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"... so you get the gist of things pretty quick around here," claimed Vic, having volunteered to give Moreau and Tallens 'the tour' of the Avenger. "Back there's some of the labs, and the 'cold storage', that's where we keep aliens on ice. Smells terrible, you wouldn't like it. Around here's the way up to the Operations deck, that's where they fly the thing and tell us what's up... and you'll likely be spending most time up here at the range and the armslockers - hey Sven - which are right here."

"Up there's the Skyranger, that's what gets us to where we need to go, don't piss off Firebrand if you want an easy ride... here's the barracks, this is where I live! And chances are there's some of Alpha Team in here already... yep, here we go."

Vic opened the door and peered in, catching the tail-end of what Bo was talking about. "I agree!" He calls in, seemingly without knowing what's going on. "So this is pretty standard, we got bunks, lockers, coffee machine, let us know if you find any coffee out there... that's Jess, she's not as angry as she seems, that's Bo - you remember Bo - Henderson, John, Stan... Daud, is Daud in here? Huh. Hey, y'all remember these two?"


So let's see...

1) Improved Skulljack! It's top of the list. We need that thing. I fear a game-over.
2) The Psi Amp, as people want to do mind tricks
3) Wraith Suit, finish that up, get us some decent armour options
4) Beam Rifles, why are we not developing plasma people let's develop plasma

1) Ok fine Psi Lab Expansion
2) Psi Efficiency I guess
3) More Beam Pistols for our pistoleers

Vic is working on keeping the morale of the ship up with bartending and radio showing! Persuade +11 go go
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What was it with bureaucracies? Stanley had specifically stated his willingness to work on whatever they needed but psionics related projects and that's exactly what they had tasked him to work on during the last period of downtime. Well, from here on out, he was going to work on what struck his interest and steer clear of their mind mucking stuff. He could do with better armor and this wraith armor project looked like it could use some further work, so he wandered over to that corner of the lab and picked up a status report and began to peruse it.

//research 15 wraith armor
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As JD suspected, the "man in the suit" was indeed Cat's old friend. Although that fact had been confirmed and the man awaken, JD was not sure what to make of that. Was he compromised? Was is intel reliable? The man spoke of "nuclear trap" placed in some site(s) to destroy Alpha team once and for all.

The team went for a prison break mission. The mission went well. JD was not sure who grabbed the new pistol and how efficient it was. He was eager to get a better rifle or even some kind of heavy weapon. They were so many projects to pick it could be overwhelming at times.


1. Plasma Rifle (using the 1d6 bonus)
2. Wraith suit
3. Psi Amp


1. Plasma Ammo
2. Mag Ammo
3. Nanoscale Vest

JD (with craft mech 10) will make plasma ammo for the beam pistol/rifle IF skills is appropriate otherwise Mag ammo
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Jesse looked up from her seat with a grunt of acknowledgement as Vic and the new recruits entered the barracks.

"I'm more angry than I seem, actually," she said, darkly. "S'just that I'm really, really good at keeping it all in, y'see. Lucky for you guys. Anyway, uh, welcome to the crew, I guess. You've met Nancy in the flesh by now, I guess, so... yeah, that's all of us for the field crew."

She tapped her fingers against the back of her tablet; zoned out for a bit.

"Life expectancy for the job wasn't great before we came around. Probably still isn't, in all. We've had some lucky breaks. Figure you should know that."

((Research: Psi Amp, Skulljack Upgrade, Plasma Rifle. Wraith armor beyond that, I guess, but I doubt we'll have enough left over for a 4th project.
Manufacturing: Psi Efficiency seems like one we'll want to get done quickly. Also agree with setting aside some amount of points for mag ammo.

Jesse will help out with manufacturing using... I think +15 in craft (manufacturing)? As I'm assuming repair doesn't really apply to R&D.))
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No dreams this week, or were they memories, actually? Yes, no new memories this week came to him. Maybe it was because he wasn’t doing his training in that lab anymore. That familiar setting of lab equipment and experimentation. But he actually got some good rest this week.

