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#14261633 Vanya Mia wrote:

Caught this in another thread as Smart Alec is in both campaigns, it may be relevent. Any purchasing it through GoG may not be able to update yet and it seems otherwise not recommended.

I tested the mod with the new patch in both the Player and DM clients and didn't have any problems. There are some minor UI issues that others have noted (defaulting to windowed mode is annoying), but otherwise looks fine.

That said, if some folks can't get the patch we should all revert back to the previous version. I had no difficulty reverting. Took about 30 seconds using Ayram's method. The update (de-update?) is 40MB so anyone should be able to get it.
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Session 35

+1050xp to everyone for IC posting.
+500xp to Bo and Stan for critical successes on skill rolls.

I’m not sure what Mirgalen is trying to do with the Will saves. Does a failure mean you participate? Is it going to change each week? If you want to do that, why don’t you just roll it and tell me if you want to join the program. Otherwise, I’ll assume everyone is in Psi Training except for Stan.

* * *

RE: Research/Manufacturing Progress Report, Week Ending December 6, 2035

I guess everyone’s busy? So Central asked me to provide this update.

Looking at the past updates I see I’m supposed to say something about the aliens we took apart this week. The Gatekeeper was a floaty ball of armor. It was tough, but it helped us figure out how to finish the WAR suit, so that’s something. The archon was made of both metal and squishy parts. Disgusting. But it had a cool sword-thing.

Manufacturing… I guess most folks are making bullets? That sounds exciting. Anyway, we’re producing new weapons and armor pretty fast now. Make sure some of your hand-me-downs make it down to Beta squad, okay? I don’t enjoy the thought of facing those tough new aliens with the basic assault rifles.

Training of our new personnel is going well, so we should have our new soldiers ready when it comes time for the final push.

Base rolls:
X-COM Research Capacity (3d10+10): rolls 10, 6, 5, +2 (Darius Singh) +2 (Greta Kanem) +4 (Permanent Upgrades) +2 (tech cache) (20/20 in Beam Cannon [completed, prototype available], 5/5 in Gatekeeper Autopsy [completed], 20/20 in WAR Suit (+8 boost from Gatekeeper Autopsy) [completed, prototype completed], 7/10 in Gauss Weapons, 10/10 on Archon Autopsy [completed, Fusion Blade unlocked], 4/15 on Fusion Blade).

  • Bo: +18 vs. DC15 on Archon Autopsy, roll 10 (Critical Success). +3 to project. +500xp.
  • Stan: +15 vs. DC15 on Gauss Weapons, roll 15 (Critical Success). +3 to project. +500xp.
  • Henderson: +11 vs. DC20 on Gatekeeper Autopsy (indirect skill), roll 15 (Success). +1 to project.
  • Jesse: +20 vs. DC20 on Gatekeeper Autopsy (indirect skill), roll 7 (Success). +1 to project.

X-COM Manufacturing Capacity (3d10+4): rolls 10, 10, 1, +1 (Mendoza), +2 (Tieffendahl), +1 (Johnson). (Plasma Rifle completed [second rifle at 4/10], Wraith Suit completed, 1 box of Mag Ammunition completed, 3 boxes of Plasma Ammo completed,).

  • Daud: +8 vs. DC15 on Plasma Ammo, roll 5 (No result).
  • John: +10 vs. DC15 on Mag Ammo, roll 14 (Success). 1 box completed.
  • Vic: +6 vs. DC15 on Plasma Ammo, roll 17 (Success). 1 box completed.

X-COM Medical Capacity (3d6): rolls 4, 4, 3 (11 new medikits produced this week)

Psi Training (2d10/week now):

Daud: +10 to Psi Potential score. New score: 104 (Psi Training 3)
Bo: +16 to Psi Potential score. New score: 133 (Psi Training 4)
Henderson: +9 to Psi Potential score. New score: 97
Vic: +11 to Psi Potential score. New score: 37
Jesse: +12 to Psi Potential score. New score: 88
John: +15 to Psi Potential score. New score: 111 (Psi Training 3)
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Just to clarify 3 things:

Post from Nov 21/22: "JD (with craft mech 10) will make plasma ammo for the beam pistol/rifle IF skills is appropriate otherwise Mag ammo"
In other words JD should be making plasma ammo not mag ammo (CRAFT MECH 11 now vs DC 15)

Post from Nov 27/28 "Failing the save JD will join the Psi training program."
Think of Psi related stuff as kryptonite for Superman.

