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In the aftermath of their choice, and the agreement to establish the Silver Shield, Klayn threw himself into the work alongside his sister Fiona, becoming a founding member. Klayn remained deeply affected, even haunted, by their choice. Knowing what he now knew, he renounced his faith in the Fatespinner and the other would be Gods in all their forms. The knowledge was a burden to him, only lessened by the fact that the others were there to carry it with him.

Though he had long since been relieved of the duty of caring for his sister, he continued to do so whenever he was able, and was never far away from her for long. He continued to support her, making sure she was eating and sleeping, even occasionally mending robes.

It was early into the establishment of the Shield that he met the woman that would become his wife, an elven diplomat and liason between the Shield and Tal Nadesh. While the rest of Kaldwen's Last were of great support, it was her that kept Klayn steady. Eventually she bore his child, who they named K'Layas. He would be a loving husband and father, striving not to be distant and cold to his own family, as his own father had been.

Despite the many blessings, Klayn nevertheless had to evolve. His experiences before and work in the Shield began to harden and hone him into a deadly infiltrator and field operative. An unsure and shy boy no more, he had his own family and place in the world, finally.