Which was a pity. He wanted the grief. He needed that despair. He had to know who he really was, and what the fact that he worded it that way meant. But until then, he would just chug away at work.

It was close though, he could feel it.

(Research, Psi Amp, Skulljack, then plasma rifle. Manufacturing, the one that lets 6 people psi train, then psi efficiency. And Henderson will concentrate on doing psi training and helping on purifier autopsy.)
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EDIT: Klasa posted while I was editing the session post. Remember to get those posts in 24 hours before game time in the future, and please post your skill modifier so I don't have to search the entire thread.

* * *

Session 32

+900xp to everyone for IC posting.
+500xp to Bo, John, Jesse, and Daud for critical successes on skill rolls.

The d20 was on fire this week; the d6, not so much.

* * *

RE: Research/Manufacturing Progress Report, Week Ending November 22, 2035

We have continued to closely monitor the Commander for any signs of ongoing alien manipulation, but no such indicators have presented as of yet. Obviously he sustained significant psychological and physical trauma as part of his experience. I do not believe that I will be able to clear him for duty anytime soon. I am pleased, however, to report that our two new candidates have passed a Level 4 scan with flying colors, and are ready to join the ranks.

Working with Doctor Tygan’s team, we were able to finish work on the improvements to the Skulljack device ahead of schedule. Thanks are also due to Agent Effiong, for her work in completing the analysis of the Purifier subject.

I would apologize for the anemic production on the medical supply line this week, except for the fact that I have repeatedly noted the lack of resources dedicated to our medical program. Supporting the many research projects in medical advances that I have submitted would reduce our reliance upon the unpredictable machines that produce our field medical kits. I will also point out that we can increase production of kits at any time by dedicating more resources to that project.

Base rolls:
X-COM Research Capacity (3d10+8+1d6): rolls 5, 10, 5, +2 (Darius Singh) +2 (Greta Kanem) +4 (Permanent Upgrades) +4 (Skulljacked Officer) (15/15 in Improved Skulljack [completed, existing device upgraded], 15/15 in Psi Amp [completed, prototype available], 20/20 in Wraith Suit [completed, prototype available], 1/10 in Gauss Weapons, 5/5 on Purifier Autopsy [completed], 1/20 in Plasma Rifle).

  • Bo: +18 vs. DC15 on Purifier Autopsy, roll 17 (Critical Success). +3 to project. +500xp.
  • Stan: +15 vs. DC25 on Wraith Suit, roll 13 (Success). +1 to project.
  • Henderson: +11 vs. DC20 (indirect skill) on Purifier Autopsy, roll 12 (Success). +1 to project.
  • Skulljacked Officer: 4 applied to Improved Skulljack.

X-COM Manufacturing Capacity (3d10+4): rolls 3, 8, 9, +1 (Mendoza), +2 (Tieffendahl), +1 (Johnson). (2/10 on a Nanoscale Vest, 6 boxes of Mag Ammunition completed, 15/15 in Psi Lab Expansion [completed], 12/15 in Psionic Efficiency).

  • Daud: +8 vs. DC15 on Mag Ammo, roll 18 (Critical Success). 3 boxes completed. +500xp.
  • John: +8 vs. DC15 on Mag Ammo, roll 18 (Critical Success). 3 boxes completed. +500xp.
  • Jesse: +15 vs. DC20 on Psi Lab Efficiency, roll 16 (Critical Success). +3 to project. +500xp.

