From the original introduction by old-school Neverwinter Connections member Gruush:

This document is intended to give new and veteran players of Neverwinter Nights a guide to role-playing in multiplayer games. Role-playing is very subjective. Therefore, this guide is not intended to be a set of fixed rules, but rather a combination of conventions, suggestions, and ideas that some members of the Neverwinter Community feel lead to a fun and rewarding role-playing experience for a group (not just an individual). Although this document is primarily intended for players with little experience with role-playing, we hope there are some good ideas in here even for experienced players. There may be ideas in here you disagree with, and others that make you think, “Hey! I never thought of that before.” We hope it will be more of the latter, and that this guide will be a useful tool in making Neverwinter Connections and Neverwinter Nights a rewarding role-playing experience.

Link for PDF download