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#14294263 Jan 23, 2020 at 05:04 PM
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Walking through the slightly more solid ground of the mire Tian'ith could not stop glancing over her shoulder. It was hard to keep an eye to Ravillion's direction while doing so but she had been periodically checking Zaul'ann's location since the assault when the rest had failed to follow. She was conscious of it but inappropriate as it was for their safety in the current situation had still not been able to stop herself doing so.

Looking back she couldn't say when it had happened. Regardless of her sister's habits, because of them perhaps, she'd spurned any interest in males. Often with violence. Even now she could not decide how a studious academic had broken through when none of her peers ever had. Something about him had let in a sliver of light to cut through the dark within and started a fire in her heart.

Those arranged by her mother and sisters had died when proposing the same as he, for the simple act of manipulating her into a false friendship with other intentions. Enough that her mother and sisters had stopped trying. Yet not only did he survive but she acquiesced, and allowed the shift in the nature of their bond. And despite everything that happened she could not bring herself to regret it.

Tian'ith had heard these things were not a soul's to control and she could believe it. But it was turning her around, leaving her less than effective and unable to focus. Catching herself in the act of checking again she gritted her teeth and dropped back to walk beside him. After a long, thoughtful few moments she spoke softly in Drow to mask her words.

"You must not do that again Belaern, you need to stay safe. Do not die in this forsaken place." Tian'ith paused for a moment as if finding the words hard to utter. "I need you."
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"Water and mud," Miiq muttered, through sharp and gritted teeth. "Water and mud. Water and mud! Everywhere we look is water and mud!"

Flames escaped Miiq's maw and nostrils, quickly evaporating in the humid jungle air. This offended him greatly. He turned and hissed at the lone surviving sailor trailing behind the pack - who, at the moment, proved the most acceptable outlet for his frustrations.

"Human-slave! Keep pace! Else, we feed you to bugs! Maybe more useful as distraction than as pack-rothe."

Growling softly, he turned back to the others. Pohl shifted inside the cowl of his robe, echoing his master's displeasure with a little squeek of his own. The dutiful bat liked these unfamiliar environs little better.

"Dumb Gobbo spoke of city. Perhaps nearby, yes? Must be signs of it somewhere. Buildings, roads. Caves would be good, too. Caves for shelter. Maybe even way back down to some part of normal world."
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The disaster of the shipwreck and the landing on the dank muddy hellhole they'd found themselves on was bad enough, and he still hadn't completely ruled out the possibility that they'd all died in the sea and ended up in one of the Hells. He was fairly sure at least one of the Nine was swampy, and it seemed like a likely destination for all of them in death. Even worse had been being left behind by the others and having to flee from some sort of buzzing murderous killer thing. But the worst thing of all - he'd worried Tian'ith while doing it.

That was the kind of thing that could jeopardise the one working relationship he had in this group, the one he was relatively sure of. And more than that... it made him feel strange. Ashamed, unworthy, sick in his gut. He could feel the uncomfortable hit to his own self-image. He couldn't blurt out the apology he wanted to, not with everyone else still in earshot. All he could do is look into her face and give her an anxious nod.

"Something, anything would be better than this!" he said seaking up to Miiq to cover Tian'ith's admission from the others. "This is the surface world? They always said it was soft and simple and that's why surfacers were weak and feeble! Not like this!"
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Darsin looked around the swamp. So much muck and mire, but at least they were off the sea. No one seemed to have any idea of where they were. The wildlife wasn't particularly unusual compared to what he'd seen before, some snakes, bugs, gators and a large turtle they'd dressed for meat. They hadn't run into any humanoids yet; he wondered what sorts they would find in such a place?
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The surface world was a curse as well, it turned out. From being trapped on an island to being lost at sea to being trapped on an island again. If that was going to be the cycle the surface world forced upon her Ravillion would be more than happy to return to the Underdark this second. Not to mention she'd be rid of that blasted 'sun' as well.

But wishes and glares did not change her reality, so she would have to just work with it. And first things first was making sure everyone else fell in line, as evidently the swamp proved too difficult to navigate without getting lost for the rest of them.

