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Carlo / Mar 01, 2020 / Site news
Daylight saving time (DST) madness is coming again soon, which affects organizing group play across time zones. It starts on Sunday, March 8 in the U.S., with the clocks advancing one hour. This year there is a fairly large gap in time until Europe changes on March 29. And people in a number of places don't have DST, but will need to take into account other players who do shift. Worldwide list of DST dates is here:

Using the NWC Events Calendar can help provide a central point of reference for players across time zones. Registered users can adjust their time zone account settings as needed here:

Events calendar items should have their start times updated, if needed, as a reminder.
Carlo / Jan 21, 2020 / Site news
The Neverwinter Connections Multiplayer Connection and Hosting Guide (v2 for PC) has just been updated, adding info on the settings changes introduced with Patch 1.79. The content has also been streamlined and reformatted a bit to make it even more new player friendly.

For those new to multiplayer, it walks through the whole process of how to get in game and how to host a module on your own computer. It also serves as a reference on what some server and client settings actually affect in-game.