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(Originally posted by Snafulator)

Hey peoples!

Exiles & Tribulations is a Roleplay-Lite Persistent World packed full of B-grade horror references and dark satire.

Exiles is meant to fill a niche in play-style somewhere between the meaningless hamster wheel of traditional action servers and the relentless typing of hardcore roleplay servers. It was built to scratch an itch that has not been scratched since the shutdown of 'Mystara - Black Horizons' way back in 2007.

A big focus for Exiles is world exploration. Both new players and hard-core neverwinterans can band together or go it alone to explore a bizarre world rich with hidden detail, secret areas, hair-raising encounters, and unique loot.

Players aren't expected to stop and roleplay at every opportunity as the world lends itself well to lone wolf play, however, there is no shortage of detail if you stop to look and the possibilities for roleplayers are endless.

Come and play with us!

* Custom player housing & construction system with placeable furniture
* Numerous quality of life improvements (quest helper, companion control, spell buffs, stock crafting extensions, class tweaks)
* Friendly playerbase
* Tons of quests
* High magic
* Only 100mb download (NWSync)


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