X-COM Medical Capacity (3d6): rolls 1, 1, 1 (3 new medikits produced this week)

Psi Training:

Daud: +2 to Psi Potential score. New score: 90
Bo: +1 to Psi Potential score. New score: 111
Henderson: +10 to Psi Potential score. New score: 79 (leveled up)

Victor: morale support on Avenger: +11 vs. DC20, roll 11 (Success). Shipboard morale boosted (+1 applied to Research).
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I just uploaded a new version of the mod to Box.
#14253486 Nov 23, 2019 at 09:30 AM
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((Got it! And server up a little early as I'm somewhere until game time.))
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November 23, 2019 Post-Session Post

Your tablets ping as the latest email from Central arrives (see below).

Anyone who wants to can now do Psionic Training and also complete project skill rolls. Remember when you post to include your skill modifier.

Unfortunately, the skulljacked sectoids do not provide any valuable research data.

* * * * *

We’re moving the Avenger out of populated areas for a while to avoid enhanced alien patrols. But we’ll be back soon enough to take another look at the mission options we discussed today. Until then we should expedite progress on our existing research and manufacturing priorities.

* * *

Research Projects

MC costs in this list are for subsequent copies of an item once it is researched. Initial research just uses X-COM Research Capacity.

Base production is 3d10+2 (Singh) +2 (Kanem) +4 Permanent Upgrade

  • Plasma Rifle. Now that we've finally deciphered the aliens' devastating weapon technology and can develop beam weapons of our own, we can build rifles that will be the match of any enemy our soldiers encounter in the field. One prototype will be produced when this technology is researched. [1/20 completed, RC20, MC10]
  • Acid Grenade. With a little work, we believe we can reverse engineer the acidic grenade that you recovered from the ADVENT facility, and add it to our production lines. [RC15, MC3/2]
  • Incendiary Grenade. With a little work, we believe we can reverse engineer the incendiary grenade that you recovered from the ADVENT facility, and add it to our production lines. [RC15, MC3/2]
  • Bio Grenade. With a little work, we believe we can reverse engineer the biological grenade that you recovered from the arctic ADVENT facility. This grenade will be harder to manufacture, but is especially deadly against organic targets. [RC15, MC2]
  • Gauss Weapons. With our mastery of ADVENT's core weapon technology, we can now develop specialized weapon systems using the alien technology to improve on power storage and consumption, projectile path fidelity, and penetrative force over greater distances. We may be able to develop a sniper rifle and cannon variant based on our newly learned Magnetic Weapons technology. [1/10 completed, RC10]
  • Predator Armor. Predator armor represents our first foray into new body protection based on alien hybrid materials. This suit of medium armor offers excellent protection against most forms of attack. One prototype will be produced when this technology is researched. [RC15, MC10]
  • WAR Suit. This powered heavy armor offers even better protection against assault than our EXO suits, and includes a built-in flamethrower unit. Improved actuators provide an additional boost to the wearer’s strength. One prototype will be produced when this technology is researched. [RC20, MC15]
  • Improved Medikit. Doctor Ranma tells us that we can improve our basic medical kits to provide more effective battlefield triage. All current medikit production will be upgraded once this technology is researched. [RC10]
  • Regen Serum. This serum temporarily boosts human regenerative capabilities, allowing our operatives to rapidly recover from injuries inflicted on the battlefield. One prototype will be produced when this technology is researched. [RC15, MC2]
  • Nanomedikit. Our research into the Viper alien has allowed to develop a blueprint for an advanced medikit that can treat a broader range of battlefield symptoms than our standard medical supplies. One prototype will be produced when this technology is researched. [Game Note: this is essentially a one-use Restoration item.] [RC15, MC2]
  • Personal Shield. Our successful autopsy of the ADVENT Shieldbearer has opened up a promising line of inquiry that may allow us to integrate this tech into our own armors. One prototype will be produced when this technology is researched. [RC20, MC10]
  • Reinforced Underlay. This armor upgrade, based on the data collected from examining the gear of the ADVENT Purifier, provides exceptional protection against fire attacks. One prototype will be produced when this technology is researched. [RC15, MC10]
  • Archon Autopsy. An aesthetically impressive specimen, the hidden horrors of melding organic tissue with the inner workings of a machine are well-disguised here. The unique melee weapon employed by the creature could be of particular interest to our Rangers. [RC10]
  • Andromedon Autopsy. You successfully recovered enough components of the alien mech, along with its operator, to conduct a full study. A study of the alien’s unique biology and the technical components of its automated suit may provide advances for our own explosive weapons systems. [RC10]

