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Carlo / Apr 05, 2020 / Announcement
Going Beyond the Game Engine

Creative DMing techniques allow players to go beyond how the NWN engine resolves in-game situations. This opens up many more possibilities for a DM to convey additional information about the environment, modify existing content, and create new situations. It includes a wide range of possible actions, ranging from simple and straightforward ones you can do “on-the-fly”, to complex new capabilities that may require additional preparation before a session.

This guide discusses three main types of techniques:
• Providing descriptions of the environment (areas, objects, creatures) to PCs, both for extra flavor and to call attention to key details
• Applying the results of PC actions going beyond the game engine, including using appropriate skill and ability checks
• Simulating the effects of spells/abilities not included in NWN

Download page:
Carlo / Mar 25, 2020 / Announcement
There is a DM client issue in patch 1.80 with not seeing custom palette changes in the Creator. This means that if you add or delete things to a module in the toolset, the DM client by default cannot see the changes in the UI.

The manual fix for this (thanks to virusman): look in your My Documents/Neverwinter Nights folder and delete the "tempclient" folder.

This has been reported to Beamdog's official bugfix site, hopefully the issue will be corrected in the next update.
Carlo / Mar 01, 2020 / Site news
Daylight saving time (DST) madness is coming again soon, which affects organizing group play across time zones. It starts on Sunday, March 8 in the U.S., with the clocks advancing one hour. This year there is a fairly large gap in time until Europe changes on March 29. And people in a number of places don't have DST, but will need to take into account other players who do shift. Worldwide list of DST dates is here:

Using the NWC Events Calendar can help provide a central point of reference for players across time zones. Registered users can adjust their time zone account settings as needed here:

Events calendar items should have their start times updated, if needed, as a reminder.