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Your tablets ping as the latest email from Central arrives.

* * * * *

Top notch work this week, team. I’m glad that Stan’s recovered from his wounds but this should be a useful lesson to be careful out there and always expect ADVENT to have a few surprises ready. Our priority this week is decrypting the data we grabbed off that officer, but we should be ready for a tough mission once we get the info on the alien Blacksite.

Research Projects

MC costs in this list are for subsequent copies of an item once it is researched. Initial research just uses X-COM Research Capacity.

Decrypting the data downloaded from the skulljacked ADVENT Officer will take up 5 RC.

Base production is 3d10+2 (Singh)

  • Magnetic Rifle. We can expand upon our success with the mag pistol and create a full-sized rifle that can project mag rounds with devastating speed and accuracy. One prototype will be produced when this technology is researched. [RC10, MC8]
  • Shard Gun. The Shard Gun takes standard shotgun shells and superheats them in a magnetic ignition chamber. The result is a molten spray of burning death. One prototype will be produced when this technology is researched. [3/10 completed, RC10, MC8]
  • Arc Blade. When pure kinetic energy is no longer sufficient in the field, the Arc Blade may prove necessary. It boosts the standard Sword's combat effectiveness with the addition of an electric field, capable of stunning enemies not killed outright. One prototype will be produced when this technology is researched. Special note: bonus granted due to recovery of prototype stun weapon on a previous mission. [5/15 completed, RC15, MC10]
  • Gauss Weapons. With our mastery of ADVENT's core weapon technology, we can now develop specialized weapon systems using the alien technology to improve on power storage and consumption, projectile path fidelity, and penetrative force over greater distances. We may be able to develop a sniper rifle and cannon variant based on our newly learned Magnetic Weapons technology. [RC10]
  • Nanoscale Vest. The Nanoscale vest is a light armor underlay derived from ADVENT armor. This vest can be worn with all X-COM armors to provide additional protection. [RC15]
  • Predator Armor. Predator armor represents our first foray into new body protection based on alien hybrid materials. This suit of medium armor offers excellent protection against most forms of attack. One prototype will be produced when this technology is researched. [RC15, MC10]
  • Spider Suit. This suit of light armor offers improved protection over the basic X-COM Kevlar, and includes a grapple that can be used to access improved tactical positions on the battlefield. One prototype will be produced when this technology is researched. [RC15, MC10]
  • Improved Medikit. Doctor Ranma tells us that we can improve our basic medical kits to provide more effective battlefield triage. All current medikit production will be upgraded once this technology is researched. [RC10]
  • Personal Shield. Our successful autopsy of the ADVENT Shieldbearer has opened up a promising line of inquiry that may allow us to integrate this tech into our own armors. One prototype will be produced when this technology is researched. [RC20, MC10]
  • ADVENT Purifier Autopsy. With a greater understanding of the systems behind the ADVENT Purifier's unusual tolerance of environmental hazards, it will likely be possible to emulate their methods for some use in our own equipment.[RC5]
  • ADVENT MEC Breakdown. These mechanized units have a familiar humanoid form, but we haven't found any indication of a pilot or biological control system. I'm hoping that once we've pulled it apart, I'll be able to mirror some of their advancements in our own weapons and robotic systems. [RC5]
  • Berserker Autopsy. This unusual specimen is clearly afflicted by some form of extreme muscular hyperthrophy, although how the species came to exist in this state will require a thorough examination. I suspect the research could lead to varying enhancements for our own troops, perhaps even means of intensifying their own thirst for combat. [RC10]
  • Viper Autopsy. This creature is clearly reptilian in nature, although it appears to be not only sentient, but also highly intelligent. Still, the underlying physiology is remarkably similar to a number of terrestrial species- including the venom sacks, which we might be able to synthesize and incorporate for use in our medical supplies. [2/10 completed, RC10]
  • Faceless Autopsy. At one time, the Thin Men were the most advanced infiltration units available to the aliens. Now, we face a species capable of mimicking the human form at will. A study of their unique physiology could help us improve our own medical techniques. [RC10]
  • Elerium. The aliens, and to a lesser extent ADVENT, have long relied on the otherworldly element known as Elerium to power everything from their weapons systems to the UFOs themselves. It may take some time but furthering our understanding of this material could greatly advance our own weapon and armor development projects.[RC15]
  • Psionics. Although we've seen them wielding Psionic powers before, our recent encounters with the aliens have truly shown us how they are able to deftly manipulate the flow of Psionic energy and use it to their advantage. If we were to master it as well as they have, the potential applications in the field would be limitless.[RC20]

