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// It was one of those "glitchy" sessions for me.

"Lag Monster" was there. Sometimes I could not see characters next to Gog (based on mini map) and text I typed would appear with a serious delay. At one point I got a pitch dark effect. I could still see quick slots and characters on the right but nothing else. Trying to get/log back in I got some network related errors or delays so I missed most of the Fire Temple part.

Regarding gamma, apparently you can type ##gamma X (default is 2.2). Not sure if it works for server games but I will try it. Worse case scenario I will use Low Light Vision, Dark Vision, Ultravision or True Seeing. //

The Underdark was deadly. Often pitch black. Not really warm. There was no visible lava or steam yet. After defeating the giants they met a huge construct probably an advanced type of golem that only an archmage could create. The animated machine chased them all over the place trying to crush whoever was within his grasp. The group fled into a cave only to be "greeted" by an unwelcoming dragon. Fortune decided that they would not be caught between hammer and anvil. Somehow they fled leaving dragon and construct destroy each other.

Later a "deep goblin" helped them reach the nearest enclave without getting crushed by the golem. In the city, a fire giants told them the "RULES". Not following them the giant would "SMASH HEAD". Those with gold visited the merchants. Gog never bothered purchasing from those thieves. Some refused to trade with an ugly goblin, others had crazy prices and he preferred to take stuff from the corpses of dead foes.

A fire priest came to find Darsin requesting assistance to reclaim a temple...
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Dropping into an unknown (to them) part of the underdark was continuing to be a reaaaaally dangerous ordeal. After the giants, they ran into a huge golem made of what looked like some super expensive metal. And none of them were keen to take it on with nothing to gain from it, so they tried to avoid it, and in the process ran into...

ANOTHER dragon.

Hell's bells.

Well they got out of that by the skin of their teeth, only the golem crushed their kobold, who Big Red put back together again after. That was starting to be a thing, and Vot knew they were going to have to put a stop to it.

Speaking of Big Red, one of his fellow fire loonies caught up with them when they took refuge in a nearby settlement and turned them onto a temple of theirs that had fallen on hard times. Or... gelatinous times at least. Ooze cultists. Yuck.

All the crew knew a temple meant holy relics to plunder, so they encouraged Big Red to help his fellow pyrophile out. Well, the job went easier than some of their more recent escapades. All in all, good times were had and Big Red got a sweet relic out of the thing. Though the oozers had left the rest of the temple more or less bare. Well, no one could complain about the guy keeping them all in one piece getting what was his.

Now they had some time to think and eat (not the oozers, that stuff rots your brain... and it was pot roast night) in relative safety. Vot decided to field a question.

"So anyone know where we are in relation to where we wanna be? And, since I'm askin', who needs killing down here? We all came down here for some drow vendetta right? Well, that's all good, so long us non-drow 'ryld' benefit too. So, is it about time for some details?"
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If fate wanted to continue reminding them that they weren't the strongest around it sure was doing a good job at it. After the close fight against the giants they discovered not only a powerful golem that beat the lift out of the kobold in two blows, but also a damned dragon living right next door. The two could perhaps be pitted against each other in the future, but for the moment there was little reason to challenge either of the two.

Rather, the main focus was still to learn about their immediate surroundings. A goblin they discovered led them to the nearby settlement which would prove to be their effective lodging for the time being. They even actually had something that actually resembled civilization, or close enough compared to what they've been forced to settle for. And the fact that the cleric actually had others in his unknown faith was also interesting to note as well.

That fact eventually led them to purge some temple full of weak fools and then to setting down there for their meal as the priest set about purifying the place. "Priority is to understand surroundings. Know where paths lead, know who and what are in area, understand politics and power dynamics. Simple matters, xas?"
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Tian'ith was feeling unusually relaxed.

Despite the debacle within the dragon's lair which had very nearly cost them the advantages Miiq's skill brought them they had gained a great deal. A small settlement to call a base for now and an elevation of Darsin's position with their cleansing of the temple. With luck followers would return and that could place him in a very favorable position to raise resources should they need them.

The chance to trade had been welcome. A even share of gains had seemed appropriate and each had a chance to bargain. Zau'lan's fresh clothing had reminded her of a different time when his sartorial elegance was something she had taken for granted. A chance to bathe in hot water in privacy in a place with a real bed that was clean, both things they had not had since the fall of her house, left her feeling somewhat mellow. So when Vot spoke she thought, "Why not?"

"We are still not entirely certain where we are with respect to the lands we know which is problematic in planning in depth," Tian'ith said in response to the warrior's question and nodded at Ravillion's response. "That should be something we change as soon as possible. There are also questions concerning where we are, not least exactly who controls that giant, and that would help us assess opportunities for profit. Our guide spoke of trolls and a Night Lord but more importantly he mentioned a name of interest when we met."

"Dar'ges." Tian'ith spoke the name the name which carried so much weight without inflection and covered a glance at Zau'lann seated next to her by taking a bite of food. When she continued her tone remained dispassionate and her expression neutral. "A House of which we have knowledge. We also have intelligence that there is a settlement of our people nearby and if the goblin mentioned that name there may be a link." She paused. Mellow as she was feeling a lifetime of enforced caution and secrecy cut in.

