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Copied over from the previous website (note that Lords of the Dark is complete and ready to go):

This thread will continue with the characters from Assault on Aldera. If anyone wants to build a new character they will start at 21,000xp (i.e., at 7th level). This one isn't as long as Aldera, but I expect that the average party level will hit 11th-12th by the end.

I am going to develop a final mod in the series to make it a trilogy. It will be called Lords of the Dark and will feature a return to the Underdark. I am going to use some of your character backgrounds as plot hooks so I may be in touch with some of you if I need clarification on anything you've posted thus far.

I am going to do away with both ECL (so everyone will earn XP equally) and light penalties from this point forward. We'll say that the time you have spent on the surface has helped you all adjust to living under the sun. The drow, especially, will continue to suffer pain in direct sunlight but won't suffer any in-game penalties.

Here is the hak list:

The module uses the following hak packs (available at Neverwinter Vault.):
Community Expansion Pack, version 2.3.
Worms Seasonal Forest v.10 (you guys should already have this, since I use it in almost every mod, but if you need a new install it's here).
Lord Rosencranz’s Immersive Swamps and Hut Interiors. You will need the files pk_top_v2.2; pk_swamps_v3.0; and pk_textures_v2.0.
Chandigar’s Aztec Exterior (you want version 1.23)
Maxam’s Classic Dungeon v0.9.1
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((Is the intention to move to EE for fantasy too? If so we may need to test characters as I'm not certain they will import. I'll also need to move the right one over to the correct EE folder if they do so a list of the names of characters used would be useful.
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There should be no problem transferring old PCs to EE; I've used old ones in replaying fav mod's in EE and haven't noticed any issues.

Darsin was the guy I ran, though i may go with someone new, depending on what others decide to bring.
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#14281645 Vanya Mia wrote:

((Is the intention to move to EE for fantasy too? If so we may need to test characters as I'm not certain they will import. I'll also need to move the right one over to the correct EE folder if they do so a list of the names of characters used would be useful.

  • Klasa - Ravillion
  • Karvon - Darsin
  • Mirgalen - new character (Rogha was retired)
  • Shadani - Miiq
  • Smart Alec - Zau'lann
  • Ayram - Vot
  • Vanya Mia - Tian'ith

If you want to create a new character, you'll come in at some point during the first session. Gear will be limited throughout much of the adventure; you'll be deep in the wilds of an uncivilized continent. Remember that the Assault on Aldera campaign ended with the "heroes" heading out into the ocean on a stolen ship.
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Going to play "Gog the Unworthy" assuming race and alignment restrictions are the same.
#14283929 Jan 09, 2020 at 03:56 PM
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I'm sticking with Vot.
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Gog and Yaz were following a faint trail in the jungle.
Gog: "Look, it's forking!"
Yaz: "But my map does not have a Y shape like that. It's just a straight path up to the river bank that we should follow towards the sunset."
Gog: "You fool, your map is wrong. Now what do we do?"
Yaz: "I say we go this way, must be this way."
Gog: "Yeah, like you toss a coin to decide that? May be I take left you take right we meet here before dark."
Yaz: "Hm, maybe, maybe."
Gog took the left path paying attention to the surroundings while Yaz took the right path. After a short while someone started to shout: "Help! Help!".
Gog started to run in the direction of the voice. Soon after he found Yaz stuck in quicksand. Gog tried his best to rescue Yaz but in the ensuing struggle Yaz got out while Gog was starting to sink...
Yaz: You fool, thanks for rescuing me. You're gonna die here and I will not have to share the treasure with you."
Gog took a long breath and slowly worked his way out of the quicksand. It took him a long time and he was exhausted once he managed to crawl away from the deadly patch. He fainted next to a kind of banyan tree...
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((What kind of class are you thinking of doing Mirg? We've got a lot of scouts and caster only classes if that helps you decide.))
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On the deck, Zau'lann grips the rail of the ship, watching the line of the darkening sky with the sun setting behind him. Anything to quell the sickening motion of the ocean. Below, he could hear Vot and Ravillion cursing out their newly acquired human sailor-slaves... and behind him, he could hear Tian'ith approach. She slid up beside him, and watched, in silence.