Manufacturing Projects

Base production is 3d10+1 (Mendoza) +1 (Tieffendahl) +1 (Johnson)

  • Mag Pistol. The workshop can now manufacture additional copies of the magnetic pistol. [MC5]
  • Magnetic Ammunition. This ammunition can be used in all of our magnetic weaponry. [MC1/2 (one unit of capacity produces two boxes)].
  • Skulljack. If needed, we can manufacture additional copies of the Skulljack for use during away missions. Doctor Tygan also thinks that we may be able to improve the basic design at some point.[MC10]
  • EXO Suit. This suit of heavy armor provides superior protection, and includes an embedded rocket launcher. [MC15]
  • Additional Medikit Production. We all know that medical supplies are at a premium. We can dedicate a portion of our manufacturing output to augment what Doctor Ranma can put together in Medical each week, but that means a cut in other areas. [Manufacturing Cost: 2/kit]
  • Advanced Surgical Kit. Our medikits are pretty fantastic, but even they can only do so much. This kit, designed for field use, can keep a critically injured team member alive long enough for more substantial medical intervention back on the Avenger. [Game Note: this is a one-use Raise Dead device.] [MC5/kit]
  • Advanced Medical Center. The upgrade to the Avenger’s power system will allow us to further upgrade our facilities. The project outline includes debris clearance on the lower decks. [18/20 completed, MC20, requires Improved Medical Capacity, adds unlocks, +1d6 medikit production.]
  • Defensive Turrets. Our raid on the alien supply ship highlights our own vulnerability to attack. This upgrade would add a pair of automatic turrets to the exterior of the ship, flanking the exit ramp. [MC15]
  • Mundane Toolkits. Chief Shen can produce just about any kind of ordinary toolkit in the workshop. Just let her know what you need and we'll see that it's added to the queue. [MC varies depending on the tool.]

Remember to get your recommendations in by Friday.

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When Central said they were going back into the fight, he meant it. It had been some time since Daud had a moment to think and reflect with how busy they were.

First and foremost, Stan was on his feet. It seemed a miracle, because Doctor Ranma said in not so many words that brain damage was likely. Stan didn't appear to be acting strangely or in a way that indicated he had lost a step... but then, he was kind of a recluse even on this cramped ship. It was hard to tell, and no one really felt it was right to just ask him so far.

The other set of nagging thoughts in the back of Daud's mind took him back to the hotel raid. He'd announced that he was going to kill that collaborator scum, and he menat it at the time. Daud was so sure... but when he they burst into the man's room and found him with his pants down and begging, Daud found the man so pathetic that he suddenly had second thoughts. In the end, he was still going to do it, or so he told himself, but he went with the idea of having the collaborator lure up an officer first.

Instead of luring up on officer, the man got his brains scrambled by some kind of detonation inside his skull (Doc Eff insisted there was no bomb or implant there though). It left the question of whether or not he would have or could have done it open. Daud had thought about what some of the others said after he made his intentions clear in the elevator. They had their points, but... well, it didn't really put a dent in his desire to punish that man, and anyone like him.

There was a lot of anger Daud had bottled up inside over the years, for the sake of survival. It's finally spilling out is why he ultimately found himself on this ship as a trained soldier, now, to begin with. He didn't know how badly he really wanted some kind of closure on the events of his life until he allowed himself to imagine it might be within reach.

...That's enough self examination for day though. He needed to find something to do. Maybe R&D could do something with him.

1. Spider Suit
2 Nanoscale Vest
3. Arcblade
4. If there are any spare points, put them into Mag Rifle Or Shard Gun
5. If it is directly applicable, Daud would like to lend his hide/move silently skills to work for the Spidersuit research, hoping that they need to test someone actually moving in it to help it's development. Unfortunately I can;t remember what Dauds hide/MS bonuses are. If it's a no go, he'll just work on the shard gun with +8 craft mech.