"If there is it would be of interest to us."

((You know when you miss something at the time but realise later and a penny drops ..... :D ))
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Zau'lann, for his part, recovered well from the soaking of his suit - it hung out to dry, with the wizard's pet imp seeing to its restoration - and he'd been amused at the restoration of the temple. He'd encouraged Darsin to consider some sort of high priestly role in the town... it sounded like a jolly jape, after all, and a chance to exert some influence in this new place!

But that had changed when the name of 'House Dar'ges' had been raised. He'd looked astonished at Tian'ith for a moment, before swiftly burying it under an aloof nose-raising and a too-casual sip of the local brewed fungus-ale. "Of - of course, we ought to take care when it comes to drawing... too much attention. Building up a little more..." he struggles for a word, before giving up. "Building up a little more, perhaps, before we go knocking on doors."

He nods, before taking another sip, not meeting anyone's eye.
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The dangers of the Underdark were well illustrated by successive encounters with a gigantic guardian golem and a large black dragon. Both of these, the group fortunately evaded without serious mishap. They encountered an wily goblin who led them to a small outpost where they were able to rest and restock on supplies. Darsin was pleasantly surprised by the size of the sack of gold he got for his share of the loot disposed of. Alas, he didn't really find anything all that useful and affordable to spend it on at that point. His rest at local inn was interrupted by a fellow acolyte of fire who shared the tale of a desecrated temple of fire which lay in a cave complex nearby. The company agreed to visit and clear the place of the infestation of ooze worshipers who'd taken over the place. This was accomplished without too much trouble and the flooding cleared by unblocking drains on the lowest level. This purification led to his acquisition of a blessed flaming morning star. It was a wonderful weapon, but a lot heavier than his old mace. He hoped he could put it to good use against the enemies of fire.
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Session 3

+1000xp to Vot, Darsin, Ravillion, Gog, Zau'lann, and Tian'ith for IC posts this week.
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((Server up, usual details.))
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// I often post early during the week because I tend to forget what we did. At least there was no glitch last time. //


In one old world named Oerth some mages and sometimes some priests too weak, too old or perhaps not bold enough to venture outside in person would use magical means to go out without risking their neck. Well known was the use of the Astral and Ethereal planes to move around but encounters in these places could be deadly even for an ArchMage or High Priest. Another safe way to explore a region or continent required the use of a magic jar. Such receptacle was similar to the phylactery used by a lich. A magic jar had to be small enough to be transported and solid enough to resist damages of all kinds. Large gems such as diamonds were often used as receptacle. A mage able to transfer his soul into the jar could later possess a creature within range and use that creature's body. One man who used that method was Dulunge the old pyromancer. He managed to get a troll in the dungeon under is tower and later possessed that troll whenever he wanted to go out the same way a ghost would possess a living creature...

They spent some time in the city. They met a "tieflin" creature. A female. She had a tail. Gog could sense that she was from another plane. He wondered if he had been to that plane. As opposed to werewolves or vampires who could turn into a beast or perhaps a mist in a straightforward manner or a creature possessing another, he was often confused probably like others of his kind. How not to be when one "ever-changing body" was the host of several unrelated souls?

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"Lady, could you be Matron someday?"

The question ran around her head as they walked out of the town towards the spire, as had the look she received from Zau'lann. Part of her was irritated. Being Matron was something that never occurred to her, not even when her eldest sister died. With two others still before her it was still an unlikely possibility. At first she'd been more concerned with managing her troops and then .... become embroiled in later developments. If she'd thought about it at all it was with respect to how she'd survive a change in the head of their House.

The foolish goblin didn't understand that to be Matron you needed a House to lead, something she wasn't even sure existed any more. Even if some of hers remained she wasn't certain she had the ambition to try but that look? Between that and letting everyone know they could probably sell them both to the Dar'ges for profit without consulting her she was going to need to talk to him. Alone and with feeling.
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Being in "civilization" wasn't exactly a new experience, but Vot was less used to it than he let on. He wasn't a native of the Underdark and had spent most of his life on the surface among a band of bandit outcasts and goblinoids.

So, being in a place like this made him kind of feel like he could have done better. If he had just known what could be. What would he do when this group had run its course? Go back to banditry, or relaly try and make something of himself? Build something like this place.

Well, maybe not build it. That sounded hard and really not in his skill set.

Take over something like this place.


Of course, he didn't have to do it alone. This group could do something special like that. Maybe Vot would see where things were going a bit more before mentioning it out loud.
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"It's good to keep busy," Zau'lann said, mentally running through his gathered energies most apt for ending trolls. "Out of the settlement, at least. Yes, the less we're seen there, the better..."

He reflects. "If we're really going to do this, go after the trolls, then these undead, then... well, everything else, if we're really going to make our mark, we're going to shift the balance of power around here, irrevocably. Something else will move in, and if it's not us, it'll likely look to deal with what or who ever cleared the way, so they - we - can't do it again."

