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The feel is old school D&D, but with design and style queues taken from the Old School Renaissance art punk pen and paper RPG scene. The focus of play is on treasure hunting and dungeon crawl challenges. XP is earned for sacrificing treasure rather than killing monsters. Respawning is currently only available to levels 1-3, but we are transitioning away from permadeath.

Custom Setting
The setting is well realized and unique with all custom classes, and races, modified spells, and equipment. But you can jump right in and start exploring rather than study up ahead of time as all the documentation is available in game, and class packages are designed to be viable for first time players. We've got Witches, Warriors, Elemental Mystics, Priests and Knights of the Faith, fairy children, Leshii, the Khyrg, and a number of slightly different takes on the classic archetypes in a fairy tale skin.

Monster Factions
Intelligent monsters are typically not hostile at start, and have their own suite of factions (common, merchant, defender), but PC reputation with monster factions changes based on what you do and these changes are persistent for the character. This means that it's a good idea to consider whether you antagonize and kill intelligent monsters or instead preserve a good reputation with their faction. Goblins for example currently have the best stores for spell scrolls and weapons, but they also have treasure to steal. Can you steal from them without getting caught?

Levels go to 20. Current content is focused on lower levels, but new content is being rolled out each week, existing areas improved with more depth, and features added.
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