1. Adv. surgical kit
2. Finish adv. med facility
3. Any spare points into a second EXO suit.

Edit: I'd also like to point out that the MEC breakdown is low hanging fruit for our skilled technicians to crit success on. Just putting that out there.
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Just a note that I will be traveling on September 28 and won't be able to play on that day.
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#14206754 Ayram wrote:

5. If it is directly applicable, Daud would like to lend his hide/move silently skills to work for the Spidersuit research, hoping that they need to test someone actually moving in it to help it's development. Unfortunately I can;t remember what Dauds hide/MS bonuses are. If it's a no go, he'll just work on the shard gun with +8 craft mech.

The first is definitely doable, but it would be an indirect skill, so it would be a DC25. If your stealth skills are <+13 it would be better to go with craft mech. Shard gun is DC15 as you already know.
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// Daud will stick with shard gun work this week then.
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OOC: I did mugshots for the old crew, so here's the new Alpha Team in the XCOM2 character pool. 😎
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Nice! 😀
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The mission went almost smoothly. The team went in the building, found the "bad guy" but the crew was not too eager to extract him. Instead he was told to lure an office into the hotel. After he call ADVENT triggered something and he died. Outside the team was ambushed as expected and things did not go too well...

// To be on the safe side JD will continue to make Magnetic Ammunition and vote for
1. spider suit
2. Mag Rifle (we may need 2 of those and may not need anymore mag pistol)
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It was dark and cold. Jesse's mother had wrapped a flimsy blanket around her, and they'd managed to fix up an old portable radiator out of some scrap they'd found, but that only helped so much. Their half-shredded canvas tent didn't do much to keep out the elements, and they were almost out of fuel.

At least they were starving, too. When you're hungry enough, all other discomforts kind of just fade into the background.

A scream came in the night, from one of the other tents. At first, Jesse did not stir from her sleepless rest. Sounds of people screaming or weeping were heard often enough about camp, and she'd grown numb to them some time ago. Her mother hadn't, though - she still remembered a world where none of this was anything close to normal.

Jesse felt her mother climb out of their shared cot; reach for the gun she knew was hidden at the bottom of her backpack. "Mom?" she said, murmuring though half-open eyes. "What's going on?"

"Hush, dear. Grab your things."

She didn't complain; didn't argue. Jesse knew that tone of voice: knew perfectly well what it meant. From outside, another shout, accompanied by the sounds of something tearing. A distant hiss. As she scrambled towards wakefulness, packing her things, Jesse's mother checked outside, carefully. After only a moment, she rushed to her daughter's side; grabbed her hand.

"No time," she said, whispering. "Run."

The rest of the night was a blur of shapes and sounds. A woman on her knees, crying for mercy as a blast from the darkness turned her from a person into a pile of bones and cinders. Something that wore the shape a man, but moved like something different, acid pouring from his mouth. A monster the size of a cars, its face and flesh melting, roaring, claws swiping at others trying to run. Pyres, reaching to the heavens; the smell of charred corpses. And screaming. So much screaming.

All through it, Jesse and her mother ran, clinging tightly to one another. They knew that if they let go for even a second, they'd lose each other forever.

They'd told them they'd be safe there. Said that they were here to help. To make things normal again. The camps would just be temporary, they said. Until they found something better.

That last part, at least, hadn't been a lie.


She woke in the middle of the night, breathing hard. Made a sound halfway between a whimper and a groan. She thought she was done with nightmares like these. The thing they found on their last mission - the grey heap of flesh that disguised itself as a person - had made the memory real again.

Must have been more than ten years ago, now, but things hadn't changed. The lies had grown bigger; the facade brighter. Jesse wondered if there had been any kids down there, on that beach. She didn't remember seeing any. But then, she hadn't really been looking.

Jesse took a deep breath; buried her face in her pillow. Tried to picture all the ADVENT bastards she'd put in the ground.

That always made her feel a little better.

((I appreciate that Jesse looks appropriately annoyed by her nickname. 😄

Research: Spider Suit, Mag Rifle. Feels like we could really use an upgrade to our arsenal right about now.
Manufacturing: Finish up adv. med centre first, then go for an adv. medical kit. Spare into second exo suit for Vic. Jesse will lend her +18 repair to the construction project one last time.))
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It was 'who knows what' o'clock and sleep wasn't coming. In the soft light of the personal lamp she re-read what she had hooked out of the research logs from the autopsies they had conducted and aligned research on the implants. With sleep evading her she'd gone over it and over it and still it wouldn't completely tie up with the memory of what she had seen.

