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Carlo / Mar 12, 2021 / Announcement
Public Service Announcement: Daylight Saving Time madness is back again this March, starting with the US on March 14. Most of UK/Europe starts on March 28.

If you have a recurring event on the NWC calendar and players with multiple time zones and different DST dates, you can edit the first session that DST affects to reflect a new time, if needed. It will then automatically adjust the start time for all future sessions.

The events calendar automatically adjusts for DST based on the poster's time zone setting, as well. If you are registered on the site and have set your home time zone, the new time will therefore display correctly.
Carlo / Jan 19, 2021 / Announcement
Another excellent multiplayer community video was recently released, What's role-playing and how to do it? by Larpushka. It introduces roleplaying concepts and a helpful overview of some of the types of experiences available in the NWN MP community. It is also a nice complement to the NWC Quick and Dirty MP Roleplay Reference for newer players, which provides an orientation to the multiplayer interface and concepts such as emotes.

This has been added to the video links in the NWN:EE Multiplayer Resource page.
Carlo / Dec 19, 2020 / Screenshot of the Day
NWC periodically will post screenshots from games advertised on the site. To share yours, you can post the screenshot in the NWC Discord #screenshots channel, along with a link to the game.

Today's is from the The Black Priory mini-campaign, which concluded on December 13. Congratulations to Face on achieving the rank of Experienced DM, by completing the campaign.

Background and lore can be found on the Black Priory campaign forum.