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((I'll make my rp post later, but I will also give my opinion on this and say that I feel it is almost never right to take control of someone else's character as first, they are almost always very personal to their creators, or at least mine all are. Second, usually only the creator can do them proper justice as they are more than what you see in game or in posts. They are made up of complex values, motives, and ideals which only the creator really knows, so for anyone else to try and characterize them is typically not something that should be done. I personally know I would not like anyone else to try and tell me how Ravillion or any of my characters should act.))
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// Sorry again if I messed up.

Going way back when I started to play weekly campaigns with some of you I never did forum post as I did not know what to post and how to post. Apparently I still have a lot to learn.

I am trying to understand the issue in my post. I have seen post where characters are talking to each other or doing things together (not sure if/how you seek approval from the other player(s) before posting).

In a perfect world I may post something like "Gog wishes to speak" and come back 1-2 days later to see what others posted. If that worked I could have a follow up post or more if necessary. However I understand that for various reasons people tend to post once around Thursday-Friday.

I understand that someone may want post something like: As soon as the goblin starts speaking I stop him.
I would be ok with that.

On the question of freedom. I just googled the term "ryld" apparently it means slave.

BTW, I am amazed by the quality of your writing. I guess most of you are native English speakers so that helps but it goes far beyond that.

You have a way with words.

Thumbs up.

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Tian'ith stood staring in the direction of the walls of the stockade seemingly letting most of what was said wash over her but within her mind raced, running over option after option in her head. Rapidly reviewing every situation she had faced in her former life, both as commander and lieutenant, with her expression growing colder and colder with each suggestion she heard.

Assaults such as this were guaranteed only with superior numbers usually with the time to lay siege and force starvation. Small group assaults against such levels of defenders relied on finding a way in past security, and she had seen none. With the witch having left they might not even have the benefit of surprise. Looking at the situation they were presented with tactically begged a single decision, and that was to leave.

They could do that, she and Zaul'ann alone if necessary but where would they go? The safety of numbers had proven worthwhile. So she gritted her teeth trying to see a path through for them but the naivety of suggestions eventually broke her resolve.

"Enough," she demanded. "Your foolishness knows no bounds. You believe yourself undetectable goblin and you hide well in the undergrowth but we hear you all the while. Why you are confident you will remain undetected flapping wings as you fly through torchlight when there is nothing to hide behind is beyond comprehension. You might be lucky alone but to suggest you do it more than once as you attempt to carry others, even if you could lift them to begin with, is ludicrous." Tian'ith snorted irritably.

"As for your request do you see us overloaded with weapons to give you?" The drow gestured to her own sparse equipment. "You demand much and assume more. The most sensible suggestion you have made is to leave but you truly do not understand why that is so." She rubbed her forehead as if trying to relieve a pain before looking at Miiq.

"We don't know enough and can learn little from a land approach. Phol is a good choice as he will be suspected less and I do not believe he was seen by the witch." Tian'ith shook her head a little. "Check the cliffs around the sides of the fort and see if there is an entrance that bypasses the walls, even if it is a sewer outlet. We may be able to enter that way and avoid raising the entire garrison in one go. Failing that I have but two suggestions."

"The first was mentioned," she continued looking at her fellow drow, "is to attempt to clear the wall an towers. If Ravillion and I can scale it we both take our own darkness with us and both have learned to become one with the shadows we do find. We try to take the guards above quietly which will let those below access the gate, though that may need us to first approach the gate and ensure it is not barred. If we fail and are seen you may need to assault the gate regardless."

"The second was also discussed a little." She pursed her lips and looked at them. "We return to the outcast, take his head, and use our 'usefulness' as a way to ask the garrison commander to give us the information the outcast took from their records. Hopefully they will see having us move on without conflict as worthwhile. Naturally the risk is that if for some reason the witch has not alerted them we reveal our presence plus almost certainly lose the option for supplies."

"If anyone has any ... " Tian'ith glanced at Gog, "... sensible suggestions then voice them, I may have missed something but be sure of one thing." Her expression grew cold and distant.

"Only if your gods are with you can we hope to succeed in living through this."
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((Posting separately as the IC post was a long one with Tian'ith's suggestions in it, but to address your posts Mirg.

I get the ESOL thing can be an issue during game as text flies by. Perhaps that's why you believe Gog to be a slave when the only character who actually addresses him as "ryld" is Ravillion as that's the character's style. Tian'ith is RPed as finding him an irritation at best but tolerating his presence as they need the person-power. But there's always Google Translate for posts and this isn't about level of language, it's about approach.

