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NWN:EE Multiplayer Resource Page
This page has been set up to provide links to community-wide resources for multiplayer (MP) gaming in Neverwinter Nights: Enhanced Edition (NWN:EE). You are welcome to message NWC site admin with additional ideas and suggested contributions.

Beamdog's NWN:EE Multiplayer FAQ is a helpful place to start, as is NWNWiki's entry on multiplayer.

NWC Guides
  • The NWC Multiplayer Connection and Hosting Guide is a step-by-step explanation of how to use NWN:EE in multiplayer mode. It walks through the process of both joining internet games and how to host one on your own computer.
  • The NWC Quick and Dirty MP Roleplay Reference is designed to help orient those new to the multiplayer interface, as well as providing a common (optional) reference point for in-game behavior.
  • Creating and Running a Neverwinter Nights Campaign walks through the conceptual and practical process of building and DMing your own campaign, including a number of valuable resource links.
  • DMing in a Persistent World Environment is a revised and updated guide to techniques for effective DMing on a PW. The contents cover a number of different ideas and practical issues, and were originally based on a discussion at the old Bioware DM-Friendly Initiative (DMFI) Guild forum.
Old School NWC Guides - these resources are legendary in both size and scope and hold up well for today's NWN:EE experience. Both Gruush and Lazybones gave their permission for hosting the guides at the new Neverwinter Connections.
Multiplayer module lists
Community Sites
The Beamdog Persistent Worlds & Multiplayer forum is the official NWN:EE community forum hub for all PW and MP info. Be sure to see the stickied server admin posts, for those who need expert technical assistance on large projects.

Neverwinter Vault is the central repository for the entire NWN community's projects and is the host for download of all of the DM-Friendly and multiplayer modules listed above.

The DMFI's certified module list on Neverwinter Vault (see above) is a community resource. The DMFI Review Team welcomes DMs and module authors to nominate new mods for the list and test them out at Neverwinter Connections as part of the review process.

DMFI 101: So You Want To Be a DM is the Hall of Fame tutorial module for the original Neverwinter Nights.

DMFI 101: Enhanced Edition is the new DM tutorial module for NWN:EE, also providing a significant amount of new content.

The DMFI Multiplayer Starter Mod contains the DMFI Wands and Widgets pre-installed, along with multiple resting, death and other helpful script systems that will save time for builders of new campaigns and multiplayer modules. All features are fully documented and additional resource links and tips for building MP mods are included.

Those looking to DM on PW projects may find useful the revised DMFI guide on DMing in a Persistent World Environment.