Manufacturing Projects

Base production is 3d10+1 (Mendoza) +2 (Tieffendahl) +1 (Johnson)

  • Beam Pistol. Our advances in the area of Elerium technology will allow us to manufacture higher-powered energy weapons. This handgun is the first step, and marks a significant step up from our existing magnetic weaponry. [MC10]
  • Plasma Ammunition. While the new beam weapons are clearly more effective, the ammunition required more resources to produce. Three units of Manufacturing Capacity can produce two boxes of ammunition. [MC3/2]
  • Psionic Efficiency. Further improvements to our training regimen can allow psionic training candidates to develop their skills faster (doubles weekly improvement to 2d10). [12/15 completed, MC15]
  • Mag Pistol. The workshop can now manufacture additional copies of the magnetic pistol. [MC5]
  • Magnetic Rifle. The workshop can now manufacture additional copies of the magnetic rifle. [MC8]
  • Shard Gun. The Shard Gun takes standard shotgun shells and superheats them in a magnetic ignition chamber. The result is a molten spray of burning death. [MC8]
  • Magnetic Ammunition. This ammunition can be used in all of our magnetic weaponry. [MC1/2 (one unit of capacity produces two boxes)].
  • Arc Blade. When pure kinetic energy is no longer sufficient in the field, the Arc Blade may prove necessary. It boosts the standard Sword's combat effectiveness with the addition of an electric field, capable of stunning enemies not killed outright. This weapon can be made as a full-sized weapon (longsword) or a lighter one that can use Weapon Finesse. [MC10]
  • GREMLIN Mk.II. Our study of the alien MEC devices has allowed us to improve the durability and combat effectiveness of our GREMLIN drones. Chief Shen is working on fixing the ammunition feed problem, and reports that we can now mass-produce these devices as needed for our specialists. [MC5]
  • Psi Amp. The crystals that power the psi amp degrade with repeated use, but we can manufacture more of them as needed for our Psi Operatives. [MC10]
  • Skulljack.If needed, we can manufacture additional copies of the Skulljack for use during away missions.[MC10]
  • Nanoscale Vest. The Nanoscale vest is a light armor underlay derived from ADVENT armor. This vest can be worn with all X-COM armors to provide additional protection. [2/10 completed, MC10]
  • Wraith Suit. This suit of powered light armor has an adaptive camouflage array that can allow its wearer to literally “disappear” from view. [MC10]
  • EXO Suit. This suit of heavy armor provides superior protection, and includes an embedded rocket launcher. [MC15]
  • Spider Suit. This suit of light armor offers improved protection over the basic X-COM Kevlar, and includes a grapple that can be used to access improved tactical positions on the battlefield. [MC10]
  • Additional Medikit Production. We all know that medical supplies are at a premium. We can dedicate a portion of our manufacturing output to augment what Doctor Ranma can put together in Medical each week, but that means a cut in other areas. [Manufacturing Cost: 2/kit]
  • Advanced Surgical Kit. Our medikits are pretty fantastic, but even they can only do so much. This kit, designed for field use, can keep a critically injured team member alive long enough for more substantial medical intervention back on the Avenger. [Game Note: this is a one-use Raise Dead device.] [MC5/kit]
  • Experimental Surgical Kit. The medical device that you recovered from the ADVENT research base offers a huge advance to the field of battlefield medicine. [Game Note: this is a one-use Resurrection item, which results in a significantly smaller XP penalty.] [MC8/kit]
  • Mundane Toolkits. Chief Shen can produce just about any kind of ordinary toolkit in the workshop. Just let her know what you need and we'll see that it's added to the queue.