"Stop complaining and just follow Usstan. Is fastest way dos will be leaving swamp."
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Session 2

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((Is there to be a new mod this week? Half remember that there would be but could simply be imagining it.))
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#14294708 Vanya Mia wrote:

((Is there to be a new mod this week? Half remember that there would be but could simply be imagining it.))

If you can fix Mirg's character issues with LETO, then there's no need. While you're replacing his character head, please apply the goblin race modifiers (-2 Str, +2 Dex, -2 Cha, +4 Move Silently).

EDIT: I can do the stat bonuses/penalties in the DM client if necessary.
#14295187 Jan 25, 2020 at 07:10 AM · Edited 10 months ago
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((The head should be changed to one of the LoTR orc heads, as that's all there were, but when I checked the character for Gog it's already got extremely mini-maxed stats.

There's 8 Str, 18 Dex, and 8 Cha, with Int 13, Wis 14 and Con 14, which looks like the bonuses and penalties have already been applied. A lot of skill points haven't been used either so I can't tell whether that MS one has but if it's the entry I think it is right now it's 0.

Either way, I've had to leave the stats unchanged for now as if even if they are the original values if I modify them it'll completely break the expected BIC file limits. Which could cause (more) crashing, and even if it doesn't Gog won't be able to walk. To say nothing of the fact that his presence would offend everyone so badly they'd probably slit his throat.

I also gave DMFI a quick check and that's some on_chat script they have already. I haven't changed it but there does look like there might be a player roll element to it. There's a "Book of Player Voice Commands" which it might be handy to dish out but I quote:

Bracketing text between two * will attempt to perform an emote. This applies to simple spoken text by the PC.

This will work for DM possessed creatures or for players. The action will be taken by the speaker.

Two uses:

1) is for skill checks or ability checks - ie *uses strength to move rock*

2) is for emotes - ie *bows to the leader of the town*

Appropriate actions include:

All abilities and all skills (spell them just like the actual skill or ability - ie use magic device)

We can test it and see if the rolls happen but if it works that should resolve things like seated or in combat checks.

Edit: Server is up when ready. Usual details.))
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// Thanks VM and LB for adjusting my char. Hopefully I got the skills bonus too as Gog will need that.

// Will be in Europe Feb 22 and Feb 29 w/o a computer so I may not be able to play one or both sessions.

The group continued to explore the swampy part of the jungle and after a while found solid ground. They were still a lot of dangers some Gog was familar with like insects, frogs, snakes and crocodiles but other things were new to him like the gigantic turtle they previously faced and the forest giant. Someone may have mentioned hulky beast or some name like that.

The Lost found a village of small people. Gog had faced some of these long before when he was still with the tribe. He kept his hood on for safety. After some talk the group went on on some kind of quest not to kill hulk but something more vicious: A corrupted tree even The Unworthy could not talk to. A tree with twisted magic catching creatures with its vines and turning them into greenish zombies. The thing was vanquished but it was a hard fight. // Creeper + lag was deadly.

At last Gog knew where he was and where he needed to go. First, he/they would need to go beyond the cat people and reach the city of the snake people. Grab their treasures and their potent magic. Only then he would be able to fulfil his destiny. He would need to go where the shadows were leading him and find the way to the other side...
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It took a little while for Tian'ith to stop grinding her teeth after the conversation with the pygmy elder, but she did. Eventually, when it became necessary to use them to eat. Not that she was much interested in the food but Zaul'ann periodically passed her something appealing. It was oddly comforting, she found, to accept the food and acknowledge the attention.

Her mind continued to race though and throughout out the meal she maintained a silence and a thoughtful expression. Eventually, when she seemed to have eaten her fill and the last of the pygmies had withdrawn. She coughed lightly.

"Understand that I am only asking this because this land is unfamiliar bringing factors of which I have yet to gain full measure, and I am therefore undecided," the Drow said in a measured tone. "There will be pros and cons where the balance is different to what is understand to be appropriate action or accepted practice given our current situation. So..." Her eyes connected with the rest of the Aldera band.