On steam, the update is automatic. I just joined the Beta program an reverted to "oldstable" at least on the PC but it should the same on the Mac too. Right the PC is saying EE version 78.8186. Crossing fingers.
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You posted this on November 30:

#14258452 mirgalen wrote:


1. Beam Cannon with 1d6 Bonus
2. Autopsy: Gatekeeper (to get "3d6 boost to any armor project(s)]"
3. Autopsy: Archon


JD will make Mag Ammo (Craft Mech 10)

1. Plasma Ammo please
2. Psionic Efficiency (JD does not really care but you guys do)

If JD rolls again for Psi Training "enrolment". Will save is 4. (Previously rolled 18).

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((Game up, usual details. Remember we have NOT yet updated to the latest patch. *crosses fingers*))
Old enough to know better, too old to care.
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Having some problems with my game interface. I may have overwritten some files when I started the update process but it timed out. Checking now.

Yeah, clearly some files got overwritten and the UI is buggered; I can't see option boxes as the screen is masked by large white boxes. At this point, I may have to reinstall the game, which I don't have time to do tonight given the unpredictable DL speeds here at the inlaws. I'll try to get this sorted out this week and resume next time.

#14262242 Dec 07, 2019 at 10:57 AM
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Sorry to hear that. I think we're likely going to stick with the old version until we finish the X-COM campaign.
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Your tablets ping as the latest project list is sent out. There is no message from Central this week. SA, we’ll be expecting an especially inspiring video for Vic to upload when you hit the transmission site. It’s up to you to sway humanity to your cause. :)

You are moving beyond what ordinary officers can yield in terms of skulljacked data, but the one you secured this week can still add +1d4 to any project.

I am going to lower the Plasma Ammo cost to 1 MC/1 box. It's no fun not to have anything to shoot with. :(

* * * * *

Research Projects

MC costs in this list are for subsequent copies of an item once it is researched. Initial research just uses X-COM Research Capacity.

Base production is 3d10+2 (Singh) +2 (Kanem) +4 Permanent Upgrade

  • Plasma Lance. Although the aliens apparently never created a long-range variant of their own plasma rifle design, that doesn't preclude us from experimenting with the concept. There are several issues we'll have to overcome, but the challenge is intriguing. One prototype will be produced when this technology is researched. [RC20, MC10]
  • Fusion Blade. The Fusion Blade encases a plasma heated metallic core in a microthin magnetic field, enabling devastating melee that are capable of setting enemies aflame. [4/15 completed, RC15, MC10]
  • Acid Grenade. With a little work, we believe we can reverse engineer the acidic grenade that you recovered from the ADVENT facility, and add it to our production lines. [RC15, MC3/2]
  • Incendiary Grenade. With a little work, we believe we can reverse engineer the incendiary grenade that you recovered from the ADVENT facility, and add it to our production lines. [RC15, MC3/2]
  • Pulse Grenade. With a little work, we believe we can reverse engineer the electric pulse grenade that you recovered from the ADVENT facility, and add it to our production lines. [RC15, MC3/2]
  • Bio Grenade. With a little work, we believe we can reverse engineer the biological grenade that you recovered from the arctic ADVENT facility. This grenade will be harder to manufacture, but is especially deadly against organic targets. [RC15, MC2]
  • Gauss Weapons. With our mastery of ADVENT's core weapon technology, we can now develop specialized weapon systems using the alien technology to improve on power storage and consumption, projectile path fidelity, and penetrative force over greater distances. We may be able to develop a sniper rifle and cannon variant based on our newly learned Magnetic Weapons technology. [7/10 completed, RC10]
  • Predator Armor. Predator armor represents our first foray into new body protection based on alien hybrid materials. This suit of medium armor offers excellent protection against most forms of attack. One prototype will be produced when this technology is researched. [RC15, MC10]
  • Improved Medikit. Doctor Ranma tells us that we can improve our basic medical kits to provide more effective battlefield triage. All current medikit production will be upgraded once this technology is researched. [RC10]
  • Regen Serum. This serum temporarily boosts human regenerative capabilities, allowing our operatives to rapidly recover from injuries inflicted on the battlefield. One prototype will be produced when this technology is researched. [RC15, MC2]
  • Nanomedikit. Our research into the Viper alien has allowed to develop a blueprint for an advanced medikit that can treat a broader range of battlefield symptoms than our standard medical supplies. One prototype will be produced when this technology is researched. [Game Note: this is essentially a one-use Restoration item.] [RC15, MC2]
  • Personal Shield. Our successful autopsy of the ADVENT Shieldbearer has opened up a promising line of inquiry that may allow us to integrate this tech into our own armors. One prototype will be produced when this technology is researched. [RC20, MC10]
  • Reinforced Underlay. This armor upgrade, based on the data collected from examining the gear of the ADVENT Purifier, provides exceptional protection against fire attacks. One prototype will be produced when this technology is researched. [RC15, MC10]
  • Andromedon Autopsy. You successfully recovered enough components of the alien mech, along with its operator, to conduct a full study. A study of the alien’s unique biology and the technical components of its automated suit may provide advances for our own explosive weapons systems. [RC10]

