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((I don't think it'd be a great idea for Gog to do more to taunt the others. He's already on thin ice.))

"Golem?" Miiq hissed. "What go - oh. Yes."

He had already dismissed the thing as unimportant; a hostile bit of scenery to be navigated around more than a genuine threat or opportunity. His mind was squarely on the dragon: his prize.

"Does it matter? Golem has been here long time. Spire has been here long time. Neither going anywhere."
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"Nau, I see no reason to return and if one arises the golem being out of the way only aids that." Tian'ith remarked as they gathered to move. "But that spire has images from the surface upon it and I am mindful that the images on these items we have discovered are potentially also of the surface. So I believe we destroy it to investigate if we can do so safely and then immediately face the dragon."
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"The kobold has a point, m'rimm," Zau'lann says sheepishly. "A dragon will be a hard enough foe already... The golem's clearly ancient, and it's survived this long. While I'd love to examine the pillar and find out what was so important to guard - if anything - we do need to move quickly, and it would be a shame if we were

He had to be soft, but wise, he realised. This was getting personal... painful. As it was meant to be, perhaps. And the foe they were fighting was clever, and quick. He knew that much about the Spymistress. He had to keep Tian'ith on track... had to keep her on the path of being equally smart, and for the moment, efficient and cold.

Teaching sava again... even the loss of a single piece now would be devastating, and he wasn't even the real player. Not any more...
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The raid on the temple went off without a hitch, as various sentries and guards were quickly disposed of. Darsin provided silencing magic to help mask their assault, which helped prevent a rapid raising of the alarm. Much to his chagrin, however, there was a final twist in the tale. The fabled treasure turned out to be captured sister on the Drow woman. She was too fargone to save, apparently, and was put out of her misery. They asked him to cremate the body and he happily obliged. In retrospect, the whole thing had been staged by the Drow spymistress, who teleported away after delivering a final mocking diatribe. So, it looked like the next stop was going to be the dragon; he didn't relish that encounter at all.
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A kobold in the Dark in The Underdark.

"You fool, thanks for rescuing me. You're gonna die here and I will not have to share the treasure with you."

This was the last thing Yaz said to Gog before letting him be swallowed by the Chult quicksand. He had the precious map, he was going to use it to find the famous Temple of Flame get in and grab whatever he could like gems and small magical trinkets. He did not go far however. the sneaky kobold followed a snake like narrow trail but somehow managed to fell in a pit. He died empaled by a sharp wooden pike. His soul left his body and wandered for some time...

There was a boat. People were fighting on the bridge. There was a cage. Gog was inside and a White Hair elf like creature was looking at him as if trying to decide if the goblin should be killed, freed or left alone to rot in his cage. Soon after they "merged".

Yaz found himself in the Dark. He had darkvision so it was not a problem but the place was strange, not like any cave he had visited before. There was a big Golem thing chasing him and some others he did not know but felt like he may had seen them in dreams or something. They were wearing fancy clothes. He noticed a kobold probably a shaman, other were big ones three White Hair perhaps two hobgoblin...
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They certainly made their mark on the way out. Dragon was dead, golem decommissioned, and local powers dashed an/or scattered. It was the kind of thing that gets noticed. If they were notorious before, they'd be infamous soon.

But they were recognized for completely different reasons as they approached the city. Apparently they managed to leave their mark here too, much earlier. Vot hadn't thought they did anything quite so attention grabbing back then. Well, it was always nice to have his work appreciated.

So, some... factions had formed since they were last here. And it sounded like they were way more dangerous than their predecessors. They had some shapechangers, an organized goblinoid horde, and some mysterious... mind enslaving creature that didn't necessarily sound like it was a tentacle face. What's more, it seems like these guys might be obstacles to overcome before they could get to the beholder... what was it's name? Xer...Zex... something?

Whatever. Vot had a feeling their moment of true greatness was near.
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"The Mind, the Warbringers, and the Red Hunt." The speed at which another faction rushes in to fill a vacuum of power always amazed, a vacuum probably as much made by the seeming disinterest of the beholder Xrex as by themselves Tian'ith mused as she spoke to her companions. Though she was not about to disavow the perception if it aided their cause. "To me they all have a single description, obstacles. Though they are likely to be more difficult than some we have faced."

"I would suggest we pursue the obvious means to sustain a foothold here," she continued. "We seek to free the stronghold out of town and gather those dispossessed there." the drow smiled quietly. "To be saviours will not hurt our cause I feel and it will give us a place to shelter in some security, but do any dissent?"
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"Xas, makes most sense to obtain fortress of own while operating in area. Most ideal choice would be taking Duergar Fortress that conquered previously for Dero, but sounds like flooding has isolated it out of reach. Will need investigating. Next best option is to re-conquer the Svirnefblin tower again from its new owners. Is relatively defendable and also close to Ezziroth. Aside from mentioned, there were no other real outposts in the area before. But perhaps time has changed that, xas? Shall be seeing soon enough." Ravillion stated in response before reaching into one of her pouches with a slow to form grin as she pulled something out of it.

