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PW: The Curse of the Lovers

Date: Feb 11, 2020 - switch instance
Time: 07:00 PM
Posted by: Barry_1066
Category: Application Game
This campaign, started in 2008 on the Realms of Annakolia by DM HH is now run by DM Barry_1066, after DM HH died. The players are continuing to enjoy this world changing story of Undead and Necromancy leaders of a nation spreading their whicked influence on the world. The Daughter of the Baroness Zoe Drawbane needs her daughter to change bodies and retain her thousand year old life. The daughter, Darla, is in love with a dashing thief named Hero. The evil spell must be broken for Darla and Hero to survive, but that spell is strong and binding - requires multiple artifacts and a wedding by a certain Drow Priestess to start the counter spell.

This one is a story with lots of action, lots of back story, lots of world changing events that keep the players coming for years.

Plays 2 hours

Realms of Annakolia Server. Listed: Annakolia, Realms of (requires CEP and Haks) Download from Steam or here:


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