There had been nothing like them, not even remotely so, in the skull of the collaborator Lacroix.

Yes, she'd had not time for a truly thorough examination but the fact of the matter was the skull was a fragile animal when attacked from the inside out. Common perception was that the shape of the skull caused the exit wound from a projectile to be wider than the entrance as it was hitting a concave rather than convex surface. Not entirely so.

The force of the projectiles striking the skull frequently caused radiating fractures to push around the bone of the skull but it was the force of the bullet’s entrance and passage transmitting to the brain, suddenly and massively increasing intracranial pressure, that caused the pieces of bone between these fractures to push outwards. Hence doing most of the projectile's work for it.

There was no real forensic research available on the effect of intracranial pressure caused by explosive neural implants as human science had not got to the point where even the biggest bastards had managed to use them - or at least not officially. However she had spent time extrapolating the forensics of projectile wounds and blunt force trauma. She was certain when suffering intracranial pressure sufficient to practically liquify the brain his skull should have exploded.

At the muffled sound from Jesse, Bo leaned her head over the edge of the bunk and looked down and paused for a moment as she considered saying something. Sighing slightly she withdrew her head and focused on the datapad once more. Minimising the initial research paper on the Snakeman autopsy, she called up the research paper on Psionics and murmured to herself.

"Alright Morpheus, show me how deep the rabbit-hole goes."

((Bo too looks appropriately like she is about to tell some one off. 😄

Activity wise I'm half inclined to start Psionics but there's the snakeman autopsy partly done that may produces something useful, plus I hate unfinished jobs and am better placed to get a success result, so Bo will throw a Treat Injury of 17 towards it's completion.

Manufacturing: 1) Finish the Advanced Med Centre. 2) Make an Advanced Medical Kit before it's too late. 3) Any leftovers we're lucky to get going into a second Exo suit.

Research: 1) Spidersuit seems reasonable, it's likely to be the most popular. 2) Mag Rifle as we're needing to take them down faster now. 3) I don't think they are likely but spares into Psionics for a head start when we get to it.))

Old enough to know better, too old to care.
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"... and now, something to close out for all you night owls here still working and listening to the Night Watch Hour, This is DJ Vic, saying, goodnight, XCom." Vic leaned back from the microphone as the sound of Smooth Operator by... uh, some sophistipop band came over the workplace tannoys. He relaxed. Another night, another "broadcast". He wasn't sure if it was helping, but no-one had told him to stop yet.

He looked over the notes he'd made earlier, standing up and heading out of the storage compartment he used as a studio, letting the radio play itself out. Central had asked for a solution to getting the message out, and that was something he wanted so much he could taste it. The surgical strikes were one thing, doing good in their own ways, but only the human race as a whole could take back Earth...

He stepped into the tech lab, stepping towards a table and a knot of people, voices already at work. "... we'd need to find a way to spoof it, stop ADVENT from just homing in on signal origin... and we'd need to set up carrier towers, get people to host relay stations every dozen hundred kilometers or so.... oh, hey Victor."

There was a chorus of nods and 'hey' from the trio of techs. Vic answered in kind. "Hey. What've we got so far?"

Johnson pushed a sketched schematic over to him. "We think we get radio down, give or take few details. We think can work out a design, something easy enough for civilians to make out of parts, but we need people to build and maintain them. We do this sometimes out on ship. If we get a relay network up and running, then we can even start co-ordinate between groups."

He nodded. Well, that was something. A radio network had that embattled-resistance chic about it. But it lacked that visceral edge that came with pictures, and everyone knew it. "That's a step. What about video? There was talk of a piggyback?"

Faride pointed at her notes. "I'm telling you, it's possible. Piggybacking on the psionic network - if we just knew a bit more about it, got our hands on some of the broadcast tech -"

Marquand shook his head, readied another bout of naysaying. "It ain't sustainable. If they noticed, they'd be able to shut it down like that. That's okay for short, to-the-point transmissions, the stuff we want to reach the big audiences, but for regular broadcasting, we need something else."

