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(Originally posted by DM Wise)

Module Name: World of Greyhawk CEP_265
Server Name: World of Greyhawk
Version: Enhanced Edition
Required Haks: CEP 2.65

The World of Greyhawk action server has been online since the Winter of 2004, and is one of the longest-running persistent worlds still around. And like a good scotch aged in a oaken bourbon cask, it has only gotten better with age.

WoG is an action server that is light on roleplay. It has homegrown many of its own systems, but also uses various elements of DMFI and HCR. It is considered a Mid-magic server. Below are just some of the adventures that we have woven into the tapestry:

The Village of Hommlet: Levels 1-4
Temple of Elemental Evil: 4-14
Ruskis & Pirate Skullduggery: 1-4
Borderkeep: Last Bastion Against the Pomarj: 2-10
Ghost Tower of Inverness: 7-11
Against the Giants: Intended from about 8th and ends around 24-28th
Cult of the Dragon: 8th into Epic
The Marklands (The Great Northern Crusade): 14th through mid Epic
White Plume Mountain: 14th into Epic
Rary the Traitor: Epic and Beyond
Vault of the Drow & Queen of the Demon Web Pits: Epic and Beyond
Undermountain: 5th into Epic
Sinister Secret of Saltmarsh: coming soon!

The time is shortly after the Greyhawk Wars have ended. Iuz has claimed much of the North, and The Pomarj, under the dauntless leadership of Turrosh Mak, has built an empire where none has stood. These are dangerous times, and there are many plots and subplots to unravel.

The server runs 24/7 and all are welcome.

Coming soon: World of Greyhawk Enhanced Mithral Edition.
When finished, this will be the new and improved version of the WoG Action Server.
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