Remember to get your recommendations in by Friday.
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The gang went downtown to locate a device messing up with people's brain. After wandering around a street with a few shops including a music store, a restaurant and an nearly empty underground parking the group got interested in a kind of clinic. JD first got in pretending he urgently needed a dentist but he got booted and so where his friends even the more persuasive ones. That was enough to trigger a "forced entry" into the facility which was indeed hiding the "device of doom" and that was that.

Back at the base it was time for more talk, more research, more manufacturing stuff and more training. Everyone insisting on doing the Psi training. JD was reluctant to be near any stuff messing up with his head. This time he was not sure. He remembered seeing people's head blown up remotely or something similar and he did not want that to happen to any member of the team or any civilian for that matter. He decided to take a shower, meditate for one hour and perhaps decide after if he would do the Psi training or not. He did not really expect the others to chase him around to sell him the "training package"

- "Don't be a fool, it's for your own good!"

- "So what? You want your head to explode? Or you want to start shooting at us when they make you think we are Aliens?"

- "Come on JD, you're no chicken are you?"

- "it's painless, you just need to wear this when you go to sleep."



1. Plasma Rifle
2. Something Medikit (Improved Medikit makes sense)
3. Bio Grenade
4. Whatever (Armor? Autopsy?)


JD makes Mag Ammo (Craft Mech 10)

1. Plasma Ammo and Mag Ammo
2. Nanoscale Vest
3. Medikit/Experimental Surgical Kit
4. Beam Pistol/Wraith Suit

Psi Training?

Can we Roll a will save (not sure about the number but he's like a fighter with 8 wisdom)?
Failing the save JD will join the Psi training program.

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Daud hoped they made some kind of difference by taking out that psi emitter. Truthfully, he felt like they didn't. He was relieved that the coin hadn't gotten anyone killed, but what did they have to show? As far as Daud could see, there were no leads on what exactly they were doing with those little corner street emitters. What does taking them out actually do? Would ADVENT just place another one somewhere else like nothing had happened? Are they even that valuable to ADVENT? No one seemed to have those answers.

The best they could say about it was that nobody actually died. Also, maybe, that this operation was so low scale that ADVENT wouldn't figure out that they really hoped to draw out a CODEX and thus wouldn't increase security on more likely, subsequent targets. So far, they hadn't even retaliated. Daud couldn't figure if that was good or bad.

1. Plasma Rifle
2. WAR suit.
3. Archon autopsy.
4. Extra into reinforced underlay

1.Finish Psi Efficiency
2. Set aside 3 or 6 points for plasma ammo.
(We're going to need to build up stocks if more people plan to use plasma. Daud probably doesn't have the skill to help with this like he does with mag ammo.)
3. A vest for John?
4. Beam Pistol

Daud will manufacture mag ammo with +8 craft mech and of course do psi training
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"Heck if I know what it was doing there," Vic said, polishing a glass as he kept the bar at the X-Cafe, chatting to whoever was there. Behind him, music continued quietly over the comms - Life on Mars, by some crooning cat named Bowie - as Johnson manned the radio booth in his absence. The rough sailor didn't have to talk much, at least, the talkshow segments weren't for hours yet. "That street, that whole district was a mess. Not the kind of place I'd have thought any interest to ADVENT, or the Aliens." He thought. "Maybe it HAD been a rowdy place at some point, and that's why they put the device in. Quell trouble with a couple of sectoids and a glowing ball."

"Kinda puts more of a lie to their ideas, though, don't it?" Vic inspected the glass for smears. "All that 'we cured the ills of the Old World'. That stuff's still there. I mean, we always knew they pressed it down with ADVENT, but it's another thing to know they just might be painting over it with their psionics."

