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Yeah, no need to post skill rolls or research priorities this week. We'll pick up next time as you're transitioning to the secret laboratory under the castle. *cue spooky music*
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The squad found themselves in another long elevator ride down who knows how far.

A lot had happened for them to get here, and Daud felt a little pride in the part he played getting them this far undetected until just a minute ago. There was no time to berate the team for the coms mistake, and Daud had been inches away from starting a fight himself when he thought he had a golden opportunity to skulljack another officer.

Anyway, Daud decided to relay to the team what he witnessed earlier while they descended.

"So, besides those burly, armored hulks I mentioned before, I saw a couple scientists talking in a video conference with, get this, an elder. I only heard their side of the conversation, but they were talking about the project they were working on. Called it 'Project Avatar.'

After they cut the conversation, they must have come to this elevator themselves. With their bodyguard brutes. So, watch out for those things. And, if we see scientists, lemme get the Jack in 'em. Anyone who's speaking directly with elders has gotta have all kinds of info to give us. Maybe we could even capture one."
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Vic looked glad for the change of subject. He'd been avoiding anyone's eye ever since triggering the alert. A moment of panic, Daud not with them... that's all it had taken. Lesson learned... if he survived long enough to learn it.

Still, Daud's words were an uncomfortable shock. "An Elder..." The Aliens were a rare sight, for sure, but word of The Elders was spoken on the ADVENT networks daily. Love the Elders, be thankful for their guiding hand, bringing humanity out of the chaos of the 'Old World'... they were the force behind ADVENT, the reason for everything as far as Vic could tell. They were spoken of as if they were gods.

The thought stung Vic, and heat overcame his uncertainty. "This is so typically Alien. Set up some of their own filthy business in a place that's practically a piece of human history." He looked grimly at Daud. "I don't know if we're going to be able to get out of here with a VIP. It's going to be rough just on our own. Be sure whoever you stick that in is someone it'll work on, though."
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"Let's worry about what's down here first," Bo grumbled. "We're going down somewhere that we don't know what we're going to find but do know the only way out is likely back through this elevator into a place where they know of our presence."

"It's 106m down to wherever, we've got a full magazine, half a bag of medical supplies, it's shiny in here, but some of us are wearing beige." She sighed and pumped the load action on her rifle. "Hit it."
Old enough to know better, too old to care.
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Stanley checked over his tools out of habit. The routine helped him relax. They were in an elevator headed down; how deep, he couldn't guess. Due to the constricted nature of the old castle, he hadn't used his grenade launcher for fear of friendly fire casualties. His pistol didn't seem all that effective vs. the alien armor. He made a mental note to ask about getting some sort of upgrade to the new tech pistols some of the others were using now. He wondered how they would get out of the basement given the sorry state of the elevator. Hopefully there was another exit.
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"We're gonna need to find a new escape route, too," Jesse said nervously, frantically looking over the elevator's busted control systems in case there was something she'd missed. It was no use; fixing the mess they'd made would take them hours, at least, if they could manage it at all. She sighed.

"If there is one."

The first rule of scavenging is to know your exits. There's always something that can go wrong; some reason you might have to run for cover, for whatever direction most closely resembles safety. Years spent surviving in the wastelands between ADVENT enclaves had honed Jesse's instincts to a fine point, and right now they were telling her to get out get out get out. Run while you still can.

Too late for that, of course. She'd made her choice - hell, she'd made it the night Angela asked her to join the resistance. If this was going to be their last mission, then she was ready for that. Despite the voice in her head telling her to run, Jesse wasn't scared of dying. Not when there was so much worse that could happen to them.
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“Yeah, Insurgent is right. She said this is a one way elevator, so we’ll need to find a different escape route. So fun there. And yeah, capturees and alien bodies are definitely very secondary right now.” Henderson said as they continued down the elevator, which moments ago attempted to kill them via poison and acid.

