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Border Kingdom Ruler (MP beta)

Date: Apr 27, 2019
Time: 12:00 PM
Posted by: Carlo
Category: Application Game
Border Kingdom Ruler - Multiplayer Beta session

You and your adventuring party have taken over a keep in one of the Border Kingdoms, and with it the kingdom's throne. The main town lies a short ride away, its inhabitants wary of the presence of a new ruler - or perhaps just resigned to having to live with yet another occupant of the throne, which seems to change hands at the drop of a hat (or sword).

The module is designed for 1-3 rulers to see if they can thrive - or at least survive - in their new kingdom. It will be turn-based, with each turn representing the results of one month of time in the kingdom. Internal resource management, border conflicts and diplomacy with your two neighbors, and random events will occur each turn. Your accomplishments, whether in making your kingdom prosper or by defeating enemies on the battlefield, will determine your final ruler score.

Planned features for a version 1.0 release:
-- 10-turn game
-- Three kingdoms, each with a different prevailing alignment (Good, Neutral and Evil) that will affect the game in various ways.
-- Select an NPC royal advisor, who will present you with choices each turn to execute your ruling agenda. Their class and alignment will influence available actions and outcomes.
-- Select a war leader, who will command your forces in battle. This can be yourself, a fellow co-op player, or an NPC. If the ruler dies in battle and cannot be raised, however, the game ends there.
-- Develop your keep, within the limited resources and time available
-- Manage and protect the principal town. Relations with the population will impact your success.
-- Raise a small army to protect your lands, with a mix of different unit types (including special alignment-based ones)
-- Fight battles resulting from either random events or deliberate border incursions

This will be a DM'd session of the module serving as a multiplayer beta test, prior to release. The DM will greet players in the arrival area for an orientation. During the game, the DM will be there primarily to fix any issues that may come up, so the game can be completed successfully even if/when unexpected issues are found.

2 players minimum (2 rulers), 6 maximum (3 rulers and 3 war leaders). War leaders must be approved by their ruler.

Game duration: expected to be approximately 2 hours and finish in one session.

Game Info
Requires NWN: Enhanced Edition - Yes
Number of players: 2 to 6
Starting Character level: 12 (ruler), 10 (war leader)
Character type: Server Vault
Server info: Carlo's Server on the Beamdog list; connection info to be messaged shortly before gametime
Custom Content required: CEP 2.65

Ruleset: bleeding from -1 to -10 hp, followed by death. Death is permanent unless you can be raised by an ally.

Message Carlo with your answers to the following, to apply to the game:

1. What has been your experience in providing constructive feedback to NWN module authors, either in a formal testing process or as the result of playing their mods?

2. Are you prepared to be patient with the DM and the other players for this first-ever multiplayer run of the mod?

BONUS: if you complete the module, you will get to name and choose the appearance (within reason) of one of the NPCs in the release version.


Game roster

1. Carlo

1. BoNT (ruler)
2. Kinslayer (ruler)
3. Liberty Prime (ruler)
4. (war leader - optional)
5. (war leader - optional)
6. (war leader - optional)


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