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[Pinned] Forgotten Lore Campaign Guide

This file's been sitting on my computer for a while, so after our session today I thought I'd post it to give you all a preview of what I've been working on lately.Forgotten Lore is a campaign setting that I created when the 5th edition of Dungeon...
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Lazybones Campaigns

Lords of the Dark

This thread is for discussion and in-character posting for the next module in the "Assault on Aldera" evil-characters campaign. The module begins as the party returns to the Underdark. I anticipate that this module will give us at least three mont...
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Lazybones Campaigns

Escape from Chult Campaign Thread

Copied over from the previous website (note that Lords of the Dark is complete and ready to go):This thread will continue with the characters from Assault on Aldera. If anyone wants to build a new character they will start at 21,000xp (i.e., at 7t...
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X-COM 2 - 2019 Campaign Thread

Continued from
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Lazybones Campaigns

X-COM 2 - Strategic Game Rules

Reposted from* * * Rules for player participation in the strategic game:Each week, players may post that their characters are helping with a research or manufacturing project. They shou...
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