Another pause. "What I'm saying is, it should be us, we should be thinking ahead a bit here. We remove all these groups, and slay a dragon, and open a way to Ezzinoth, and - then what?"
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On return to the outpost, the fellow acolyte of the flame had been waiting. Darsin charged him with rebuilding and expanding the cleansed temple. He had no time or inclination for overseeing such a place himself. He was not a manager or administrator, he was a traveler; one who'd set his feet upon the wanderer's path. He wished to see the wonders of the world, both above and below; to discover new vistas and perceptions of the flame. Perhaps when he was older and too feeble and frail for the harsh life on the road, he would settle down at a small temple somewhere. That was far in the future though, he hoped.
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"Still have enemies, yes?" Miiq hissed in response to the Zau'lann's's questions. "Dwarves and white-hairs that made us flee from here in first place. They will not have forgotten."

The words seemed half-hearted, in truth; the kobold attention elsewhere. How could it be otherwise, with dreams of besting a dragon once more within his reach? Of what concern to him was afterwards?

But Miiq knew that he had to be patient. He had to be smart. And for now, at least, that meant keeping these allies he had gathered together.
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Angry stewed within her even before they had left to hunt that displacer beast and gather those mushrooms. The fact that the giant beast fell so easily just made it all the more worse as her intended outlet died before she could even get a good workout on it. The gall of that ryld offering such praise to Tian'ith and yet not the same to herself! Ravillion should have gutted him then and there. It would have caused complications with the group, of course, and now even more of them were revealed centered around Tian'ith. Drow Assassins, Trolls, Undead, Dragons, there appeared to be no end of obstacles between Ravillion and her sought revenge.

But, the more she pondered her revenge the more she grew annoyed now that it was within reach. All she wished was to murder her sisters, but obviously that was simpler said than done. Worst case scenario the sisters she wanted dead were already dead. Slightly less ideal situation one of them became Matron in the time she was gone, although not very likely. Regardless, it would be a troublesome task to do alone, but she would never admit that, even to herself. It was just that throwing away useful allies for no reason was a stupid course of action, is all.

"And what? Are wanting to settle down here, create what, city for Usstan and dos all? Suggesting to create seat of power after removing the old powers here, take in the remnants and create new city state?" Ravillion said as she looked Zau'lann down while they prepared for their trek to the trolls.
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Session 4

+1650xp for full party IC posting.
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((Server up. Usual details.))
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It seemed like they were headed for 0 outta 3 for dragon slaying artifacts as they exited the tentacle face outpost. Not that it wasn't worth it just to kill some of those awful bastards.

And their faces as they tried to mind blast Vot! Truly priceless.

But Nothing they did had got them any closer to killing a dragon and taking its sweet, sweet hoard. Not unless you counted the little animal statue they found. At this point it was only a hopeful theory that maybe they could be powerful artifacts when put together. Putting the two they had close together did seem to do something, Until it didn't. If there were more of those things out there to be found, It might be worth asking about in town. Vot would remember that for later.

For now, they seemed to be walking in on an undead creature. One of those vampires everyone is always writing about maybe? Vot found that old feeling of foreboding coming back.
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// No glitch other than being disconnected in front of the rockslide.

The team ventured out determined to kill some unfortunate creatures and take their belongings. After running from the giant golem which was now part of the daily warm up they crossed the mushroom field where some unprepared got burned by acid. GreenGog went ahead the same way he would when acid traps were detected. They went to the trolls cave system. Killed or burned them. Apparently found some treasures. Next they went to some crypt but turned back to search for the mind-flayers. Wise? Wasn't a high priest able to destroy or even recruit undead?

So they went to that other place. Many possibly brainwashed bugbears and other goblinoids tried to stop them but what was to stop one like Vot and the archers and the spellslingers. Mino charged but like with the Great Demoness they encountered back in the ancient deserted city he froze. A mage or perhaps one of the mind flayer targeted him and paralysed him. That would have not worked with a baby dragon...

The place was cleared. There was a strange chamber with vertical sarcophagus. There was one mind flayer in one of them. As he died Mino felt a strange tingling sensation. Was the mind flayer departed soul looking for a viable host?
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"We have been successful but that means we must be doubly cautious lest we fail through complacency," Tian'ith remarked as they walked back towards the tomb of the Night Lord. She glanced at the others. Her loss of control had unnerved her somewhat but she determined not to show it. "The others in our way have fallen unexpectedly easily given the amount of concern broadcast by the goblin."

In the confusion her companions had suddenly seemed highly threatening. Zau'lann had been closest and there had been the beginnings of a thought that he should suffer for his temerity. Suffer in a way long delayed. She had begun to draw her sword but the thought had snuffed out, gone like a candle flame before it could come to fruition. No, that was definitely not a thought originating in her own mind. Tian'ith covered a shudder by talking.

"Perhaps the lock and trap were there to prevent those unwelcome from entering. Those inside may not have noticed but I find it unlikely. Not least as I did not have a trap of the same nature to replace the one I destroyed." She sniffed a little.

"Of course, there may be another use for such a trap and a lock," the drow added. "Both may exist to keep something in."
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