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With a more fluid and scattered NWN community these days, the old Neverwinter Connections method of scheduling a game in advance and then generating demand for it is no longer very well-known (and is therefore more difficult). Although I've still had some success with it since this new site's re-launch, I'd like to try another model for arranging DM'd gaming experiences in NWN:EE.

Below is a list of modules that I'm willing to DM on-request (which sounds more polite than "on-demand") for groups. How will that work?
  • I'll plan to post here and on the NWC Discord in advance when I have a day available that will likely work for multiple time zones (US/Europe/Asia). This usually means on a Saturday. People who want to can then sign up and express a preference for which module to run.
  • Alternatively, if there is an enterprising small group that wants to request a particular module or mini-campaign experience, they can express interest in that (PM me, post or find me on Discord) and we will work out a good day and time for the first session.
In all cases, if we don't finish an individual module in one session, I'll guarantee another session gets scheduled with the same group to continue it, at the earliest possible time for everyone.

Desperate Measures: 3-5 players are in a Forgotten Realms death row prison. Scenario: escape or die. Simple, challenging and deadly. Starting PC level: 3

The Hunted: the sequel to Desperate Measures. Escaped prisoners (however many survive) from the first module are pursued by bounty hunters into the neighboring mountains. Any player who dies in the first module can create a new bounty hunter PC to track down their former comrades. Additional players are welcomed as bounty hunters, up to 6 total. This is a CvC scenario and anything goes. Starting PC level: 3

Amee Pass: a classic-style, low-level party-based wilderness and dungeon adventure for 4-6 players. Starting PC level: 1

Tales of Westgate: It is 1373 DR and you are in Westgate, the city where "anything goes and everything has its price." You can choose to be a part of a small Night Mask crew on a mission, a group of independent operators looking to make a score, mercenary adventurers hired for a contract, or anything else (within reason) a group of 2-5 players would like to be. These scenarios will take place in the same setting as my weekly Westgate Campaign and crossover events may be possible. Starting PC level: 3

DM-Friendly modules: I'm open to running just about any of these, given sufficient time for preparation. Link:

DMing Seminar for NWN:EE: This would be designed primarily for newer DMs, although veteran DM participation is also welcome. The old Neverwinter Connections had a live DM 101 class which I think helped get people over the threshold to actually start DMing, as well as teaching the basic skills. It's recommended that people first go through the DMFI 101: Enhanced Edition self-teach module to pick up the core skills.

More information on the above modules can be found at the Gateway to Adventure site:
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Next available date is Saturday, the 19th of October. Use the event calendar link below to see what time it is at for you. In your site settings, just make sure you have your correct home time zone set. Otherwise, you'll see the time by default displayed at noon at GMT -5 (New York time).
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