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The Frozen North is a PW Action server with an aim to keep class and spell changes to a minimal and close to vanilla - done with an effort by meticulously balancing items, encounters, and capping the maximum level to 12, all while keeping things challenging. The server is heavily inspired by the 1.69 server called "3 Towns", along with some influences from games such as Baldur's Gate, Planescape: Torment, Skyrim, etc.

The XP is slow-medium (since it's capped at level 12), low magic, and highly quest focused. Because there are very few changes to the class and spells, along with no RP rules, and the fact that the server is hakless, you should be able to get into the action in no time, regardless of whether or not you are a seasoned NWN veteran or someone completely new to the game.

The story is set around the Wailing Death in Neverwinter, where you are a fledgling recruit to the Academy. You are first tasked with restoring order and stopping the chaos of thugs, necromancers, and others who seek to take advantage of Neverwinter in it's weak state. Later on, you will be allowed to leave Neverwinter in pursuit of finding the reagents of cure, traveling to places such as the Neverwinter Woods, the Spine of World, the Underdark, and other dangerous places of the Sword Coast.

- Items are capped to +3. Finding such items, even a +1 item, is rare and valuable.
- No items with "True Seeing", "Haste", or immunities. As an example, a belt that used to give immunity to fear may instead give +3 to saving throws against fear. This is to strengthen and make all classes valuable.
- Unique loot (over 600+). No random +1 Cursed Longsword of Frost and other things like that. Most loot is handpicked, ported, and rebalanced from cRPG classics such as Baldur's Gate, Icewind Dale, other Neverwinter Nights modules/campaigns, and etc. Expect to find something like Taralash or Carsomyr in the treasure tables!

Distributed Loot and Party Revival
Gold is evenly distributed to each player in a personal loot container, and any items are randomly distributed to each player in the vicinity. That means no more ninja-looting. Being close to another friendly player or henchman will revive you outside of combat, similar to NWN2/KotoR.

Solo and Party Friendly
This server is friendly to both solo and party players. Not only can you hire a multitude of henchman, but you can also team up with the local militia as well as randomly encountered adventurers.

Other Features
- Nearly unchanged ruleset from vanilla
- No custom assets or any required downloads
- Guided main quest, with a plethora of side-quests and repeatable bounties
- Friendly and welcoming player base
- Resting encounters and ambushes
- Random Event System (random adventurers, travelling merchants, etc)
- Henchman and generic followers (henchman can banter and comment on surroundings)
- Usage of skills such as Appriase, Persuade, Bluff, etc.
- Staves and shurikens count as monk weapons
- Most NPCs and enemies can be pickpocketed
- Enemies have a tactical morale system (fight or flee, call for help and healing)
- Simple, revamped horse system

Check this link for a comprehensive features list.

It is also one of the extremely few persistent worlds that has it's source available to the public. As always, we are looking for more contributors to help flesh out the world. No toolset or building knowledge is required - just hop on to the Discord and we will be very happy to mentor you and walk you through the workflow.


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