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Update on DM client CTRL+click+drag selection of multiple creatures issue

Carlo / Jun 29, 2022 / Announcement
This issue was introduced with the current patch, which by default turned off the ability. To re-enable the DM client ability to CTRL+click+drag a box around multiple creatures to then move them (with shift+click):

Go to the settings.tml file in your Neverwinter Nights data (user) directory.
Under the [server] section, ensure the following is set:
player-party-control = true

It seems that many servers don't want players to have the same multiple selection capability - which the new setting set to "true" now grants - but turning that off also by default turns it off for DMs.

The good news is that if your server is running NWNX (the server extension), there is a tweak to fix that directly:


Thanks to clippy from NWVault for the above


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