Manufacturing Projects

Base production is 3d10+1 (Mendoza) +2 (Tieffendahl) +1 (Johnson)

  • Beam Cannon. Further refinements and adaptations of the alien plasma technology had led to a weapon capable of matching the heavier enemy weapons in terms of damage output and destructive potential. [MC10]
  • Plasma Rifle. Now that we've finally deciphered the aliens' devastating weapon technology and can develop beam weapons of our own, we can build rifles that will be the match of any enemy our soldiers encounter in the field. [4/10 completed, MC10]
  • Beam Pistol. Our advances in the area of Elerium technology will allow us to manufacture higher-powered energy weapons. This handgun is the first step, and marks a significant step up from our existing magnetic weaponry. [MC10]
  • Plasma Ammunition. While the new beam weapons are clearly more effective, the ammunition requires more resources to produce. One unit of Manufacturing Capacity can produce one box of ammunition. [MC1]
  • Mag Pistol. The workshop can now manufacture additional copies of the magnetic pistol. [MC5]
  • Magnetic Rifle. The workshop can now manufacture additional copies of the magnetic rifle. [MC8]
  • Shard Gun. The Shard Gun takes standard shotgun shells and superheats them in a magnetic ignition chamber. The result is a molten spray of burning death. [MC8]
  • Magnetic Ammunition. This ammunition can be used in all of our magnetic weaponry. [MC1/2 (one unit of capacity produces two boxes)].
  • Arc Blade. When pure kinetic energy is no longer sufficient in the field, the Arc Blade may prove necessary. It boosts the standard Sword's combat effectiveness with the addition of an electric field, capable of stunning enemies not killed outright. This weapon can be made as a full-sized weapon (longsword) or a lighter one that can use Weapon Finesse. [MC10]
  • GREMLIN Mk.II. Our study of the alien MEC devices has allowed us to improve the durability and combat effectiveness of our GREMLIN drones. Chief Shen is working on fixing the ammunition feed problem, and reports that we can now mass-produce these devices as needed for our specialists. [MC5]
  • Psi Amp. The crystals that power the psi amp degrade with repeated use, but we can manufacture more of them as needed for our Psi Operatives. [MC10]
  • Skulljack.If needed, we can manufacture additional copies of the Skulljack for use during away missions.[MC10]
  • Nanoscale Vest. The Nanoscale vest is a light armor underlay derived from ADVENT armor. This vest can be worn with all X-COM armors to provide additional protection. [MC10]
  • Wraith Suit. This suit of powered light armor has an adaptive camouflage array that can allow its wearer to literally “disappear” from view. [MC10]
  • EXO Suit. This suit of heavy armor provides superior protection, and includes an embedded rocket launcher. [MC15]
  • WAR Suit. This powered heavy armor offers even better protection against assault than our EXO suits, and includes a built-in flamethrower unit. Improved actuators provide an additional boost to the wearer’s strength. [MC15]
  • Spider Suit. This suit of light armor offers improved protection over the basic X-COM Kevlar, and includes a grapple that can be used to access improved tactical positions on the battlefield. [MC10]
  • Additional Medikit Production. We all know that medical supplies are at a premium. We can dedicate a portion of our manufacturing output to augment what Doctor Ranma can put together in Medical each week, but that means a cut in other areas. [Manufacturing Cost: 2/kit]
  • Advanced Surgical Kit. Our medikits are pretty fantastic, but even they can only do so much. This kit, designed for field use, can keep a critically injured team member alive long enough for more substantial medical intervention back on the Avenger. [Game Note: this is a one-use Raise Dead device.] [MC5/kit]
  • Experimental Surgical Kit. The medical device that you recovered from the ADVENT research base offers a huge advance to the field of battlefield medicine. [Game Note: this is a one-use Resurrection item, which results in a significantly smaller XP penalty.] [MC8/kit]
  • Mundane Toolkits. Chief Shen can produce just about any kind of ordinary toolkit in the workshop. Just let her know what you need and we'll see that it's added to the queue.

