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Kevyn Eberric

Level 9
Played by BoNT
Primary Profession
Secondary Profession
Game Role


A young man, barely on the cusp of 20 years. Born as a Damaran merchant's son, he was afforded a proper education alongside his older brother. As a child, he was doted on by his mother and father, his mistakes and failures repeatedly forgiven and forgotten. The elder son received a much harsher treatment and was resentful of it.

When a particular adventuring band arrived in Praka, Kevyn caught the eye of an older woman, Jain, within the band. After his father died, his older brother inherited the Eberric business, and paid Kevyn off. Still very young at the time, Kevyn joined the adventuring band and left the city to travel.

The adventuring band's name was the Autumn Heart, and they had quite a love for criminal and underhanded dealings. With Kevyn under their wing, he learned how to get into places he shouldn't be, talk people into things they shouldn't believe and make deals with organisations he shouldn't trust. He took an interest in journaling their journey, and several members taught him how to sing and play the lyre. Making good use of his innocent looks, he talked circles and dramatised around law enforcement and on off hours, kept the band entertained with music. After two years, Jain had decided he'd lost his boyish charm. The band had spent every copper he had over the years, and they collectively decided to ditch him.

They abandoned him near Procampur, with whatever he was carrying. Not long after, he found employment under Riol and worked for several months at the Dragon's Rest.