ADVENT definitely took no chances when it came to their defenses and facilities, that’s for sure. But man, just imagine what they could do with those kinds of resources? It would be like a whole ‘nother game! One where the aliens were doing the gurellia warfare! Now that would be a novel idea.
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Session 25

+750xp for full-party IC posting.
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((Server is up))
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Reminder that I'm traveling next week. Next session is October 5.

I'll post the options for research/manufacturing later today.
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Session Summary: Sometimes a door is just a door. :)

OOC notes: My recollection is that you recovered samples of the muton but not the whole 500lb carcass. Unfortunately, what you have is not sufficient for a full autopsy. However, the weird “Archon” alien offers new opportunities for the research program.

* * * * *

Your tablets ping as the latest email from Central arrives. There’s no mission summary or commentary, just the list of projects. Those who go near the Command Deck report hearing a lot of yelling.

* * * * *

Research Projects

MC costs in this list are for subsequent copies of an item once it is researched. Initial research just uses X-COM Research Capacity.

Preliminary work on the data and the sample from the ADVENT Blacksite will take up 5 RC. Doctor Tygan reports that it might take some time to fully understand just what the aliens were doing there.

Base production is 3d10+2 (Singh)

  • Magnetic Rifle. We can expand upon our success with the mag pistol and create a full-sized rifle that can project mag rounds with devastating speed and accuracy. One prototype will be produced when this technology is researched. [RC10, MC8]
  • Shard Gun. The Shard Gun takes standard shotgun shells and superheats them in a magnetic ignition chamber. The result is a molten spray of burning death. One prototype will be produced when this technology is researched. [4/10 completed, RC10, MC8]
  • Arc Blade. When pure kinetic energy is no longer sufficient in the field, the Arc Blade may prove necessary. It boosts the standard Sword's combat effectiveness with the addition of an electric field, capable of stunning enemies not killed outright. One prototype will be produced when this technology is researched. Special note: bonus granted due to recovery of prototype stun weapon on a previous mission. [5/15 completed, RC15, MC10]
  • Gauss Weapons. With our mastery of ADVENT's core weapon technology, we can now develop specialized weapon systems using the alien technology to improve on power storage and consumption, projectile path fidelity, and penetrative force over greater distances. We may be able to develop a sniper rifle and cannon variant based on our newly learned Magnetic Weapons technology. [RC10]
  • Nanoscale Vest. The Nanoscale vest is a light armor underlay derived from ADVENT armor. This vest can be worn with all X-COM armors to provide additional protection. [RC15]
  • Predator Armor. Predator armor represents our first foray into new body protection based on alien hybrid materials. This suit of medium armor offers excellent protection against most forms of attack. One prototype will be produced when this technology is researched. [RC15, MC10]
  • Improved Medikit. Doctor Ranma tells us that we can improve our basic medical kits to provide more effective battlefield triage. All current medikit production will be upgraded once this technology is researched. [RC10]
  • Personal Shield. Our successful autopsy of the ADVENT Shieldbearer has opened up a promising line of inquiry that may allow us to integrate this tech into our own armors. One prototype will be produced when this technology is researched. [RC20, MC10]
  • ADVENT Purifier Autopsy. With a greater understanding of the systems behind the ADVENT Purifier's unusual tolerance of environmental hazards, it will likely be possible to emulate their methods for some use in our own equipment.[RC5]
  • ADVENT MEC Breakdown. These mechanized units have a familiar humanoid form, but we haven't found any indication of a pilot or biological control system. I'm hoping that once we've pulled it apart, I'll be able to mirror some of their advancements in our own weapons and robotic systems. [1/5 completed, RC5]
  • Berserker Autopsy. This unusual specimen is clearly afflicted by some form of extreme muscular hyperthrophy, although how the species came to exist in this state will require a thorough examination. I suspect the research could lead to varying enhancements for our own troops, perhaps even means of intensifying their own thirst for combat. [RC10]
  • Viper Autopsy. This creature is clearly reptilian in nature, although it appears to be not only sentient, but also highly intelligent. Still, the underlying physiology is remarkably similar to a number of terrestrial species- including the venom sacks, which we might be able to synthesize and incorporate for use in our medical supplies. [8/10 completed, RC10]
  • Faceless Autopsy. At one time, the Thin Men were the most advanced infiltration units available to the aliens. Now, we face a species capable of mimicking the human form at will. A study of their unique physiology could help us improve our own medical techniques. [RC10]
  • Archon Autopsy. An aesthetically impressive specimen, the hidden horrors of melding organic tissue with the inner workings of a machine are well-disguised here. The unique melee weapon employed by the creature could be of particular interest to our Rangers. [RC10]
  • Elerium. The aliens, and to a lesser extent ADVENT, have long relied on the otherworldly element known as Elerium to power everything from their weapons systems to the UFOs themselves. It may take some time but furthering our understanding of this material could greatly advance our own weapon and armor development projects.[RC15]
  • Psionics. Although we've seen them wielding Psionic powers before, our recent encounters with the aliens have truly shown us how they are able to deftly manipulate the flow of Psionic energy and use it to their advantage. If we were to master it as well as they have, the potential applications in the field would be limitless.[RC20]

