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A feature of this site is Dungeon Master (DM) certification and ranks. It is a way to recognize people who use the site for scheduling their games, as well as to help reward new DMs for taking the plunge.

Three "ranks" are available for DMs on their member profiles:
  • Certified DM (one campaign session/module successfully completed)
  • Experienced DM (5 sessions/modules completed)
  • Veteran DM (10+ sessions/modules completed)
Persistent World (PW)-hosted DM sessions and individual DM's campaigns/modules are eligible. That means DMs on PWs who schedule their regular campaign-type sessions on the NWC events calendar can receive credit, as well as individual DMs who are running their own campaigns or DM'ing a "one-shot" module.

For a scheduled session/module to be recognized, the DM and player roster should be listed on the Neverwinter Connections events calendar. Players who attend should then post in the comments section after they complete the session, to validate that it in fact occurred. A link to the event(s) can then be sent to site admin by the DM.

Co-DMing a session can count for certification, as long as each DM participated significantly in the game.

Grandfathering certifications for DMs who were active on the former NWC site (2002-2012) can be done on request. If necessary, proof of previously running DM'd games on the old NWC site can be provided via a Wayback Machine profile link. (For example: Carlo's old NWC profile.)
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