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(Originally posted by Djinn)

No applications, small scale RP server with a 24:7 cast, the Knights of Noromath doesn’t gut classes, has amazing stories, and it features several custom systems that provide a more pen and paper experience in the game of NWN. These include resting, crafting, and other improvements to the base game.

There are daily DM events, and there is a huge emphasis on the impact of player actions and choices, which has been compared to the old server Border Kingdoms. We have extremely deep, spanning stories like what you might find on Ravenloft, but it’s not gothic horror so you can actually win if you cooperate with others. Players can manage properties and gain immense creative control. Players have the ability to interpret and apply the law with regard to other players. Knights have this ability by selecting the knight background on character generation. It’s a player driven, high stakes poker game type campaign, where meaningful changes can be made to the landscape around you.
We’re fast. We’re agile developers, and we render decisions very quickly and procedurally. We keep the game moving. We have excellent logging. We are always aware of a player’s individual efforts, no matter what their play times are. Our server is in continuous development and we update sometimes several times a week. We’re an actively moderated community. Some of the themes are hardcore (like murder and betrayal) but this is a family server. Anyone wishing to explore the canon of the Forgotten Realms is welcome to join us; all it takes is your imagination, some patience, and a willingness to have fun- and boom, you’re home.

Come check out the Knights of Noromath. We have five baronies, hamlets, and a complete system of feudal economy and tax management. We’re always in need of player lords who can take control of these properties and expand and modify them to their desires.

We await your creativity and we're excited to see the impact you can bring to our virtual table.
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