Up until now you mostly have posted internalised thoughts for your characters and generally just iterated what happened last session. So yes, when your interpretation of events seems at odds to mine I've been able to do as Shadani said and politely ignore that in my own posts. The same goes for OOC requests for gear we really don't have or your character's priority for it which we don't share. But this time you stepped over a boundary. The key problem being in these elements. I quote:

"Miiq raised a hand "let the goblin speak" perhaps to silence the drows. Gog smiled remembering that where he came from ages ago goblins and kobolds were mortal enemies."

After some debates and argument it looked like the group accepted his request although he did not ignored the fact that they could just be pretending.

In the second example you assume a response from others beyond saying nothing. If we're posting more than a single sentence we all have to assume we are not immediately interrupted. A stretch sometimes but there's no avoiding it. But what you posted there means our characters have responded and if we are not to ignore your post completely we have to accept all our characters agree with what is said. With thought another player can get around that in a post by having your character be unaware, ungracious or ignorant. Fortunately not a problem with this party.

The first example is worse as you actually RP another player's character. You assume his personal attitude, the way he would respond, the reasoning behind his actions and actually speak for him. You just don't do that. You really don't. For the reasons Klasa gave doing so is the best way to annoy a serious RPer. I have allowed mine to be spoken for occasionally and done so in return but only after having RPed the situation out of game or otherwise consulted via email or chat messages. It's not a question of *if* you seek approval, you always should.

To say nothing of the fact that, again as Shad said, if you had been paying any attention would have noticed that Miiq is an obnoxious little shit and would never have responded that way and in fact been more likely to insult Gog and shut him down as he does in game. A situation which only adds insult to injury.

Enough's been said on this perhaps, it's gone on too long already, but if you don't fully understand I suggest you look up "God emoting" on the web and read thoroughly.))

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((Yes, to be clear: the biggest problem is when you assume narrative control of a character that's not yours. That wouldn't be an acceptable thing to do in-game, and it's not any more acceptable in a post.))
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Ravillion listened and kept silent for the majority of the conversation, her mind thinking ahead to more important matters now that they were so close to achieving their return to the Underdark. There were talks of plans, squeaks of unimportantance, and cries of those fearing death. All this combined to enough distraction to pull her out of her thoughts and back into the present.

"Xas, xas. Simple enough for Usstan to get up and deal with sentry, or to unbar the door. But what of the numbers, their preparations? That... sorceress will have betrayed us for the rivvil by now. Will be ready for Usstan and dos." Ravillion commented before returning to her own thoughts of her future revenge.
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Zau'lann thinks.

"We assume Mahlindra has warned them," he says. "We don't know. We can watch for anything unusual. Extra guards on the walls, that sort of thing. And if they do... that's good; the more they spread out, the more we can bring all our force to bear against small groups of them."

He thinks. "Perhaps attacking part of their wall, bombarding them... killing who we can, then retreating... whittling them down, that sort of thing."
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Darsin added a few thoughts to the ongoing discussion.

"I could cast a silence blessing which would allow those within a short distance to move unheard which should aid an attempt to sneak by guards. The blessing doesn't last very long so would those would have to move quickly once cast.

I have a few invisibility potions which would allow some less stealthy folks to likewise sneak by some initial guards. Again, those don't last too long, but probably long enough.

I could summon a giant spider which could probably scale the wall, if so directed, laying a climbable web we could use to follow.

If we snuck close enough to the wall, we might be able to summon things up on the ramparts themselves which would certainly cause confusion and raise havoc with the guards..

Flame strikes and Hammers of God could be used at a distance to take out guards on the walls, or better yet, in the more enclosed tower spaces. They could probably be used to blast the gate as well,

I can also prepare some of the usual blessings for enhancing our front rank warriors for such as strength, weapons and armor.

Of course, the more of these things I prepare, the less healing I will be do, though I have a number of healing kits yet to help with that.

My thinking is we should try to get some up and over by stealth first. If these can take out some guards and get the first gate open, we can reserve our offensive magic for the exploitation stage and perhaps for dealing with the citadel.

The faster we can breach and get into the outpost, the better our odds of being able to seize the citadel and make ourselves master of the place.

What say you?"
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Session 13

+1500xp for full-party IC posting.

I followed the discussion about character voice and roleplaying, and think the issue has been fairly addressed. This campaign creates particular challenges in terms of separating IC and OOC, but as a best practice everyone should avoid assuming another player character's words or actions both in and out of game.

In terms of the castle-assault plan, there's no rush; we can take all the time necessary to continue planning in-game. I can advance the in-game clock to any time of day when you are ready to proceed.
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Gog had too much ale that night and fell asleep quickly. He had a strange dream. He was talking to the others about freedom and about ways to access the fortress without being detected. He woke up with a headache that only magic could remove.

// Points well taken thanks. Hope that the above fixing the previous mistakes.
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((Server is up. Usual details.))
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I've moved the campaign discussion to a new thread. Thanks to everyone as always for keeping the game going and the excellent role-playing.