Vic considered. "I tell you one thing, though. Creepiest damn thing when those people in the office just recognised me. That's the future, ain't it, the future they want. Everyone's head is an open book, every thought starts and ends with them, and wherever you are, they know who you are. I'll drink to burning that future down. Can't wait til we do."



1) Plasma Rifle. Prep some firepower.
2) The WAR Suit. Heavy Armour ftw.
3) Ok the Archon Autopsy - if our guns can't make a dent, maybe the sword can

1) Psi Efficiency, finish that off
2) As many Wraith Suits as we can kick out
3) Plasma Ammo, building up that stock

Vic's carrying on keeping morale high, with that mighty Perusade +11.
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Stanley had gone along on the downtown raid to provide his usual tech support. He checked several computers in the ADVENT outpost but didn't turn up anything very useful other than it was just a staged look, no actuall working or valuable data.

Back at the ship, he decided to lend a hand with researching Gauss weaponry. He reviewed the photos they'd taken of the alien weopons and worked on schematic ideas on his tablet. It seemed like it might take a bit to unlock the secrets though.

//research 15
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"They appear to have our number, yes," Bo added to Vic's comment as she sat at the end of the bar. A drink of the 'local brew' was in one hand but the ever present datapad was in the other. Her head moved subconsciously from time to time as input came from the new psi-training headgear.

"Big Brother is watching you," she continued. "Was a thing in my late teens when the surveillance age really started to cut in. Comes from some book, though I never read it - or watched the movies made in the light of it. I often wonder if the law enforcement agencies from back then would have come to be this way eventually."

"Come to think of it, I wonder if Bradford or Tygan already does." The doctor grinned a little and drank the last of the drink. "Either way I should get back to work."

((Bo will use Treat Injury of 18 on the Archon Autopsy if that's okay, of it's no good as a skill she'll work on the Psi Efficiency with Sense Motive - as a secondary skill if necessary. Lets get one or the other done.

1) Plasma Rifle.
2) The WAR Suit.
3) Archon Autopsy.

1) Psi Efficiency
2) 6 points for Plasma ammo if no one helps, 3 points if others do,
2) Wraith Suit, and on to the next if we've enough points.

Old enough to know better, too old to care.
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Jesse was visibly nervous walking back into the psi lab. Bo's words echoed through her head, telling her that this was the best way - maybe the only way - to defend themselves against what the forces behind ADVENT were capable of. The argument made sense. You can't beat an enemy armed with plasma rifles and powered armour using nothing better than sticks and stones, after all, so why should the battlefield of the mind be any different?

Still, she had her doubts. All the concerns she'd talked to Bo about - about where the path they were on would lead, and just what kind of future they were building - hadn't gone anywhere. But something about the last mission - Bo's calming psychic touch on her mind, banishing the terror induced by the alien presence - had left her with a certain... clarity. Much as all of this disturbed her, there was no going back now. They were committed, and they knew what they were up against.

For a long while, she hadn't dared believe that victory might actually be possible. Somewhere along the line, that started changing. But it would be so easy to just... watch it all slip away while they paused to catch their breath. Hope, she'd learned, was a valuable thing. Maybe even indispensable. But it could also be a narcotic. A path towards complacency and, ultimately, defeat.

Victory, at any cost. That, she decided, would have to be her guiding principle from now on. And for it to mean a damn thing, she had to be willing to put everything she valued on the line. Body and mind.

((Research: Plasma Weapons, War Suit
Manufacturing: Psi Efficiency, Wraith Suit. Extras into mag and plasma ammo if we got it. Say at a 2:1 ratio at this point?

Jesse will be partaking of psi training and using +19 repair to hopefully help with psi efficiency, idea being she can help with the hardware/power requirements for the psi facilities.))
#14257443 Nov 29, 2019 at 10:39 AM
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((Researchwise, Plasma Rifle then WAR Suit. Manufacturing-wise, Psi Effenciency. Henderson will aid at Archon Autopsy with his Concentration of 11. He will also do Psi Training.))