Johnson shrugged, and spoke up again. "Is leaving with the digital transmission idea. Have to limit transmission, send burst packets, unscramble at each receiver. Don't have old world satellite, need booster towers, figure out way to make recievers that can act as relays even. Bit more complicated."

Vic nodded. He leaned over the table, putting aside the radio tower schematic and putting down his notes and a copied map of the north-western continent from the one old atlas on board. "... alright. So we start with the radio, see if we can build up a small network, and we go from there..."


OOC: Happy to go with what's being said...

- Spider Suit
- Mag Rifle

- Adv. Med Center
- Adv. Med Kit
- New EXO Suit for me (yes plz)

Looks like Vic is continuing his radio broadcasting while masterminding the Resistance Communication Network Development Committee, and hoping to persuade folks to co-ordinate better, with a Persuade of 11 (not 10, as I originally thought - last week would have succeeded, bah)
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The mission to snatch or kill a collaborator had gone OK. They'd found the guy and he'd surrendered, then his head got turned to jelly somehow by ADVENT, probably with their alien mindpowers, as they hadn't found any traces of a device in his remains in the quick check they made. Stan had warned the group of incoming ADVENT response teams, but they hadn't really hurried, so of course they got into a firefight on the way out. Stan tried to stay behind the team and out of the line of fire, but got a bit turned around and jumped by one of the ADVENT teams. He vaguely remembered several blasts and swinging blades and then it was all black. The next thing he knew he was coming to in the med center back on the ship and he was very groggy and sore. The doc said he would be up and around in no time at all, but he wondered if maybe he should take some to fully recover. He doubted he would be given that option though.

//I really hate those Mod D20 cityscapes that don't cutaway when you zoom out. You have to zoom low and almost FPS view to navigate and see what's gong on and I REALLY HATE FPS as I have terrible reflexes....

Stan will work on the Mech evaluation his repair skill is 16 now as I recall. I have a number of skills that could give some bonuses: Knowledge Tech is 12(?) Research is maybe the same. Computer Use is 14 or 15.

I don't have the strength to function in medium or heavy armor unless it's weight is lowered reflecting a combo of high grade composite materials or powered armor, so I'll be sticking to what I've got probably.

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The last mission had been a whirlwind of feelings and emotions for the group once the dust had settled and they had returned home after another success, albeit a dirty one. Their target was truly just a figurehead who was promptly killed off by ADVENT once he became a slight inconvenience to them. They literally blew his head off with some kind of ranged attack or countermeasure, which more than slightly disconcerted the group.

And then during the chaos of the Officer Hunt, Professional got critically wounded and Doc almost did too. Some ADVENT troopers were craftier than the others, which meant that maybe they weren't all cut from the same splicing table after all if some could plan ambushes like that. At the end of the day though, thankfully both pulled through.

The now though was that they needed more information about these aliens and this 'psionic' network and power. Perhaps it was time to start looking into that?

((Research wise, Viper Autopsy, Spider Suit, and then Psionics. Henderson will aid with Viper Research through Concentration. Manufacturing, ADV Med center, then ADV Surgery Kit, then EXO Armor, then another ADV Surgery Kit))
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Session 24

+750xp for full-party IC posting.
+500xp to Bo, Henderson, and Jesse for critical successes on skill rolls.

* * *

This was a good week for the dice to heat up. :)

RE: Research/Manufacturing Progress Report, Week Ending September 13, 2035

Um, I’m not sure what format these reports are supposed to be in. Doctor Tygan is 100% absorbed in the data decryption project and he asked me to fill in.

All of our current projects showed major progress this week. Alpha’s presence really helped in the labs, and everyone came together to support the development of both the new “Spider Suit” and the completion of our new medical facilities. Significant progress has also been made in the examination of our alien specimens.

As an aside, I’d really like to thank everyone again for taking me in and making me feel welcome. I can’t help but think that what we’re doing here may end up making the difference for the future of the human race.