"Do we slaughter them and take what we need, not least the amulet, or let them live?"
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Ha ha... The Drow were positively fuming. It took everything Vot had not to chortle in front of the little people when he imagined them whistling like tea kettles when Miiq made them out to be servants. The hissing, weird talking one nearly did. Sure, Miiq did the same to Vot, but he didn't have that particular complex about servitude, or the appearance of it. Lucky for the Drow. They sure would have an easier time if they just learned to let some things go.

Thanks to these little people, Vot was getting to taste some of their foods, and he found it pretty enjoyable. Not every day fare, but trying new stuff was fun.

Tianith mentioned slaughtering the little guys. Mostly for the necklace. Vot was the one that first suggested out loud they should take it (of course, they were all thinking it), but he didn't think just killing them all was a good idea. They knew practically nothing about this place, and the little people and their camp would make a good fall back point if they needed it.

He said as much.

"That necklace is a pretty nice prize, but I don't think we should be wiping out the only things on this island that actually like us just yet. Their camp is a safe enough spot to use as a fallback point. Killing them would just be wasteful, ya know?"
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"It would make everyone feel better if we did," Zaulann said aloofly, in between wringing out cloaks and offering Tian'ith occasional pieces of fruit. "These little unwashed things make my skin crawl... and if we stripped their hovels of everything worth taking, we'd be in a much better position to strike out for this 'Cursed City'." He frowned dubiously. "And while we're on the subject, is that really where we intend to go? Does that not sound like a poor idea to anyone else?"
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"Where else is there to be going?" Miiq said, hissing in Zau'lann's general direction. "Mountains that none can pass? Death lands feared even more than cursed city of snake-people? Maybe you want us to be marching straight into sea, instead?"

"For what to do with strange tribe... Yes, agree with Vot. Useful to us while still breathing. We kill them, this place become overrun with angry beasts or cat-people instead. Won't be safe place for retreating, anymore. Just turns into more jungle."
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"For now... Xas. For now they live. Are naut going anywhere so can kill later after locating new ship." Ravillion said as she idly ate while sharpening one of her blades. The food here was below her standards, but not as badly as she would have expected from such primitive surfacers.

"Are being of some use for now. But perhaps naut after are meeting these 'cat people'. And what would you do instead then, male? As the sorcerer says are having few other leads. But perhaps this other tribe can solve this question, or die. Matters naut to Usstan."
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The pygmys had proved a pleasant change to the uniformly hostile creatures they'd encountered thus far. While the accommodations were primitive, they were adequate and a welcome respite from the watery swamps. The group had slain a hostile plant monster for the tribe and gotten some useful information about neighboring areas. Darsin listened as the others debated their course before interjecting his own thoughts.

"I think we should leave these creatures be, at least for now. They've provided a useful base for us and we may need such a spot again before we are free from this place. They may be willing to send along a couple of guides or porters to aid us on our way. However, once we're sure we are gonna be leaving this region, perhaps we can reconsider any final options."

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Tian'ith watched each of them as they spoke, nodding a little as if making an assessment and mentally filing it for future use.

"Xas, then they live for now," she said without waiting for an opinion from Gog. She then looked directly at Miiq and Ravillion, lingering a little longer on the other female.

"But my jaluk is correct, it is a poor idea to go to this 'cursed' city," she added pointedly. "The fact that we may have no other option does not make it a good one and dismissing such observations does not change the fact."
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Session 3

+1050xp for full-party IC posting this week.
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((Server is up, usual details.))
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The group continue to journey in the general direction of the city. They did not kill the little humans and Gog did not care. The catfolks were kind of funny. They were not killed either. Not that they had anything of value for the trouble. There was a duel thing with the leader but that one did not last long. Gog was impressed...

// Gog is not a trivial character. I had to do some extensive playtesting to make sure the little goblin will have th proper skills to be able to survive. I had also another problem: A backstory that would fit the character RP wise and I just completed SoU EE just for that. I still need to get all the pieces of the puzzle together but we will get there eventually...