There were silences, and silences. Each had a texture of its own. Some were guilty, some expectant, some thilled with anticipation. Some were for sharing. After a few moments, he decided this was a silence that she wanted filled.

"Have you ever wondered? How we got here?" he asked, speaking the thing on his mind. "I know we don't speak of it, but... I've been thinking about it. Never stopped. What my House was trying to achieve by sending me to meet you. What your House was trying to achieve by sending you. And what else was happening, around us." Zau'lann stared out at the faraway horizon, squinting uncomfortably in the fading light. "How it all somehow led to the end of your House."

He looked at her, arms folded into his robe-sleeves against the cold, and raised an eyebrow. "Just another cycle in Guallidurth? Yet for all the scheming, rarely was a House just ended, so. And rarely did a day like that end with someone like you, and someone like me, in a place like this."
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Swaying slightly with the movement of the ship Tian'ith maintained the silence as the first of what the rivvin called stars began to emerge. One brighter than the others was always first and gradually joined by others. The rivvin gave them names she didn't understand but she knew without being told that they kept that bright one to the left hand side of the ship and referred to that side as starboard.

"The infiltrators, watchers, they had been mine." Tian'ith's gaze did not leave the horizon as she spoke but her words, said so firmly, made it clear the subject was something she had also contemplated. Her words contained no sign of hubris and were delivered as a simple fact. "In placing me as liaison that left a key element of our defense at less than effective until the new command bedded in thoroughly and also kept my focus elsewhere ensuring the handover was incomplete thus extending it."

"In sending you?" She continued in a contemplative tone. "That is a good question. For a time one I didn't contemplate deeply. A pawn, I thought, then and later. One not useful to them in the short term. But now?" "Now my only conclusion can be that it was no accident. That someone was far more clever than you or I realised while," Tian'ith's lips twitched in a rueful smile. "While at the same time more foolish than they ever imagined."

"Why my House was ended is something I don't know, I was never interested in the politics." The Drow practically spat the last word. "But what I do know is that the decision to put us in close company led to ineffectiveness. An operation incomplete as it left a member of the House alive, and that some will see as weakness. It was a mistake." Tian'ith smiled a little and tilted her head to meet his eyes with her own. "No matter that our perspective differs."

"There is another question though. Was it one of your House who knew me that well?" She asked quietly and turned her eyes back to the stars before adding quietly. "Or was it one of mine?"
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Darson gazed gloomly out at the rising and falling waves. Being out in the middle of an ocean wasn't what he had originally signed on for. Certainly it was no place for a fire worshiper. At least fire had not rejected him and continued to grant him the blessings of daily powers. Perhaps that was a sign he was on the right track?
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One thing led to another, yet never in the direction Ravillion wanted. She had revenge upon revenge piling up and yet they were moving no closer to achieving any of them. Sure, they had unloaded a nuisance or two on that island and in the Underdark, but it was still hardly something to celebrate. Then there was this whole 'boat' and 'ocean' thing, and don't get her started on just how horrible the sun was now that she had her true eyes back. The fact that they worked better when they were inferior hobgoblin eyes made no sense at all.

"Nau. Usstan will prevail. Usstan will get what Usstan wants." She mutters to herself as she stared forward out into the horizon.
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Things were looking good. Well, better than they were, now that they weren't on that island. But, Vot had never been off of it until now. He was actually kind of excited about it. When he considered all of hte things he hadn't seen or tasted, it made him kind of mad at himself that he hadn't got off that rock sooner. Sure, that rock was bigger when you considered the underdark right below, but when things were said and done, he preferred the surface world.

On the surface, he was the predator most of the time. In the underdark, it was a constant free for all. Also, there was a lot more to learn about cuisine from humans and their books.

Speaking of cuisine, he wasn't really able to make anything on this stupid boat.
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Session 1

+700xp to Vot, Darsin, Ravillion, Gog, Zau'lann, and Tian'ith for IC posting.
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Sailing was nowhere near as good as flying. Not that Miiq had ever actually flown before, of course, but he had done so many times in his dragon-dreams. Enough so that he knew, down to his bones, that soaring through the skies of this strange above-world was his birthright.

After a few days at sea, however, he decided that, for now, this would do. Yes. This would do quite nicely.

Mostly, he liked ordering the human sailors around.

