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#14355962 May 11, 2020 at 12:30 PM
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I can host, I have enough bandwidth and tech savvy for that.

While the idea of playing the OC may not be especially inspiring, it's actually quite fun as multiplayer when immersed in character in a role-playing context. Plus it's a great place to start playing with (a) stranger(s) and getting to know each other's play habits in a stable environment before moving on to community modules or even persistent worlds.

If there is interest in starting a module that is not the OC, my preference would be for modules that are, from a technical standpoint, as vanilla as possible (the fewer the hak packs or overrides or CEPs or PRCs required, the better).

Since I am new to NeverWinter Connections, I am not sure if it violates terms of my account if I post contact information, hopefully it does not, I can be reached by email at

(As far as I know, the Beamdog NWN (often referred to as "Enhanced") doesn't allow multi-player with the original NWN, so unless that has changed, I would be seeking players who either have NWN Diamond, Platinum, or even just the plain original NWN pre-expansion pack.)
NWN Diamond, Platinum (but definitely not Beamdog)
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