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Rules for player participation in the strategic game:

Each week, players may post that their characters are helping with a research or manufacturing project. They should post the relevant skill they are using to boost the project. The DM determines whether a skill is directly related to the project or indirectly related; directly related skills have a lower Difficulty Class for success. The DM will conduct all rolls using random number generators on the Internet.

Base DC: Research/Manufacturing cost of the project +5 (minimum 15)
Indirect skill: DC +5

The results are:

Critical Failure: some sort of disaster befalls the project, possibly affecting the entire X-COM operation.
Failure: the character’s contribution is negative; i.e. the project suffers a small setback.
No Impact: the character’s work has no effect on the project
Success: the character’s assistance boosts the project. Typically this will result in faster results, efficiencies in terms of scientist or engineer time, or something similar.
Critical Success: the character’s work provides a spectacular benefit. This may result in the project being completed in half the expected time, an extra prototype being produced, or something equally impressive. The character receives a +500xp bonus for his or her contribution (on top of the posting bonus).

Natural 1: if this roll fails to meet the DC with the character’s skill bonus added in, then result is a Critical Failure. If it otherwise met the DC, then it’s a Failure.
DC-20 or lower: Critical Failure
DC-19 to DC-10: Failure
DC-9 to DC-1: No Impact
DC to DC+9: Success
DC+10 or higher: Critical Success
Natural 20: if this roll would have met the DC with the character’s skill bonus added in, then result is a Critical Success. If it doesn’t meet the DC, then it’s a Success.

Example: Character X is helping out on research on Magnetic Weapons, using his Mechanical Engineering Skill. The project normally takes 10 research units, and the DM determines that the skill is directly related, so the DC is 15. The DM rolls a 6. The character’s skill is +7, so the character’s help has no impact on the project. If the DM had rolled a 1, the result would have been a Critical Failure, since 1 + 7 is less than the original DC. If the DM had rolled a 20, a Critical Success would result because the result is higher than the DC. In this case, the DM might determine that two pistol prototypes instead of one are created when the project is completed as a result of the Critical Success.
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