The last mission went off almost without a hitch. No one was seriously injured, none of the public got injured, and there was one less creepy, fake mental hospital in the world. But despite that Henderson wasn't as pleased as he thought he would be. He had been hoping to learn something new from that PSI device, but nothing was there for him.

Perhaps he just had to accept that there was nothing else left for him to learn, but he couldn't accept that. He /knew/ there was still more to unlock, to remember. The girl, Jesse, had said he was back to being his 'old self', but what did that mean, exactly? It almost felt like something important.
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Session 34

+900xp to everyone for IC posting.
+500xp to Bo, Stan, and John for critical successes on skill rolls.

* * *

RE: Research/Manufacturing Progress Report, Week Ending November 29, 2035

I can’t help but feel that we’re marking time, waiting for a Codex to appear. I keep thinking that the aliens are working on something big while we’re plinking in around the edges. Well, at least the delay will mean that we'll be as ready as we can be when we finally crack the code and find out where the aliens’ AVATAR base is located.

Research and manufacturing progress was solid this week. We got the prototype of the plasma rifle ready to go, and have made good progress on the W.A.R. Suit. Production has been above average, and we were able to produce significant quantities of ammunition as well as a second Wraith Suit and that partially-finished nanoscale vest that's been sitting around the workshop for a few weeks. We also finished our upgrades to the Psi Lab, which means you'll be able to scramble your brains twice as fast in the coming weeks.

Base rolls:
X-COM Research Capacity (3d10+8): rolls 8, 10, 5, +2 (Darius Singh) +2 (Greta Kanem) +4 (Permanent Upgrades) (20/20 in Plasma Rifle [completed, prototype available], 11/20 in WAR Suit, 4/10 in Gauss Weapons, 4/10 on Archon Autopsy).

  • Bo: +18 vs. DC15 on Archon Autopsy, roll 7 (Critical Success). +3 to project. +500xp.
  • Stan: +15 vs. DC15 on Gauss Weapons, roll 19 (Critical Success). +3 to project. +500xp.
  • Henderson: +11 vs. DC20 on Archon Autopsy (indirect skill), roll 10 (Success). +1 to project.

X-COM Manufacturing Capacity (3d10+4): rolls 10, 9, 6, +1 (Mendoza), +2 (Tieffendahl), +1 (Johnson). (Nanoscale Vest completed, 4 boxes of Mag Ammunition completed, 4 boxes of Plasma Ammo completed, 15/15 in Psionic Efficiency [completed], 1 Wraith Suit completed, second suit at 2/10).

  • Daud: +8 vs. DC15 on Mag Ammo, roll 9 (Success). 1 box completed.
  • John: +10 vs. DC15 on Mag Ammo, roll 17 (Critical Success). 3 boxes completed. +500xp.
  • Jesse: +19 vs. DC25 on Psi Lab Efficiency (indirect skill), roll 2 (no result).

X-COM Medical Capacity (3d6): rolls 4, 4, 3 (11 new medikits produced this week)

Psi Training:

Daud: +4 to Psi Potential score. New score: 94
Bo: +6 to Psi Potential score. New score: 117
Henderson: +9 to Psi Potential score. New score: 88
Vic: +7 to Psi Potential score. New score: 26
Jesse: +1 to Psi Potential score. New score: 76 (Psi Training 2)
John: we’ll make a Will save in game.

Victor: morale support on Avenger: +11 vs. DC20, roll 4 (No result). Everyone cries in their beer this week.
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((Apparently Bo has to help out with the counselling as a result of Vic's failure. Change of plans as we are going away for Himself's birthday before rather than after the game. 😞 Sorry guys but at least the medkit rolls were good. Server will be up and the lads are at home in case there are issues.

Edit: Connection details should be the same as usual.))
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Server is up but no module is currently loaded.

EDIT: Okay, we're good!
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Poked VM. Module's loaded now!