Remember to get your recommendations in by Friday.

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((Psionic efficiency left in by accident?))
Old enough to know better, too old to care.
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#14262400 Vanya Mia wrote:

((Psionic efficiency left in by accident?))

Gah, bloody copy-paste! :)
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Bloody Missions!

Alpha team went to hit the refinery. it was a go in search and destroy type of mission.
This is exactly what took place. A bunch Aliens got removed and a big explosion occurred.

Alpha received a message while flying away from the destroyed refinery and changed course to try to stop another retaliation raid in the city. That one did not go too well. The team faced a lot of Aliens in the streets, robots, snakes, archons and others. They were given names but JD could not really remember that. They were really a lot of them and many strong ones. Alpha team members were low on ammo and weakened by the previous mission and the thing quickly turned into a bloodbath. People were down calling for "MEDIC!" JD had to run around a keep shooting at those too close to the injured team members. He eventually ran out of ammo. At that point he was going left and right and up and down either to lure the Aliens away or to avoid close combat. After a while he decided to use his standard sniper rifle with some luck he could get some of the Aliens down but the damned thing jammed...

// at that point I could not access my inventory so had to log out and back in.

... Luckily everyone managed to reach the shuttle on time and escape.

At the base the usual politics and internal (corporate?) rivalries were taking place: "My research is top priority but I have half the resources they got"... "Can't believe they took people from my team for that"... "We lost many specimens who knows what valuable knowledge we could have obtained by doing timely autopsies"... "Central put that Psi project before ours, you believe that?"

Similar things were taking place in the manufacturing units. Mag team members got pulled out to join the plasma team or "Beamers" as they called themselves: "It's just me now even that JD guy went with the Beamers"... "They want more kits, sure we are only working 15+ hours a day down here. Gimme more resources and you get more kits"

Last but not least sometimes Alpha did not agree on what mission to do first if at all or who should get the prototypes. Too much mis-allocations of resources and things could go bad in the field.

Bo convinced JD to join the Psi training.

About Research JD is going around the base to ask:

1. "One of us got an improved Nanoscale Vest during a previous mission we may want to give that to the research team to upgrade our vests." // +4 AC instead of +2

2. . JD: "Did somebody mentioned a beam sniper rifle? I did not see that in the research list. Am I missing something?"
Scientist: "That's what the Gauss weapon project is for. Once completed we may create a new sniper rifle or a new cannon."


1. Gauss Weapon (it's a "buy one get one free")
2. "Improved Nanoscale Vest" (if JD above suggestion is approved) and/or Personal Shield


1. Plasma Ammunition for rifle and beam pistol
2. Plasma Ammunition for beam cannon (JD making some with Craft Mech 11)
3. Beam cannon
4. Plasma Rifle
5. Magnetic Ammunition (1-2 pack for those still using that technology) alternatively we could make a Shard Gun (ammo should not be a problem with that)
6. Wraith Suit (unless we have a spare one)
7. Medical stuff (whatever Bo says)

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#14262574 mirgalen wrote:

1. "One of us got an improved Nanoscale Vest during a previous mission we may want to give that to the research team to upgrade our vests." // +4 AC instead of +2

2. . JD: "Did somebody mentioned a beam sniper rifle? I did not see that in the research list. Am I missing something?"
Scientist: "That's what the Gauss weapon project is for. Once completed we may create a new sniper rifle or a new cannon."

1. The Stasis Vest doesn't impart better AC, but it has a regenerative boost power. The group had agreed to leave it installed in Henderson's armor for now.
2. I took the beam sniper off the list because it is bugged. I'll try to fix it but no promises.
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Hunched over the primitive editing software on the camera, Vic sits at a table in the barracks, fiddling with various pieces of footage from suit-cams, drone-cams, and his own work. He's so focussed, even his usual easy smile has vanished.

