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Carlo / Mar 25, 2020 / Announcement
There is a DM client issue in patch 1.80 with not seeing custom palette changes in the Creator. This means that if you add or delete things to a module in the toolset, the DM client by default cannot see the changes in the UI.

The manual fix for this (thanks to virusman): look in your My Documents/Neverwinter Nights folder and delete the "tempclient" folder.

This has been reported to Beamdog's official bugfix site, hopefully the issue will be corrected in the next update.
Carlo / Aug 03, 2019 / Announcement
Due to technical challenges in maintaining the NWN Campaigns hosting site, the Neverwinter Connections forums have migrated to the main site and can be accessed via the top menu Forums link.

While the legacy site had a long history, including as the backup forums for the original NWC (2002-2012), the integrated forums should be more efficient, among other things by not requiring a separate registration.

Forum guidelines are posted in each section and the structure has been streamlined further.

Individual groups and DMs are welcome to request their own campaign forum using this linked topic.

Our appreciation goes to Venture for maintaining the NWN Campaigns site for so long. The legacy forums should be available at this link for reference.
Carlo / Apr 02, 2019 / Announcement
Thanks to some feedback in the NWC Discord, the NWC Forums appearance has been adjusted to reduce confusion and highlight the active content.

The link in the top menu of this site takes you directly to the NWC Forums section within the NWN Campaigns site. However, after the registration process was complete, people were finding themselves redirected to the main NWN Campaigns page, which displayed a lot of other legacy / unused forums and didn't show the NWC forums until you scrolled down. The fix was moving the Neverwinter Connections section to the top, with the individual campaign forums beneath that.

Also a reminder that any group running a game on Neverwinter Connections can request their own campaign forum by following this link.
Carlo / Mar 02, 2019 / Announcement
The DMFI Multiplayer Starter Mod for NWN:EE has now been released:

The mod contains pre-installed Player / DM tools and script systems to provide a foundation for novice builders who want to create their own campaign or multiplayer mod. For more advanced builders, it is also designed to be adaptable and expandable with additional systems. Both no-hak and CEP 2.65 versions of the mod are included.

Different resting system and bleeding/death/respawn options are included, allowing builders to easily customize the in-game experience. In addition, DMs will be able to modify which rulesets are being used while in-game.

The Builder’s Guide included in the download package details the module’s contents, as an aid to its use and future modifications. All third-party elements used in the mod are credited in this document.

For recommendations and ideas for how to add content to create your own campaign or multiplayer mod, see the included Additional Resources for MP Builders and Builder Tip Sheet for New Campaigns. The additional resources doc contains links to a sampling of prefab areas and additional systems that you may wish to use for your own campaign / module, as well as links to quality NWN community building resources.

Brought to you by the DM-Friendly Initiative (DMFI)
Carlo / Feb 25, 2019 / Announcement
A newly-formed party of adventurers assembles, equips and is hired on behalf of a local baron for what appears to be a routine job helping guard Amee Pass. Upon their arrival, it soon turns into a deadly situation. Players will be faced with different and difficult situations, requiring effective teamwork and strategy. The party will of necessity learn how to most effectively use its strengths and avoid its weaknesses, or face the consequences of failure.

Amee Pass is a Neverwinter Nights: Enhanced Edition (NWN:EE) module designed for a balanced party of 4-6 PCs who start at level 1. It typically takes around 3-4 hours to complete. It does not require a DM, so a player can host and play it successfully in co-op mode. A DM’s presence will naturally add some depth to the adventure, and extensive DM Notes are included in the download package, along with a Player Guide and designer notes.

Click here to go to the Vault page

Pre-release playtest credit goes to: Dogar, Heryn, Liberty Prime, and Ranan for the DM'd module run-through at Neverwinter Connections