Manufacturing Projects

Base production is 3d10+1 (Mendoza) +1 (Tieffendahl) +1 (Johnson)

  • Mag Pistol. The workshop can now manufacture additional copies of the magnetic pistol. [MC5]
  • Magnetic Ammunition. This ammunition can be used in all of our magnetic weaponry. [MC1/2 (one unit of capacity produces two boxes)].
  • Skulljack.If needed, we can manufacture additional copies of the Skulljack for use during away missions. Doctor Tygan also thinks that we may be able to improve the basic design at some point.[MC10]
  • EXO Suit. This suit of heavy armor provides superior protection, and includes an embedded rocket launcher. [MC15]
  • Spider Suit. This suit of light armor offers improved protection over the basic X-COM Kevlar, and includes a grapple that can be used to access improved tactical positions on the battlefield. [MC10]
  • Additional Medikit Production. We all know that medical supplies are at a premium. We can dedicate a portion of our manufacturing output to augment what Doctor Ranma can put together in Medical each week, but that means a cut in other areas. [Manufacturing Cost: 2/kit]
  • Advanced Surgical Kit. Our medikits are pretty fantastic, but even they can only do so much. This kit, designed for field use, can keep a critically injured team member alive long enough for more substantial medical intervention back on the Avenger. [Game Note: this is a one-use Raise Dead device.] [MC5/kit]
  • Defensive Turrets. Our raid on the alien supply ship highlights our own vulnerability to attack. This upgrade would add a pair of automatic turrets to the exterior of the ship, flanking the exit ramp. [MC15]
  • Mundane Toolkits. Chief Shen can produce just about any kind of ordinary toolkit in the workshop. Just let her know what you need and we'll see that it's added to the queue. [MC varies depending on the tool.]

Remember to get your recommendations in by Friday.
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Now that we are back home...

To be on the safe side JD will continue to make Magnetic Ammunition and vote for
1. spider suit
2. Mag Rifle (we may need 2 of those and may not need anymore mag pistol)
3. ?

Two birds one stone or one bird two stones?

