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Looking for like-minded players to adventure with? Looking for a DM to run you or your group through an adventure? This forum is for you! (Yes, it's the classic Neverwinter Connections tagline...)

This is the general forum for organizing Neverwinter Nights games. This includes forming new gaming groups (with or without a DM), existing groups advertising for new players, and everything else related. Information on PW projects can be found in the Persistent World Announcements forum.

If you are advertising your group, game, or personal interests as a player here, it is helpful to provide as much information as possible about the type of in-game experience being offered or sought. Is it roleplay-heavy or action focused? Low or high level characters? High fantasy, low fantasy, or other setting? These are just some examples.

NWC members are also welcome to request their own campaign forum:

Good gaming to all!
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