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Lazybones' The Neverwinter Connections Community Guide to Dungeon Mastering
From the original introduction by Old School NWC DM Lazybones:

This guide, prepared in cooperation with the online community at Neverwinter Connections (, is intended to provide both novice and veteran Dungeon Masters (hereafter referred to as DMs) with guidelines, advice, and helpful tips for organizing, hosting, and conducting their games of Neverwinter Nights (NWN). The information within this guide has been learned through playing NWN on NWC, and we'd like to thank the players who have helped us get the most out of this game.

Contributors to this guide include the following members of the NWC Community:


Many other people have helped with the preparation of this guide. Please see the full list of credits at the end for a complete list.

Download link for PDF

** Note: the guide contains some content specific to the old site, which does not apply to