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      A general description of the campaign follows, so people have an idea of what kind of experience it provides.

      The Westgate Campaign is set in the Dragon Coast region of Faerun and is hosted in a custom Neverwinter Nights: Enhanced Edition (NWN:EE) mod. The campaign area extends from the city of Teziir in the west to the city of Starmantle in the east, with Westgate in the center and various other towns, villages and points of interest. The permanent campaign site is on Gateway to Adventure and has chronicles, maps and a selection of screenshots:

      The setting is 3rd edition Forgotten Realms (FR) and the campaign takes place in “real time” in a fashion similar to pen and paper (PnP) campaigns. Travel and rest take up appropriate amounts of in-game time, but talking to your companions won’t eat up hours (unless you really want it to). Campaign time currently is in the year 1373 DR. Although the campaign uses available FR canon, in classic D&D style new content and the adaptation of older content is also featured. Having the setting knowledge of a Forgotten Realms archivist is not required to play and the DM can help provide suitable background knowledge for PCs as needed.

      It is an open-ended campaign that is player-centric. Designed to be run on a weekly basis whenever possible, with scheduled breaks for holidays or when a majority of players have time conflicts, the campaign was originally launched in 2004 and centered on the city of Westgate. Since then, content has been added and updated on a regular basis, with player actions reflected in the gameworld setting. While the DM runs the gameworld and various major and minor opportunities will present themselves to the party – sometimes with deep and lasting consequences – there is never an obligation to follow a particular path. (Although a failure to act can also have consequences in the gameworld…)

      Role-playing and intrigue are the central features of the campaign experience, although violent confrontations and various types of dungeoneering opportunities are regularly encountered. All alignments are supported for PCs, except for Chaotic Stupid. Your PC’s background and motivations, to the extent desired by each player, can be developed and integrated into the gameworld in consultation with the DM. All PCs have the opportunity to pursue individual activities both in-game and “off-camera” between sessions, whenever logically possible. This aspect of the campaign is primarily driven by individual player engagement and imagination.

      The campaign is hosted on Sundays, with sessions starting at a reference time of 12:00 PM (noon) Eastern US time (i.e. New York). You can convert this to your local time using an online tool, such as – or look for the Westgate Campaign on the NWC Events Calendar.

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