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Amee Pass

Date: Feb 23, 2019
Time: 12:00 PM
Posted by: Carlo
Category: Application Game
Game Description

Amee Pass

A newly-formed party of low-level adventurers takes on what should be a routine job guarding the entrance to Amee Pass, but it soon turns into a deadly situation. Their individual skills and ability to plan and fight effectively as a group will be tested by unexpected challenges. What will be their fate?

Players will arrive in an OOC start area for orientation and equipping. Following that, your PC will enter the game in the Westward Eye Inn, as one of several adventurer hopefuls responding to a hiring advertisement by the Mercenaries Guild. (The starting area is notionally located in 3rd edition Forgotten Realms Westgate, but previous knowledge of the setting is not required)

Game duration: 2-3 hours. It is expected that it will finish in one session. If not, we will continue with the savegame at another scheduled session.

Game Info
Requires NWN: Enhanced Edition - Yes
Starting Character level: 1
Number of players: 4 to 6
Character type: Server Vault; PC will be created by the player on entry
Server name: Carlo's Server on Gamespy. IP address will be posted here shortly before the starting time.

Limited resting allowed. Death: bleeding from -1 to -10 hp, then permanent.

Message the DM with your answers to the following, to apply to the game:

1. Please see the roster positions below and pick one of the party roles (#1-4 are filled first, then #5-6). First come, first serve.

2. Why do you prefer that role in the party? What do you see as the particular strengths and weaknesses of it?

3. Have you ever played with a group that was particularly effective working together? Or the opposite? What do you think was most critical to the group's effectiveness (or lack thereof)?


Game roster


DM Carlo

Party roles and players

1. Heryn - Fighter/Ranger/Paladin/Barbarian - melee fighter
2. Ranan - Rogue - scout/trap detector/lock-picker
3. Liberty Prime - Cleric/Druid - healer/divine spellcaster
4. Dogar - Wizard/Sorcerer - arcane spellcaster
5. Any class (optional)
6. Any class (optional)


This is the rescheduled event. As mentioned before, I can run it with 3 players by adding an NPC wizard to the group, but a fourth PC (or more) would be welcome.
Yazkir indicated that he can't make it (again) due to work demands. But we now have Heryn, who can sub in the #1 slot. Welcome!
Dogar is the new wizard. Welcome!

The two optional "any class" slots for the party are still available.
Congrats on winning the final battle! A close-run thing and well played.
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