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NWC Game Creation Template
No specific template is required to be used when creating games on the Neverwinter Connections events calendar. However, the below is being provided as a common format for members, as it has all the necessary information for players and should be able to be copied and easily modified for your own use with all game types (Application, Invite Only, or Open).

You can also view this sample Application game, and see this model Open game.

See the Quickstart Guide for additional information on game types and creating them in the calendar.

Persistent World (PW) events should use the prefix "PW:" in the title and make sure the PW server name and connection info is listed, at minimum.


Game Description

[PW: if a PW scheduled event] [Module or Campaign Name]

[Summary description of module]

[Any background and orientation information players should know before entering the game]

Game duration: [X] hours. It is expected that it will [finish in one session] or [take multiple sessions to complete]

Game Info
Requires NWN: Enhanced Edition - [Yes or No]
Number of players: [minimum] to [maximum]
Starting Character level:
Character type: [Server Vault] or [Local Vault]
Server info: [name of server on the Beamdog list or IP address for direct connect] (this may be posted shortly before gametime)
[Custom Content]: you should name and link any HAK or other resources required. Examples: CEP (Community Expansion Pack) or Project Q
[Content Warning:] if you have 18+ content, say so, especially if it's not an Invite Only game. See the Site Disclaimer

[Any changes from the default NWN game rules that the players need to know. Common ones are changes to the resting and death systems.]

[For Application Games]
Message the event creator (see "posted by" above) with your answers to the following, to apply to the game:
[Suggestion: include a link here to the creator's site profile, although it can also be accessed at the top of the event page]

1. Question 1

2. Question 2



[For Application and Invite Only Games]
Game roster