The elevator went down like 100 meters below grown at least it felt that way. The team went in took out whoever or whatever tried to stop them and placed the demolition charges as instructed. But how where they going to get out. Sometimes people can work magic! Getting into the computer system and hacking the elevator command control was not beyond their abilities. Soon after they reached the roof and had to fight a bunch of ADVENTS. Then the shuttle landed. They were injured and wanted to go home but "old lady" sent them to some remote site. They found an ancient spaceship. Possibly not ADVENT. Maybe other Alien race. JD knew that was important but as the others was unsure how that would help XCOM in the war against ADVENTS...
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// I'm confused about something. We never finished the stun lancer autopsy, but we have the arc blade available in R&D? I know we got a gimme for somehow recovering one of their actual arc weapons, but does that make the autopsy itself redundant since we already have arcblade research available?
#14213959 Sep 22, 2019 at 03:37 PM
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#14213868 Ayram wrote:

// I'm confused about something. We never finished the stun lancer autopsy, but we have the arc blade available in R&D? I know we got a gimme for somehow recovering one of their actual arc weapons, but does that make the autopsy itself redundant since we already have arcblade research available?

Error on my part; you did complete the stun lancer autopsy but I forgot to remove it when I did the cut/paste of the research options.
#14213989 Sep 22, 2019 at 05:14 PM
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// Ah, ok. Sorry, I thought we did, but when I saw it I was thinking I must have mis-remembered that. I should have checked the past progress reports.
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That was the most to happen in a single day so far, Daud was willing to bet.

First, in the ADVENT black site, they found the horrifying truth behind what ADVENT were cooking up behind the scenes, and it was bad. Real bad. Frankly, if the outside world saw this, Daud thought it would be enough to move people from ardent ADVENT defenders to hardened rebels. Those massive piles of bones spoke for themselves. In Daud's opinion, getting the footage out into the public would and SHOULD be priority #1.

But then there was the call that came from Agent Kat the G-Woman, and what happened to Doc Eff. Daud and the team were eagerly awaiting to hear what the hell happened to her. Was she braindead? Did she have some kind of psychic alien mind bug? Her condition, and the agent woman's stowing away was overshadowing what happened in the black site so far.

It seemed that Central was as displeased with her being on board as htey thought he would be, but frankly, Daud had had it with both of them in regard to their apparent unwillingness to work together. As far as Daud was concerned, if XCOM had been working with Kat directly, then they might not have to do these suddenly time sensitive life or death ops right after they'd been through hell with the bullet holes to prove it.

Daud hoped that since the g-woman went through the trouble to stow away and get here, she had a good reason, and that it was that she felt the same as Daud and wanted to come back in. Her information was always good, but it also always seemed to come at the worst times.

Daud was eager for a debrief. He wanted to know just what they were going to do with this information. He wanted to get that footage out there. He wanted to know if Doc Eff was gone.

RESEARCH (after the 5 points taken from data combing)
1. Arc Blade
2. Mag Rifle
3. Nanoscale Vest
4. Any extra into viper autopsy and then psionics.
5. Daud will keep up with his work on the Shard Gun

1. Mag Pistol
2. Defensive Turrets
3. Spider Suit

//Daud did manage to skulljack one of the scientists and succeed, if that counted for anything.
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"... and our top story on the X-Com News Half-Hour is, of course, the troubling footage from the 'Black Site', and what it means. Many of you have seen it, and those who haven't've been told what's on it."

It was true - he'd been working on the footage he'd gotten from his handheld and some of their suit cams, trying to edit it properly with commentary for context as some sort of 'press release', all ready for the first broadcasts of XCom's wider network. But the unedited stuff, well - he'd been happy to let a copy or two of it find their way around the Avenger.

"I was there, and we owe a lot of thanks to Alpha Team for going into the belly of the beast and confirming what we suspected all along - that the war may be over, but that doesn't mean the Aliens are done with hurting us. The ADVENT Coalition and its 'generous' rule isn't what they want. It's the cover for what they want. Whatever godforsaken thing that is."

He'd been nauseated by the thought of what they'd found at the Black Site, but it hadn't paralysed him, at least not yet. There was a fizzing in his blood, an urge to get the truth out, far and wide, as far as it could go. For now, that just meant the crew of this little ship, but it wouldn't stay that way, not if he had anything to say about it. Even if he had to get these video clips copied and hand-delivered, he'd find a way.