"We need to pull out all the stops this time. Won't get another shot." He says, to anyone nearby. "Needs to be focussed. Informative. Shocking. Need to compress the full horror of Alien rule and ADVENT tyranny into a two, three minute segment. Any longer and I reckon we'll lose the end."

He looks up. "I've got an idea in mind, but if anyone's got anything they think deserves to go in here, some point, some image, now's the time."


OOC: I just realised I won't be here this week! 😞 Meeting family for Christmas during the week, but they live across the country. No matter how I work it, I won't get in time for the game. Good luck, team!
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"We still have the footage from the Blacksite, right? The place where we... found them. Hundreds or thousands. Tens of thousands, maybe. Mountains of dead."

There were flames behind Jesse's eyes; a tempered, righteous, rage.

"Show them that. Remind them of the people they've lost. The ones who got sent to the camp. The ones who just... disappeared, one day. If that doesn't light a fire in them, nothing will."

((I think we concluded Stasis Vest isn't really worth the effort of reproducing, as monstrous regen is quite weak - heals for less than a single kit. Probably better off looking into some of the other vest upgrades.

Research: Fusion Blade, finish off gaus weapons. Was hoping to go for lance for the prototype, but alas. Past that, improved medkits might help our survivability without clogging up the manufacturing queue, as it's a straight upgrade, but I'm okay if people want to go down the medium armor line instead.

Manufacturing: Cannons. Ammo. We're gonna need a lot of ammo.

Jesse will help out in the workshop with +15 manufacturing or +20 repair (I think those are both right.) Whatever needs doing. Psi training as usual.))
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Plasma lance seems to be working fine; it must have been something I was doing wrong.

I'll add it back to the research options list. It uses the same heavy ammo as the Beam Cannon. I'll split production between the heavy plasma ammo and the regular plasma ammo unless you specify otherwise.

I'll still give the freebie on the Gauss Rifle if anyone wants it (once you finish up the last few points on the current project); you've scored enough weapons tech that finishing up an old project shouldn't be too difficult.
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Being pulled from the brink of death makes one think about it a lot more than one might otherwise. Daud withdrew from the others, to a more familiar space inside of himself. An angry place. At the world, the people in it, and ADVENT of course. ADVENT was using the fact that they could kill massive amounts of people with impunity against XCOM, and time after time, it was working. As far as Daud was concerned, the only way to win that game was not to play it- to let ADVENT know that XCOM wouldn't be drawn out on their terms, to their field.

Time after time, the team had taken the bait though. Knowing at least in the back of their minds that it was only a drain on blood and resources for nothing. NOTHING. Daud had let it go, because maybe, just maybe, people would survive to spread the word. But twice now, he had either damn near or literally died on these frivolous outings to save who they could, when everyone on XCOM knew they were using buckets to save people ADVENT was drowning with a firehose. And all they had got out of it was their own blood and a major sabotage incident.

Where were all the people grateful for XCOM, spreading word that ADVENT were xenocidal monsters? Showing any kind of support? Well, no more of that after this. That cause wasn't Daud's anymore, if it ever was. Now, in Daud's head, humankind was secondary to making ADVENT bleed.

1. Fusion blade
2. finish Gauss
3. Improved medkit?
4. Extra into reinforced underlay or personal shield

1. Plasma Rifle?
2. Plasma ammo- Daud ocntributes +8 craft mech

Daud also continues psi training.
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"Jessies' right," Bo said simply having nodded along slowly in agreement to everything the young woman had said. "That's what matters, that's all. This is what they did. What they are doing even now." She shook her head a little and waved a hand in a gesture of frustration.

"Everything else they can turn against us," she continued. "Spin it up so it was done for another reason. Footage of shooting civilians? Label them as insurgents. Any of the footage we gained of them while carrying out a raid is branded as an act of terrorism. Freeing the commander? He was being given medical treatment. We killed the fellow in the apartment, not their psychic activity." Bo shrugged and gave a more emphatic gesture with both hands this time. "How do we even show that they are capable of that?"

"No." Her head dropped for a moment and she gave a deep sigh. "I am willing to bet almost everyone, if not everyone, will have lost someone or know someone who has. They came through the hospital looking for unidentified accident victims so, so often." She looked up, the same anger in her face as in Jessie's.

"Let's show the world where they have gone."