Base rolls:
X-COM Research Capacity (3d10+2): rolls 6, 4, 9, +2 (Darius Singh) (5/5 points in Data Decryption [completed], 15/15 points in Spider Suit [completed, prototype ready], 2/10 in Magnetic Rifle, 5/15 in Arc Blade, 8/10 in Viper Autopsy, 4/10 in Shard Gun, 1/5 in MEC Breakdown).
  • Daud: +8 vs. DC15 on Shard Gun, roll 13 (Success). +1 to project.
  • Bo: +15 vs. DC15 on Viper Autopsy, roll 19 (Critical Success). +3 to project. +500xp.
  • Stan: +16 vs. DC15 on MEC Breakdown, roll 5 (Success). +1 to project.
  • Henderson: +8 vs. DC20 on Viper Autopsy [indirect skill], roll 20 (Critical Success). +3 to project. +500xp.

X-COM Manufacturing Capacity (3d10+3): rolls 10, 5, 8, +1 (Mendoza), +1 (Tieffendahl), +1 (Johnson). (2 Advanced Surgical Kits completed, 20/20 points in Advanced Medical Center [completed], EXO Suit completed, 4 boxes of Mag Ammunition completed).
  • John: +8 vs. DC15 on Mag Ammunition, roll 2 (No result).
  • Jesse: +18 vs. DC25 on Advanced Medical Center, roll 19 (Critical Success). +3 to project (excess carries over to next project). +500xp

X-COM Medical Capacity (2d6): rolls 6, 2 (8 new medikits produced this week)

Victor: morale support on Avenger: +11 vs. DC15, roll 13 (Success). Shipboard morale boosted (+1 applied to Research).

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((Server is up, usual details.))
Old enough to know better, too old to care.
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// Update: Already crashed 7 or 8 times

Doubled checked my hak folder:
+ All CEP2 (latest version afaik)
+ All D20 (latest version afaik)
+ BMMountainsv102.hak
+ wrm_mirkwood.hak
+ wrm_seasonalv10.hak

Is that correct? Should I add ctp_common and dwarf_hall?
Anything else missing?
Any not needed I can remove?

#14209247 Sep 14, 2019 at 12:47 PM · Edited over 1 year ago
Veteran DM
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((As said in game, if you didn't have the haks you wouldn't be able to load. It may have been something the Mac didn't like about the graphics of the Worms Seasonal Tileset, as you said it was okay once you used the PC, but you've been in that tileset many a time before without issue. None of the tilesets have been updated for some time either, over twelve months on the latest. I suspect it's more the machine you are using than the game assets that are the source.

On another note I will be away the two weeks after LB is but should be able to leave the server up.

Edit: To be clear that's the 5th October when we fly to Athens and the 12th when we land back.))
Old enough to know better, too old to care.
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If anyone else can't make it those first two weeks in October, let me know.
#14209641 Sep 15, 2019 at 02:38 AM
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// Will be flying out Oct 4th but should be available Sat/Sunday for our weekly session

The team landed in a nice mountain area with bits of forest and river. The place was heavily guarded.
JD started to crawl to see better. The other started to run...

Later there where in a kind of old castle like in movies. They went deep down below. Taking out ADVENT guards and MECH robots. They found a lift they could not use. How long since they entered the place. Was there enough time to get back to the shuttle before ADVENT would send reinforcements?

// Despite rolling really poorly (and hoping for a critical success some day) JD will continue to try making Mag Ammo (now with CRAFT MECH 9) but we are still in the "castle" right?
so no dice.


1. spider suit (need one)
2. Mag rifle (need one)
3. ENHANCE whatever lab, building capacity or related

// Lvl up, unable to increase my Tactic skills may be it's a non class skill thing. Noticed I was reading the OLD D20 manual time to read the new one.

// replaced the 3 haks (not the CEP/D20) but I do not think they are causing the issue.

I found this post in the forum pointing to a possible tileset problem when running NWN EE on Mac: "The crashes seem to be partly random, but appear to be especially prone to occur when the player is navigating a steep slope in the terrain. "

However that would not explain why NWN EE on win10 crashed in the elevator room.

#14209677 Sep 15, 2019 at 05:57 AM
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(( On this:

/ Lvl up, unable to increase my Tactic skills may be it's a non class skill thing. Noticed I was reading the OLD D20 manual time to read the new one.

The system hasn't changed so for skills the old one should be the same, the likely problem is that you took a class that doesn't have tactics as a class skill and didn't have enough points to put the two in there. I'm not sure what class you took but if you let us know I'll take a look.

As an aside, I doubt we'll be able to do Skill rolls as we're in an elevator?))
Old enough to know better, too old to care.