"Truth is, it looks like it's down to us to do something about it. And we're going to make sure "us" is a lot more than just you all on this tough little ship. But for now, it really is just us. So we're going to need to make every effort count, friends. We're going to have to do all we can to make sure the war's back on - and then we need to win it, this time. I don't know what'll happen if we don't."

"Next up, we'll be re-examining what facts we have of the Aliens and their acts during the War, and what patterns we've been able to spot, and to help me we've got a special guest, right after this message..."


Voting kinda between Daud and John:


1) Mag Rifle. 2/10. Only another 8 points to a new gun, cool - single most significant upgrade to our arsenal, we need this out first
2) Arc Blade. 5/15. 10 points to a new sword, I guess
3) Viper Autopsy. 8/10. Let's get it sorted, if there's any leftover points
4) Nanoscale Vest, really? I guess... Start getting yourselves armour trained, people, Predator Armour needs to come soon
5) If there's anything left after that, we can start on the Psionics project, maybe, as it's the next big thing after we clear away the stuff


1) Spider Suit, let's get more of us armoured up
2) Mag Pistol rollout en masse, let's get more of us packing Mag Weps, those of us using sniper rifles and cannons aren't going to have mag wep options for a while

Applying that Persuade 11 to exhort the troops. Only we can save the human race!
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Stanley was a bit unsettled by the raid on the black site, yet he hadn't been surprised. The aliens had already demonstrated on multiple occasions they viewed humans as little more than animals. He buried himself in his work to help take his mind off the troubling images. Methodically, he examined and cataloged the pieces of the small mech unit he'd been tinkering with for a while now. He never ceased to be amazed at the alien craftsmanship. He wondered how long it would take humanity to duplicate, let alone surpass, such tech.

//continuing research into the mech unit repair 16 is probably my highest related skill atm
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You would think he had become immune to everything horrible the aliens could do to them, after all the experimentation he himself had suffered under alien hands, but this, this was more than he could have imagined. The aliens were processing them, living, or once living, human beings into some kind of... genetic sludge. And sure, the techies and the Professor would likely be able to figure out why, but it didn't change the fact of just what they meant to these 'Elders'.

And then there was the Doc, who went nuts on the side mission on the ancient alien ship. The fact that she had taken him seriously when it came to trying to psychically operate things on the ship was definitely proof of that, ignoring the fact that he was right this time.

But there was no time to celebrate that, as now the Doc was in a coma, Central and their stowaway were arguing nonstop the entire week, and the whole general atmosphere on the ship had gone into the drain since the crew saw that footage.

"Damn it, I guess it's time for a smoke, first time in a long time."

((Research wise, first vote is Viper Autopsy, followed by Mag Rifle and then Psionics. Manufacturing wise, 1 Spider Suit, the rest into Mag Pistols. And Henderson himself will assist in the Viper Autopsy with his Concentration of 11.))
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"You sure this is a good idea?" Jesse had asked Vic when she helped him copy some of the footage from their last mission using the Avenger's computers. She nibbled on the end of a pen while checking their work; trying to keep the memories from flooding back. "I mean, I get what you're trying to do here, it's just... it's a whole lot to dump on people, you know?"

Try as she might, she couldn't get the image of that mountain of bones out of her head. She thought back to that night in the ADVENT detention centre; the place where all of them met. How things could have been different. How easy it would have been for them to wind up as nothing more than another corpse added to the pile.

How her mother and all the rest of the old crew probably met their final fate. Decent chance they were somewhere near the bottom of that terrible mound of bodies, or in another one just like. She'd never know.

"Everyone knows people who disappeared," she said, her voice grown suddenly cold.

((Research: Mag Rifle, Nanoscale Vest, MEC breakdown. Jesse's helping with the breakdown, using +18 to repair.
Manufacturing: Spider Suit. Noticed that the demolition doesn't actually help disabling traps; think I need an electronic toolkit for that? If that's right, I'd like to add one of those to the queue.))