also provide me any custom portrait files, and I’ll make them available for download by the other players.


      Please note that for each session, the campaign server will appear on the official Beamdog list as “Carlo’s Server”. The player password will be PM’d to each new player.

      For those who are trying NWN:EE multiplayer for the first time, please note that it may prompt you to enter a cd key. For a GoG copy of the game, you can find it (listed as your copy of NWN:EE’s serial key) in your online library (using a web browser) under the game’s “More” menu.

      Each campaign session begins and ends in the “Campaign Chamber”, which is an OOC area where we can talk about technical issues, set the scene for that day’s session, ask the DM questions, exchange witty banter, etc.


      Optional but highly recommended: download other PCs’ custom portrait files and place them in your Neverwinter Nights \ Portraits data folder. The below download links, which are to the zip files containing each PC’s necessary portrait files, will be updated as PC portraits are added/changed.

      Aerikoth Ankharat – click to download
      Darrow Ironhelm – click to download
      Dermot Kenner – click to download
      Lloria – click to download
      Iola Moor – click to download

      Carlo the DM’s custom portrait – click to download

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