"Also, Usstan still holds the front door key to the Duergar Fortress, should a path to it be obtained.
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"Yes... yes, the Duergar... that 'disaster' that's cut a river of slime through the area... I have a suspicion that was us," Zau'lann mused. "All the toxic sludge of the human mining has finally sank into the Underdark thanks to our work. There is, perhaps, something marvellous about that. Had the duergar fortress been reachable, I expect all these exiled wretches would have ended up there, and there'd be no-one to support our cause."

He smiles. "And I do have to eat strige concerning the golem and the pillar. Excellent call, m'rimm. This 'ritual' excites me. Perhaps Ezzinoth and its' people are no longer the most important factor in our fight, but instead, the work and magic of this old Druid... This 'ritual' sounds quite mad, but it wouldn't be the first time we've shaped unknowable forces to ensure our survival."
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I agree with the idea of retaking the old outpost. That would give us a place to rest and plan. It might be wise to see if our spies and scouts can find out more information about these three new factions as well. Maybe detach one of the familiars to loiter and observe from a safe distance. Some discrete inquires about town or listening in on chatter in the markets and taverns might reveal some useful tidbits as well.
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Miiq narrowed his eyes as Zau'lann spoke.

He'd done on it purpose, the little kobold was certain. Shattering his moment of triumph into a thousand shards of pumice and gravel. The white-hair had always been jealous, of course; jealous of his power, of true power. Why, if he so chose, he could simply -

No. No, best to bide his time. This new situation meant their partnership was not yet at an end - and then there was the matter of the Ritual. Vexingly, the drow had learned far more from those ancient runes than the rest of them put together. His vengeance would have to wait.

"Yes," Miiq hissed. "Outpost further from town. Will not attract immediate attention from other factions. Defensible, as well, and current... inhabitants will not be expecting an attack. Is best place to start our conquest."
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"Hey, maybe we don't actually have to murder them all either. These goblinoids for instance. Well, obviously, they need a hob to be their boss. A hob like me. Or, exactly like- okay, me. That's what I'm getting at. I should get them to follow me, and all of you by association."
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The group went back to the refugees camp. Mino was helping moving heavy chunks of metal they had taken from the broken golem. Apparently Vot was also moving heavy things around. Perhaps they needed mules, big beetles or these Underground grey cows of the dark.

They stayed at the camp for a short while. Leaving the heavy things behind in the care of the refugees. They then went to conquer and outpost of some kind...

Yazz found himself again with the same group of adventurers. For some strange reason there was a faint stench of Gog around. He followed the group who invaded a small fortress. More like a tower full of hobgoblins. Soon they conquered the place and returned to the refugees camp. He had managed to kill a few hobgoblins with his sharp short sword...

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Vot had been put into a mood. He couldn't even think about what he wanted to eat next, he was so frustrated.

What was that, the third time Vot had failed to get take charge of a group of hobs and/or gobs? Why was it so damn hard? It's not like the ones in charge he took down were smarter or stronger than he was. It was THEIR blood on the floor, not his. So why did they get to be the big boss of a group, but not Vot? What did they have that he didn't?

Sure, almost all of his would be subordinates were killed, but that wasn't really Vot's fault if they didn't surrender sooner.

And sure, Miiq badmouthed them a little, but they lost and there was a hierarchy to establish. Blaming Miiq would be a cop out. Hobs should have thicker skin.

But nooo, they wanted to complain about their 'honor' and be offended. Well, good luck surviving on honor, Vot scoffed to himself. They'd be dead inside a week on their own, without Vot to scare off their enemies.
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"Hobs were weak," Miiq hissed, after the group had settled into their new domain. "Perhaps that why they were here. Forced to fringes, outside of town. Yet the others... hrrr...."

The kobold tapped his claws against his chair, thoughtfully.

"The 'Mind' concerns me. Perhaps it underestimates us. But do not think it is like anything we have fought before. Stranger. Do we strike first, before it has time to prepare? Or do we target others, and learn more before issuing challenge?"
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Conquering the tower a second time has gone as easily as Ravillion had expected, which annoyed her. She was expecting to have been challenged by one of the the so called top three powers in the area, but instead they fell apart like untrained ryld. And to top it off Vot failed again to gain control over any of the survivors, despite his earlier claims. And from the looks of it the kobold may have ruined their chances of gaining control of the other outcasts from the town. Sure, the kobold had a valid call to get his revenge, but it could have been done away from the eyes of the others.

What was done was done however, and now they regrouped in their tower as they decided what to do next. "Both lie within the city. Both will be watching and waiting for Usstan and dos. Drow Temple. Slaver's Market. Beholder's Lair. Order of conquest. There is nauthing left to learn about, only foes to kill."