((Research - finish the outstanding and then get that top level weapon sorted.
1) Gauss weapons
2) Fusion blade
3) Plasma Lance
4) Unlikely but if we're lucky Improved Medkits

1) Plasma Cannon
2) Experimental Surgical Kit as we used the one we had an no one else can use the others
3) Plasma ammo
4) Psi Amp, we might want to start one as the firefight took up a chunk of charges.

Bo will train in Psi but also work to make another Experimental Surgical Kit with a Craft Pharmaceutical of 13.))
Old enough to know better, too old to care.
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Work goes on. Word goes out over the X-radio about the editing work, as Vic posts a basket outside his broadcast closet door for people to write ideas in to add to the 'segment'. As the final draft starts to take shape, however, it becomes clear that Jesse and Bo's thoughts were a major inspiration.


The 'test screenings' - three showings, one for each off-duty shift on the Avenger - were what Vic called 'the crux'. As the picture began, the marks of Vic's original style remained, with the shadowy silhouette announcer, the footage of attacks by ADVENT troops. The strike on gang turf, so long ago. The attack on Mendoza's church. The strike at the city market. Brief flashes only. The simple claim that ADVENT's word was a lie. An insistence this wasn't the worst of it. The real meat came moments in.

The carnage under their facilities. The twisted form of unmasked ADVENT soldiers, the vile nature of their DNA 'rendering' plant , the tanks of the FORGE. A graphic display of the cold waste of life, shown silently, the images made to speak for themselves, until the voice made it clear. These weren't criminals. These weren't ADVENT's enemies. They were just people.

A global map formed the backdrop of the next segment. A tiny red dot appeared on the map, followed by two, a hundred, a thousand, a million, scattered across the Earth. Vic had admitted the placement of the dots were random, their numbers a guess. Still, it served to show the scale, he'd said, the plague of them. Certain dots grew into a stream of pictures, names, patient files. Missing people. A scroll of all the missing people X-Com knew about, and had something on. The names of the dead. People you know.

The final message tried to spell out the truth as best it could. Everything humanity feared when the Aliens invaded was true. They weren't here to help. The Aliens hadn't cured the ills of the old world. They'd simply taken control of it... and used it against people on a scale never seen before, to get what they wanted. They've killed your friends. Your family. Fight.


As the first screening came to an end, there was silence in the narrow X-Cafe, where the projection had been set up. Vic looked unsure how to process that. No howls of fury, no applause, no words at all. Just seated people, quiet. Staring forward.

He took a quiet breath, and looked at the other squad members, raising an eyebrow as if to ask what they thought.


Ok! Time for the R&D. In agreement with most.

1) Fusion blade, so Daud can go killin'
2) Gauss weapons, kinda curious what this gets us - an anti infantry option
3) Plasma Lance, get us another heavy option

1) Plasma Cannon - more dakka
2) Experimental Surgery Kit - things are only getting tougher
3) Plasma ammo, so we can shoot more

Vic's going to put his trusty Persuade of +11 to all the work it can, in hoping the test screenings of the broadcast ignite X-Com's determination to win the endgame.

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#14265606 SmartAlec wrote:

Vic's going to put his trusty Persuade of +11 to all the work it can, in hoping the test screenings of the broadcast ignite X-Com's determination to win the endgame.

Sorry, you have to be present to participate in the strategic game!

Is that a gas leak I smell in the barracks? Vic is so focused, he doesn't even notice when the screen starts to swim out of focus...
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((Researchwise, Fusion Blade followed by Plasma Lance. Manufacturing-wise, another plasma cannon, experimental surgery kit, and plasma ammo. And Henderson will aid with Concentration of +11 on the Andromedon Autopsy. And he'll also participate in PSI training.))

He remembered. He wasn't sure exactly on what triggered it, but he remembered now. Perhaps it was nearly dying himself or the squad nearly dying on the last operation, but he remembered now. Perhaps it was all this PSI training he had been volunteering for, expanding the latent mind, but he remembered now. Perhaps it was all the stress and worry as ADVENT and the aliens moved closer and closer to their goals, but he remembered now.

He recalled it all. Yet, while he recalled it all, all of it wasn't there anymore. It wasn't a phrase that really made sense to him, but he knew it to be so. Everything before the FORGE... All of that was a blur to him. But the memories from both points of view, that now made sense. The old man, the young man. The original, the transplant. The deceased, the survivor. It made sense now, and yet he almost wished it hadn't.