Miiq delighted in watching them whimper and scurry about as he spurred them with lashes of flame or crackling light. Reminded them of the price of disobedience. This like the proper order of things. For far too long, he had been treated like a whelp, so very easy for others to torment and bully. His own tribe, who saw value in him only after he proved to them that magic - true magic; dragon magic - was not beyond one born a kobold, only to betray him the moment his ill-fated rebellion encountered... setbacks. The slavers they sold him to, who thought him worthless. Even his supposed 'allies' - the derro and all those in their employ - had looked down on him, at first.

No longer. It had taken him time - time and many trials, yes - to grow into his power, but it was too great now to deny. The simple magics that had once demanded great effort and concentration now came to him as easily as breathing. These feeble-minded humans were all too easy to impress with such paltry tricks, of course, but such things were but a sampling of his true power. And all this, surely, was only the beginning.

Miiq looked towards the horizon, grinning his toothy grin. Oh, yes. Great things were yet ahead of him.
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((Got the server up early for folk to check over characters. Usual details.

Edit: And immediately there are issues as there are no characters showing in the vault despite not changing anything since last session when they were visible. Testing stuff.

Edit Edit: Stupidly had a hak missing so the module wasn't actually loaded. Up now.))
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hmm says I'm missing a hak file; double checking my list.
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Karvon and Ayram: Still downloading? Is it going to take longer than we have?
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Gog woke up behind bars in a strange house. There was a chained man nearby unconscious. He was not sure how he got there or when. He was a bit hungry and thursty but nothing too serious. He assumed he had been captured withing a day or two probably right after freeing himself from the quicksand.

Strange, the house was moving. They were noises and voices coming from upstairs. He tried to wake the man in vain. He tried to escape but he could not. Not without magic. After a while a bunch of people came down. Dark Elves (draws?), a kobold, hobgoblin? Orc? Red flying demon, bat, dire wolf. What a strange bunch. The Draws killed the man. Then they started to question Gog. They were playing “talk or die”. Gog was not impressed. He was the unworthy. The unsignificant goblin casted out. Yet he survived. That was a prowess. All he had to do was to show them some magic tricks and the Draws said “Now you serve us”. Gog wanted to laugh but found that to be unwise. Even if he could kill the funny Draws he could not kill the whole bunch of people and creatures all at once. So he had to play along. Wait and see if this group could serve his plans. He had to find the temple. Kill Yaz and get the mountain of gold he had dreamed about. These guys could surely help and he assumed that gold and treasure would interest them. All in good time.

The moving house turned out to be a boat. Not the small one used on the river but a big one that could go into the sea. They were on a boat but not for long. There was a big storm. Too big for Gog to stop or send away and the boat ended up broken in the jungle. A dark swampy area that Gog did not know. They explored and killed some creatures. They gave him an armor and a sword. Yaz had taken all his stuff so that was an improvement. He followed them around and convinced himself not show them all his cards just in case. For now he would just be Gog the Shaman...
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Things were looking up for about 5 minutes after they had taken that pirate ship for themselves. Sure, they accidentally killed the navigator again, but they still had a bigger, more well stocked ship. And being cramped up with drow was a recipe to get stabbed. You can bet everyone had been sleeping with at least one eye open until now.

But, of course, the storm ruined their good fortune spectacularly. It came out of nowhere and hit them so hard they'd be reeling for days. Bet the drow had new respect for storms though... and probably a hatred of the open sea. Vot couldn't say it was for him either.

Now they were stuck on this... uhhh... jungle island? Supposedly there was a human outpost of some kind on the other side, and they had ships. So, it was clear they had to get there and somehow finagle a ship out of that place.

The goblin they'd picked up seemed pretty useless so far. No surprise, as goblins went, but this one didn't even know how to use a crossbow. What the hell was that about? It could cast some kind of nature-y magics though. And Vot swore he saw it change into a little flying creature for a second while the jungle denizens were snapping at them. Whatever. If nothing else, he could be emergency rations.

Luckily, they had recovered supplies enough to last them awhile. Awhile enough to get to the other side? Who knows. But that big turtle would make a pretty chunky turtle soup, and you can bet Vot still had all his cookware on him, that stuff never left his side. As long as he had that stuff, he wouldn't go nuts out here.