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Desperate Measures

Date: Feb 23, 2019
Time: 12:00 PM
Posted by: Carlo
Category: Application Game
Game Description

Desperate Measures

You are about to step into a unique and deadly situation. Your character has been imprisoned on Death Row in the city of Trailsend, with only two days remaining before their scheduled execution. Your only options are: escape or die.

Condensed from the Forgotten Realms Campaign Setting (3rd edition): "Trailsend is a Large City of 14,116 run by Baron Donlevy. Trailsend is usually the first city that visitors to Damara see, several businessses cater solely to finding unusual employment for adventurers." Trailsend is a trading crossroads. Your character can be from anywhere, have done anything. If you don't know the setting, don't worry, what's above is all you need to know to create a character.

PCs run by players will all be level 3. On entering the module, your PC will be set to third level, stripped of their gear, and given jail clothes and an emote wand. Your PC arrives in an out-of-character (OOC) "Holding Pen" area. You may talk only about OOC things here; please do not share any information on your PC's background with the other players. The DM will hold a short orientation session in the Holding Pen and answer any questions. Once the DM transfers you to death row, you will be in-character.

Note: if your PC dies during the session, you will be given the option of using the DM client to return to the game and see how it all turns out.

Game duration: 2-3 hours. It is expected that it will finish in one session.

Game Info
Requires NWN: Enhanced Edition - Yes
Number of players: 3 to 6
Starting Character level: 3
Character type: Server Vault; PC will be created by the player upon entering the server.
Server info: Carlo's Server on Gamespy; IP address will be posted shortly before gametime

Limited resting. Death: PCs bleed from -1 to -10, then it is permanent.

Message the event creator (see "posted by" above) with your answers to the following, to apply to the game:

Desperate Measures is different each time and is customized based on the PCs' backgrounds. Your PC's chosen backstory serves as the application. You need not write a book, but the more elements you can include, the richer your experience will be. I suggest you look at the following list of elements for ideas. You are welcome to message the DM with any questions in advance.

Possible background elements:

-- MOST IMPORTANT: What was your PC's crime for which he/she was imprisoned? Was he/she guilty? How did events unfold?
-- What were the circumstances of the PC's capture?
-- Who are your PC's enemies?
-- Friends?
-- Family?
-- Important acquaintances?
-- Were any of the above people involved in the circumstances surrounding your imprisonment?
-- Where is your PC from? How did they end up in Trailsend?
-- Deepest fear.
-- Biggest regret in life.
-- Best memory ever.
-- How scared they are of dying.
-- Ever killed anyone? How did it make your PC feel?
-- The worst thing they ever did.
-- How trusting or suspicious are they?


Game roster

DM Carlo


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DM comment: This is for mature roleplayers only. Players have full roleplay freedom and may explore the dark sides of their characters as they wish. Players need not "play nice" with others - they are not forced to work with the party to advance the story, and are even free to try to kill each other with their bare hands, if they so desire.

This is also a "realistic" setting, in the sense that PCs' actions will have logical and perhaps deadly consequences. Most who are imprisoned on death row never make it out alive. How your PC and the other PCs face this situation will determine what occurs and if any of you can escape your impending executions.
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